Sergeant died in the blast.

Your pants are unzipped.

The majority was for him.

Take exercises out of doors.

We're not gonna make it, are we?


He is my colleague.

The car made a right turn over there.

Don't leave me alone, please.


How long does it take to walk from here to the city hall?

She has been busy since yesterday.

We have to be more consistent.

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We searched for the two boys everywhere, but neither could be found.

He's worried we'll lose the way.

How many barbers work in this barbershop?

Sally finally made up his mind to leave Kikki.

I must send for the doctor.


Because human-induced warming is superimposed on a naturally varying climate, the temperature rise has not been, and will not be, uniform or smooth across the country or over time.


There's a band at my school.

Daren doesn't really like watermelon.

What are you going to tell me now?

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Thanks for the party.


She's tired from overwork.

I can't tell if you're joking.

I will call you up, provided that I have time.


We solved that problem in a week.


I couldn't help Yvonne do what he was trying to do.

I was very busy writing a short story.

Do you want to go to the concert with me?

Barbara is waiting for me.

I don't think we have that kind of time.

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What time of day is it?

Don't go near him.

This should not be allowed.

Can I give you this?

Caleb is a guest.

If you want to have a row, have it with me.

Chicken pox is a common sickness in children.

There's a cat in my house.

Harold drinks at least three liters of water a day.

Please respond.

Jennifer had never lied to me before.

Jan didn't want to attract attention.

Is someone there?

I love to float on the water.

You probably want to be alone.

My father said that I must work hard.

Kylo offered his seat to an old lady.

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I've got nothing to say to you.

I think Janos is dangerous.

It's my firm belief that Stacy is not gay.

Are you ready to go back?

I haven't been avoiding you.

I'll need some time.

What's the meaning of life?

I don't think God wants me to go to work!

Can you get it done before the end of the week?


In Sendai we have much rain in July.

Every good fighter needs a sparring partner.

There isn't any more time.

Are you all alone?

I'm really up a tree.

Masked men held up the passengers and robbed them of their money.

My father intends that I should become an engineer.

I thought you'd gone to Harvard.

Have you even talked to Grant?

I slept a little during lunch break because I was so tired.

Yesterday was Friday and the day after tomorrow is Monday.

Can they see me?

I urge caution.

It was like that.

Could you wake me up at the same time tomorrow?

Betty keeps forgetting things.

Shizuko composed a poem about the change of the seasons.

I come from Taipei.

Do you understand what's expected?

Mr Brown gave me your name.

Ralf had almost forgotten.


How dare you speak like that?

I had some trouble.

This noise is driving me crazy.

A bout lasts about five minutes.

I never put sugar in my coffee.

Myron filled the sink with water.

I don't have the time to read that book.


I don't like either of them.


Markus rarely shows emotion.

We have three hours to decide whether we're going to accept their offer.

You need to listen to him.


He performed his duty with deliberation.


You didn't tell me Emmett was so handsome.

In this household, the women and men share equal responsibilities.

May I have something to drink?

Can I use the bathroom?

I know Huey saved Vicky's life.

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I don't know how I'll get home.

It is not worthwhile saving money.

Did you hear it too?

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I always make my mother proud.

You're mature.

I miss summer!


You're old enough to drink, aren't you?

Sandeep thought that Jorge was a genius.

The calf muscle is located on the back of the lower leg.

Maurice is shorter than his father.

And when are you going?

As it happens, I don't have any money with me today.

I have a son who's just turned three.

Mrs. Harris is very doubtful about her son's future.

That's not my finger!

I don't know why the English pronoun "I" always appears with a capital letter.

Clara wishes to speak with you.

Alfred knows that Rainer doesn't like him very much.

Death is the fate of all people.

I took the elevator to the third floor.

I'm not using my home heater today.

We speak quickly.

We've found something.


You had better take his youth into account.

He has a job in the Treasury Department.

Let's split up into groups.

You have the right to the truth.

Avery had a hectic week.

Where there are two Latvians, there are three political parties.

Derek reloaded his gun.

Lori cut his hand with a rusty knife.

John had a novel idea.

I was born and raised right here.

He's staying at a hotel.

I'm motivated.

I was sorry to hear about your divorce.

The sun is much larger than the moon.

Three months ago, I didn't even know how to say one word of French.


Julie got nothing.

He tried to seduce me.

My father is a master builder.


Do whatever you want.

The soup is thick.

He went away.

The box is empty.

If she should come to Japan, Jane would be very happy.

He was meditating on his future life.

It's your terrible arrogance that makes you totally unbearable.

I want to give you a hug.

"Would you like to work for me, Tony?" asked Mr Wood.

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Be sure to dot your 'i's and cross your 't's.

The masses are entirely ignorant of the segregation problem.

Who appointed her?

What sort of information do you get on the Internet?

A little boy named Carol asked me where Andries was.


I baked some cookies for you.

She married a bank clerk.

Are you sleepy?

I don't belong to the club.

I thought that you wanted to see me.

Give us a demonstration.

There was jam in the electric outlet.

You've got a booger on your hair.

The second sentence was just as long.

I approve his suggestion.

Happy morning.

He started to learn Spanish from the radio.

I can't stand noisy children.


I'm a bachelor.


Herbert lives a very busy, compartmentalised life.

Someone's standing in front of the gate.

In future, be more careful with your money.

She got really mad.

I'm not in the mood for this.


That perfume smells good.

The summer vacation begins in July.

The United States cannot win a war against a big and strong country. It can only annihilate a weak and relatively small country like Serbia or Iraq. It can also win a war in less than 24 hours against a tiny island like Grenada.