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He saw one once.


To feel envy is a sin.

The doctor did everything he could.

She's very protective of her.

The law now requires women to be employed on equal terms with men.

Only then did he realize he had been deceived.

Depending on the case; sometimes it is so, sometimes not.

Jarl told me he had three hundred dollars in his wallet.

I was surprised to get your call, David.

The structure of the language is also a structure of understanding.

Dan took off his jacket and handed it to Loukas.

Rex looks like a weight lifter.

She likes to drink.

Some Japanese college students, as is often the case with them, don't study very much.

Ping can't seem to understand what Elijah is trying to say.

Where's the bartender?

Well, I suppose you're right, Sanche.

Count me out.

She bolted the doors and windows.

It's a beautiful painting.


Although he isn't ill-natured, he is not very kind.

As long as you live under my roof you will live by my rules.

My name is Roberto.

I was hardly able to see them.

Do not take your mind off work.


I cannot translate this book.

I know you are struggling.

The bigger they come, the harder they fall.

He, um, said that it was contagious.

"So it's built from stone?" "It's ordinary reinforced concrete."

He rang me up at midnight.

I might know somebody that could help you.


Why don't we explain it to the jury?

Working so long on the graveyard shift made his health suffer badly.

Albatros around one's neck

I think Hans hates my dog.

Shut the window.

I'm not really sure why.

An empty stomach doesn't help on the mental front.

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Jacob decided that it wouldn't be much fun to go camping alone.

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I went to Kennedy Airport to see my friend off.

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I'm tired of hearing your boastful tales.

Floppy disks became obsolete long ago, but I still have some, and I still use them.

Wood doesn't grow on trees.

It doesn't matter who, just ask somebody.

The school used its computer lab funds ineffectively.

Turn left at the corner.

The man used much money to gain power.


It's great that you were able to achieve your goals.


He died at a very old age.

They think it's superfluous.

He deserves better.

The taller of the two men went out first.

The school is keeping me occupied.

Just as the Americans like baseball, the British like cricket.

All my advice was lost on her.

He confessed he had to lie.

Don't be a party pooper, Michiel.

We celebrated Christmas with a familial lunch.

Tell him I'll call back.

I made sure of that.

No one's in there.


It is quite natural that she should get angry with him.

That's the most miserable comment you've ever made.

Kate came to save me.

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Don't you feel any inconvenience living abroad?

I'll pray for him.

You're not as smart as you think you are.


She bought some meat and eggs so that she might make omelets.


Pria put his hat on the table.


Sorry about all this.

I suppose Mah told you what happened.

I'm trying to figure out how you managed to do that.

We can depend on her to help us.

You will be delayed for only thirty minutes at worst.

Clyde didn't have lunch.

A reporter is interviewing Dr. Patterson about Koko, a talking gorilla.

Izzy was an exceptional leader.

Susie loves Japanese music.

I don't like what you're saying.

The young girl hugged Ofer.

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He teaches English to his friends.

They know what they have done to me.

She used Skype frequently because she was overseas.

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Terrence is scheduled to die by lethal injection tonight.

We all thought it strange that she had ditched such a pleasant guy.

It's a shame Kaj couldn't make it to your party.

I'd like to have a word with Harmon.

Does the water run out a little?

Deb is in bed, asleep.

Have you ever watered your backyard?

Can you understand that?

The world is harsh.

Vassos pulled a coin out of his pocket.

Thuan might've followed me.

I can't believe you just let Butler go.

Ken always stands up for his mom when his parents quarrel.

She likes music very much.

It's really expensive, isn't it?


The future belongs to the few among us who are still willing to get their hands dirty.


He had no hat on.


Becky couldn't rule out the possibility that someone had lit his house on fire.

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I can't bear that she should suffer so.


I thought nothing of it.

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I just couldn't say no to her.


We can manage without you.

Whoever lost a bag with a glucose meter inside, contact this address.

They're tired.

The work was very difficult.

The American people elected Mr. Clinton President.


Maybe you ought to talk to Debi.

Wet clothes cling to the body.

Who brings me fruit and tea?

I've never seen my cat act like that.

The answers must be written in ink.

I got robbed by three guys in Boston.

There is nothing God cannot do.

Go on ahead.

I doubt that Petr is guilty.

That guy annoys me.

Translators often tend, consciously or not, to "explain" a text by making it more logical than the original.


I'd rather stay here in Boston.

They answered in chorus.

It seems that he is a promising youth.


The frame of the building is now complete.

I don't want you to quit playing the piano.

I told you that my dad died when I was thirteen.

Are there any discount tickets for me?

The manner in which the new salesman made top sales level was an eye-opener to his supervisor.

Riding your bicycle to work every day should help you get back into shape.

They have been cheated of the best things that life has to offer.

Amazing! This moving a story is a first for me! It's truly an epic among epics!

I hear some guy, presumably a caretaker, going "Rawr, I'm going to eat you!" from the nursery school across the street.


It's hard to get along with Leung.

This cooktop is 44 inches wide.

You look like a tourist.


Children are dying.

I've been concerned about her.

Tell me this is a joke.

I never met them.

Let's take a picture.

Who gave that order?

This all sounds great.


I had a good time at the party.


Eddy speaks fluent French.

These mushrooms have a revulsive effect. If you drink alcohol after having eaten them, you will feel very sick.

I thought Jacob would understand.

We've decided to remove Alex from life support.

I see you found your glasses.

I saw them yesterday.

Sergiu is extremely arrogant.


She went to Paris for the purpose of seeing her aunt.

I know of a good Italian restaurant.

Sarah said something the other night about that.

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What is it you want me to do?

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I hear they're pretty good.

You know James better than I do.

Who did you think I was?

Let me know when you find out what it is.

If so, then there's no problem at all, is there?

Stay here for as long as the food supply holds out.

Alvin goes fishing every weekend like I used to.

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You must wonder who I am.

The bus has a ten-minute delay.

Right-wing ideologues are quick to point out the pathology of gender dysphoria but slow to acknowledge its standard treatment, gender transition.