His business has begun to thrive at last.

It's a lot more than that.


She ripped the letter to shreds.

Birds of a feather flock together.

She came to Tokyo at the age of eighteen.

We're trying to win.

Who said that it would be easy?

And the little black rabbit never looked sad again.

James lost it.

His heart ached when he saw his son's miserable state.

I left New York two weeks ago.


The only one who knows how to do that is Jun.


The results were appalling.


Sofia is jealous and she gets mad when other girls talk to her boyfriend.

Without hearth or home.

Susan made a dress for Jill.

Give me your cell phone.

This is how we work.

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He works with me at the office.

Your office is on my way home.

I'm tired of dancing.

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That's right, when you greet him you must strangle him with all your strength. He'll be glad.

There's no other choice.

When do you want to go to the library?


Let's go and ask them.


From the moment he arrived there, he kept on bothering his doctor to tell him when he would be able to go home.

My brother has a gift for painting.

They have plenty of grain in store.

He is not an American but an Englishman.

It's a perfect trap.

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You don't have a gun, do you?

She wrote as many as ten books.

Don't worry about them.

Erwin was a soldier's soldier.

Please don't do that anymore.

Vivek did very nicely.

That's my teacher.


Her ambition is to be a ballet dancer.

He has the social skills of a wet mop.

I have no idea where Blayne actually hid the money.


Do you think this is pertinent?

Erick needed the money.

Are those yours?

I'll probably be fishing.

You can vote by absentee ballot.


Jussi's not my name.

We flew from New York to St. Louis by way of Chicago.

The anti-rational, anti-justice and anti-humane Christian malignancy is rearing its head yet again as it leads the fight against homosexuality on behalf of the divine trinity of unreason, injustice and hate.

The fishermen got up before dawn.

If there is no God, everything is permitted.

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I won't spoil the surprise.

She is good at languages, though.

You're not going to get away with this.

I told them to stay indoors.

Insert it wherever you like.

To overcome the weight force, airplanes generate an opposing force called lift.

I need to speak to you.

They passed time by playing cards.

There were seven cases of unsold wine in the cellar.

No one has that right.

I haven't decided on it yet.

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I have eaten the apple.


Sharada is sitting alone in the waiting room.


I've lost about 80 cents.

You escaped.

I've come to see him.


I was in love once.


It was the proudest moment of my life.


Sigurd treated Matthew as one of the family.


This is hardly the place for dancing.

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I need a pencil. Can I borrow one of yours?

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You told a lie.


I read the play aloud so that I could memorize all the lines.

Lucius showed me the pictures he took at the wedding.

I felt for the light switch in the dark.

I would like to borrow fifty dollars from you.

Your knowledge of the subject is superficial, Sridharan.


We are just about the same age.

Slartibartfast looked awful.

I don't like any kind of sports.

You were never like us.

I took the radio apart to repair it.

None of the games were exciting.

Can I ask you why?

Let's invite some friends over for dinner.

What can make you to change your mind?

Our condom broke.

We've just had our coldest August morning for twenty years.

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The new president did what he thought was right.

At first there will be many unfamiliar words and grammatical forms, but you don't have to be afraid.

Clayton did the job to the best of his ability.

He would be the last to deceive you.

Be kind to others!


Mongo didn't make his position clear.


We are arrant knaves, all. Believe none of us.


It will be some time before they come.

I flunked out of school.

Your advice has helped me see the light regarding my future.


What's the minimum salary in Namibia?

Don't sugar my coffee.

After working zealously, we were refreshed by fruit and water.

The two countries differ in religion and culture.

I hear that his father is abroad.

I'm here, aren't I?

Every now and then he drops in at this bookstore on his way home from the office.

I was the only child to enroll in college.

I'm not very good at speaking Italian but I don't want it to get out into the open.


Horst didn't tell me where he'd been.

Alan says that he is able to communicate with the dead.

The government should do away with these regulations.

The color went beautifully with her hair.

Bypassing this obstacle, you find your way again.


I'm having a very difficult time today.

She need not have brought a lunch.

Tell him to do the same.

Hello, are you Mr Ogawa?

We haven't lived up to expectations.

It is more blessed to give than to receive.

I don't understand what's happened to you.

It was so much fun.

Everyone turned to look at me.

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I just didn't want to be there.

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That type of person is dull.

You must stay the night.

Hotta pried the locker open.

I think you did a great job today.

This tape recorder will make it easier for us to learn English.

He refused to answer my question.

He received quite a few letters this morning.

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Batman and Robin are the only heroes in Gotham.


My pen is where my book is.

Why didn't you say goodbye?

I know he likes me.


They had poor crops year after year.


The child began to cry as she woke to find herself left alone in the room.

Lui plans to call you right after lunch.

Effective decisions are based on the analysis of data and information.

The government is looking for ways to monitor online chatter about political issues and correct what it perceives as misinformation.

It isn't easy to memorize dates.

I need to talk to you tonight.

That's not a choice.

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The farmer keeps his tractor in the barn.

"Why can't I just have a normal boyfriend? Why? Just a regular boyfriend who doesn't go nuts on me!" "Everybody wants that, dear. It doesn't exist."

I don't like to talk about myself.

Why doesn't she tell me jokes anymore?

Lex and Agatha went ice skating.


My car's out back.


I have to take the cat to the vet today.


We may give advice, but we do not inspire conduct.

We'll just have to do our best.

Mayo's cat is a nasty beast.


You need to come up with new stuff.


That's the response to my question!

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Meehan was as nervous as Herbert was.

That's what I wanted to see you about.

Isaac and I are going out for a drink.