Tell me what you are looking for and I will help you.

They're on pins and needles.

You will save time if you adopt this new procedure.


Pat has a good camera.

Not all things that happen happen on this world.

Steen had his car stolen last month.


Norway is the richest country in the world.

Reiner called me and said that he needed me to do him a favor.

Are you getting tired?

Generally speaking, Japanese are hard workers.

I can't bear to look at them.

He was supposed to call around ten o'clock.

She flatters herself by thinking that she is beautiful.


That's just a nonsense word. It doesn't mean anything.

He turned away the question.

I just wanted to stand here by myself.

Can we have another round, please?

Jane is trying to cut a deal.


Although each person follows a different path, our destinations are the same.

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I've always been into cars.

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Our school adopted his teaching methods.


How do we look?

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I'll tell Kevan you were here.

I think Dylan is about thirty.

I'd like you to meet Mr Brown.

We need to handle this in a lawful manner.

That remains a mystery.


Dewey is looking for someone to help him.

Enough already!

My grandfather is planning to retire the year after next.


Why don't we start at the beginning?


I'm actually impressed.

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She traveled round Japan.


The gentleman is a very famous pianist.

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Stagger threw a stick for his dog.

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She's always kept these rules in mind.

They had only one child.

How do you like your eggs?


Maybe Loukas just didn't want to talk about Novo.


It's only a matter of time before the meteor strikes.

Murray grew a moustache.

My grandfather was superstitious.

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I don't have anything to tell you.

He continued doing it.

The rooms in this hotel are not as clean as the rooms in that hotel.

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Only Elaine knows.

She redeems herself.

Why do you learn English?


Do you think I might win?

Are you going to wait here in the consulate?

Business keeps going from bad to worse.


We don't belong in here.

Boy was I wrong.

We aren't like that.

Can I borrow your computer?

I passed clots.


Her mother became mad at us.


You butchered that totally.

She approaches everything with a businesslike attitude.

If you don't get your act together you won't graduate from high school.


They haven't done anything wrong.


What were you doing up there?

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I've never been able to talk to Pierette.

He has a bad habit of drinking too much wine.

Years of effort came to nothing.

Was Jay carrying anything else?

His mother is not as old as she looks.

I felt kind of sorry for Nora.

Heinrich can use our help.

I'm sure Galen would be delighted.

Do you know a delicious Korean restaurant?

The orange appears rotten inside.

Are you finished here?


I can no longer stand this noise.


If you need someone to talk to, call me.

I thought we should quit.

He was wild with anger.

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I lost my camera.

It won't be easy persuading Caleb to come with us.

You look beautiful to me.

Blackpool is the symbol of a disappearing England.

That's exactly what I intend to do.

Joon lives alone in a small house near the river.

There's nothing Himawan hates more than lying.


I was deeply affected when I heard of his death.

No one has seen her.

It was all worth it.


What do they want?

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Their job is to do make-up for performing artists.

Jacob only speaks French with his parents.

I know they're hiding something.

I'm scared Taurus isn't going to like me.

I spend my time looking out of the window when I should be working.

We won't see Srinivas again.

The war brought about death and destruction in the city.

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Giovanni told me not to wait for him.

The dog lay panting after his long chase.

Sehyo still has wet hair.


Spyros could be alone.

I don't think she cared.

Torsten is even lazier than I am.

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Mickey's injured.

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Shall we take a rest?

She would have called me if she'd had my phone number.

Please pay attention to what I'm saying.

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Hy drank the glass of vodka.


I don't ever drink and drive.


Her job was to type all the letters.

The area around here was bombed.

It's dinner time and I don't want to eat.


I was so hungry.

We had lunch at a little coffee shop.

I saved Ole.

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William spoke to Beckie for the first time yesterday.

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Lukas is a pre-teen.

He's so dreamy!

How much money did you bring with you?

Bob has to get through this ordeal on his own.

I've got get back to work.

Gail and Arlene just announced their engagement.

Did Ken ever mention a Canadian named Monica?

Recently I found new dictionaries, in other languages.

We'll drop Saul off on the way.


I'll be brief and concise.

I want to say nothing but sorry.

Good to meet you.

"I'm in an Armani store buying a suit, of course," Dima replied.

You've never done this before, have you?

I am not keen on anything that is after life.

In order to be like them, we must think like them.

It isn't worthwhile going there.

We'll see you at 2:30.


This car used to be Monica's.

Come on over here, Dan.

It doesn't seem so bad.


How long did it take you to finish your homework?


To tell the truth, I used to smoke two packs a day.


Be prompt to do what is asked.


He worked against the opinion.

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The man tries the coffee.

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I have a Japanese car.


Stu is quite versatile, isn't he?

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How are the odds?

We don't belong here.

The necklace tore and the beads rolled on the floor.

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Eva works as a croupier in a casino in Monte Carlo.