A lot of students are present at the meeting.

Hume is using an external hard drive.

Sleep's the best thing for him.

You give us ideas.


A musical score is very useful for the classical music.

One swallow does not a spring make.

When it comes to science, practice is more important than theory.

The machine, which is excellent, has a good reputation.

His voice was drowned out by the wraith's sudden howl.

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Are you two not getting along?

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To tell the truth, I don't like him.

Did you get the job?

Japan imports oranges from California.


He studied the scientists considered to be the most significant of the 19th century.

Does anybody here have a bottle opener?

He knows the art of making friends.


It wasn't Troy who talked to me.

You can't find a pet like that anywhere.

Annard gave me everything I asked for.

You have to ask her first.

What made Stu angry?

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The news created a lot of confusion.

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Thanks for letting me stay here.


I drink it, because it's liquid. If it was solid, I would eat it.


I want to be proud of who I am.

I wish to talk to your daughter.

I don't like it when the boundaries between work and free-time get blurred.

It's not difficult.

We've got to get her to bed.

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Both of you are wrong.

I think that what you need now is some sleep.

You should come and live with me.

We have a son who's just turned three.

What defect can you find in the present system of education?

I took the cake out of the oven.

The cake should be done soon.

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He has a good eye sight.

The British captured Breed's Hill.

Manolis made it very clear that he didn't want to go with us.

Please wait a moment.

We're so glad to have you here tonight.

Shahid didn't really feel like studying.

My friend scored 95 on the maths exam.


Many European kitchens have scales because dry ingredients are measured by weight there, unlike in America, where they are measured by volume.

He was surprised by the sudden appearance of his friend.

Both parties are to blame.

Pomegranate seeds are relatively big.

Elijah grabbed Suzan's right hand with his left hand.

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Edgar asked Stephen to let him take care of it.

In the north, there's Scotland; in the south, England; in the west, Wales; and further west, Northern Ireland.

I thought Ramadoss would make breakfast.

It's really neat.

Life does not repeat its gifts.


Helen is exercising.

I'm not at all well.

I don't really know anything.

When the will is absent, the power disappears.

Do you like football?


We must take his youth into account.

You should have breakfast every day.

Can they do this?

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His success is contingent upon his efforts.

Can I have everybody's attention?

I don't want to throw that away.


Nils won't come if it rains.


I have to go talk to Emma.

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Oh right, I have something tomorrow.

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He is keen on science.

How does Spyros know what Justin asked John?

Judge took pity on Myrick.

Did you get in trouble?

I brought something that I want to give you.

We are in for rain.

This can't possibly go wrong.

The house is being painted by a professional.

My father told me not to read a book in my bed.

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I think Shutoku doesn't live anywhere near here.

My dad saves some of his wages every week.

You probably also know about what Skef did.

The leaden coffin was covered by a rich purple pall, on which was embroidered in gold the Canterville coat-of-arms.

A democracy requires accountability, and accountability requires transparency.

You didn't tell anybody I was here, did you?

Nate has the fiercest attitude of his whole squadron.


Who brought Jelske here?

He is apt to ridicule others.

He was laughed at for a stupid act.

I'm named after your grandfather.

I bought this shirt at that store over there.

I guess they really weren't so busy.

As soon as I'm back in Shanghai, I'll cook up a delicious meal of rice noodles with crab.

Because he couldn't kill me, I killed him.

Shall I fetch your glasses from the living room, Dad?

Pack eggs in dozens.

"Dude, there's a guy running naked around our building! What's up with that?!" "Eh, just another 'lucky' noob we pwn'd today. If he wasn't, he would've been doin' it downtown at noon."

What happened to the rest of the money?

The dry season will set in soon.

You don't want to pay more than you have to, right?

What did both of you do?

Hohn wrapped his arms around Marvin.

My baby brother sleeps ten hours a day.

I don't remember when and where I met you.

No one would hurt Sunil.

I'll apologize later.

Her business was incorporated.

Tell her you like her. Don't be afraid. She won't bite you.

He lifted a side of the board.

The damage is already done.

Like me, he's also not tall.

Do you know who that person is?

I am an 11-year-old girl.

Give it up for him.

Desk work is just not my cup of tea.


Jugo is a southwestern wind, isn't it?

Bill seems to be stuck on Marnix.

I got injured in the traffic accident.

I can't explain everything.

I know you forged Nick's signature.

Dammit, Max, not again!

We agree.


I just want all this to be over, you know.


She did nothing but weep at the news.


The air was full of flying bullets.


Shel smiled hopefully.

Would you mind mailing this letter for me?

Do you suppose we can get together some evening?

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Who is this letter from?


My car burns less fuel than my grandmother's.

Do you know how old Miss Nakano is?

Vickie stepped away.

Where do you keep your gardening tools?

I'm pretty sure I could do that.

Could you tell me what you saw?

I purchased the goods for half price.


I appreciate this.

I thought I was losing my sanity.

Pratt took a drink from a bottle of wine.

Oskar's idiosyncrasies take a bit of getting used to.

Why did Spyros and Sidney get divorced?

Nobody knows my country.

We'll be right out.

Unfortunately, I must decline the offer.

Kory says that he can read a French book.

The tree fell down by itself.

The secretary inserted the letter in the envelope.

The trip will cost anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000.

Consider carefully what you're about to say. You have a lot riding on it.

Val doesn't seem to be doing anything right now.

Nicolaus Copernicus is considered the founder of modern astronomy.


I want to buy a gift for him.

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He has recently made remarkable progress in English.

He stopped a tall man and asked him the way to the record shop.

Dogs like to piss on fire hydrants.


Michelle asked me if I knew Nick's address.

Let's go make fun of them.

Don't you want to talk to them?

It seems your only friend was Pitawas.

Nothing is as simple as it seems.


Herod the Great built the Masada fortress and rebuilt the Temple.

The Bakers have a farm up the river.

What kind of flowers did you give Juri?

What were we doing?

What time are you going?

That work needs to be finished by evening.

I'm not working your land.

Can you take us with you?

He is not your common doting parent.