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Christian Potter-Kablotsky, MD

What Primary Care Shoud Be

Christian Potter-Kablotsky,MD

This is a new kind of primary care practice.
We believe that expert care combined with a compassionate approach should be the cornerstone of medical care.
Affiliated with major Boston teaching hospitals we provide you with state of the art care, yet still take the time to get to know you.  
Personalized care. No long waits.  No rushed visits.  
This is what primary care should be.   

Our Medical Providers

Jennifer Cabral, NP

Nurse Practicioner

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Christian Potter-Kablosky, MD

Managing Physician



"Best primary care doctor ever.  Period."
-John V.
"Dr. Potter-Kablotsky really listens.  I know she cares about me. "
"The office staff is so down to earth and really helpful"
- Richard G


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