Amos thought it was a good idea to do this.

My jeans ripped at the seams.

Sid obviously wants to leave.

You seem to be way too busy.

They burned some coal.

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Let's not forget that.

I certainly enjoyed traveling, and I still would if I could, but traveling is expensive and I don't earn as much as I used to.

I really thought Florian liked me.


Do you often go to town?

At last, we got the information.

I would have liked that Louiqa succeeded.

They were left to fend for themselves.

Vladislav knows what's up.

My father usually goes to his office by bus.

Is this OK with you?

Kenn is fun to be with.

Linda developed a close-knit relationship with Dan's children.


Get on the bus in turn.

Don't ask me such difficult questions.

Kissing her was a magical, unforgettable moment.


Raanan is a little taller than I am.

I think you've done something wrong.

We used to swim in this lake.

Can you bring Suu back?

Deborah, look what you've done.

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Nobody collect the lost things.

They weren't able to discover any secrets.

Eileen purchased an antique rug.

Do you think Ralph likes his job?

My sister studied to be a stenographer. She still uses shorthand sometimes when she takes notes.

Language reflects the history, customs, and soul of the people that speak it.

Excessive drinking is destructive of our health.

Olivier's left.

They found it difficult to earn a living.

You can make of that what you will.

The room needs to be painted.

What's your wife's job?

After fortifying the house, no zombie had a chance of getting in.

What answer did you come up with for question three?

I bought a set of brand new speakers.

I think I'd rather not do that.

Don't do something you'll regret.

The dog ran around and around.

Are you going to sing?


That sounds really difficult.

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That would be satisfactory.

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Pete was unsure what to do.

Joey doesn't understand Shane.

This truck has a flat tire.

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They asked the young worker to resign.

And our generation? Some have come to be parents, others have come undone, and still others have come to nothing.

Baristas need to make a sitcom.

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In the name of mercy, stop crying.

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My cat scratched me.


I agree with Helen one hundred percent.


I want to make sure what time I'm supposed to leave.

I have thirteen cats.

You don't look anything like Mac.

I don't like spicy food.

Can you read what's written on the blackboard?

May I have a look at that?

Please tell me what's wrong.

I argued with Ram.

Narendra tried to stop Joubert from drinking the last bottle of wine.

Who lives without folly is not so wise as he thinks.

Nhan and I didn't get a chance to talk.

You don't drink enough water.

It appears that the victim tried to write the murderer's name with his own blood.

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Emmett needs to go home.


Rudy took over after I left.

This problem can not be discussed here for lack of time.

Why give it to me now?

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He took pride in his dog.


Do you know how to cook meat?

We went to the beach and swam all day.

Father will be back in a few days.


Is she looking?

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I told you it was going to be cold here.

I'm direct.

Is this ticket good for this bus?

Carter rarely eat breakfast with us.

We are influenced by our environment.

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I need to help a friend in trouble.

Irwin didn't know what Rhonda thought of it.

I put a memo on my calendar

I never even gave her a second glance.

Ramon didn't need to buy this.

However hard he worked, he did not become any better off.

Humble and not imaginative, Justin only knew evil through hearsay.

What is the most beautiful thing in the world?

His house is there on the right.

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She's not a good cook.


I planned to become a teacher, but I never did.

I felt wonderful.

Jeffie let his children stay up until eleven.


I have to prepare for my presentation.


They have their reasons.

He turned the problem over in his mind for three days before he did anything about it.

It is illegal to copy from books without the author's permission.


Do they have their suitcases?

I can't put up with this noise anymore.

I want the book.

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I'm solving a puzzle.

Freewriting is a good activity if you have writer's block.

Kiki once again tried on all the clothes she had bought the day before.

Theory is quite useless unless it works in practice.

The proportion of sunny days to rainy days last month was 4 to 1.

I know that you are vegetarians.

I like to be with my classmates.


You always said you wanted to learn French.

Bert had no idea who Norman's father was.

We found an honest person for this job.

He twisted the paper in her hands.

One more effort, and you will succeed.

I hired a private investigator.

They drove to the station by car.

We'll get right back to you.

They did not know what to do first.


That's my best guess.

Horst is getting under my skin.

They want to know what's going on.

I want you to consider this proposal.

Jeannie will meet you tomorrow morning.

How much money do you have with you?

Everybody took his position.

What's been done?

It has been a pleasure to know you too.

I received an invitation.

Maureen is using the Internet to learn Spanish.

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I'll save you a seat in the front row.

How old were these kids?

Wash your hands before each meal.

Can you excuse me?

Valentina Tereshkova made 48 orbits of Earth. She spent almost three days in space.

Do you want to stop them?

To what degree are you interested in baseball?

There are nine planets travelling around the sun, the earth being one of them.

Srinivasan hasn't done anything so far.


The news that she died is false.

These are the rules; act accordingly.

Somehow Amigo doesn't seem to be Kikki's type.


Don't close the jar too tightly.


I have a few friends in Tokyo.

Do you think he will do anything else?

She found it necessary to accustom her child to getting up early.

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In responding to requests under the FOIA, executive branch agencies should act promptly and in a spirit of cooperation, recognizing that such agencies are servants of the public.

It looks like they have a good head.

I hope we're having pancakes for breakfast.

I don't feel like joking.

The tongue and the palate are the taste organs.

She was left alone in the room.

I'll tell you on the way.

I should have lied, but I told him the truth.

I'm divorced.


If you jumbled "Tokyo", you could get "Kyoto".

Needless to say, health is more important than wealth.

Do both of you know Jess?

Chuck gave up the idea of going to Boston.

I realize that you guys wouldn't be here if you didn't have to be.

What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

We're just going to talk.

Is that too much to ask?

There are several irregularities in the nitrogen cycle.

Do you want the truth?

Mehrdad dug a grave for his dog.