I have no siblings.

Click the picture, Paddy.

When viewed in an inertial reference frame, an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a net force.

I can't believe that's what's really bothering Peggy.

He spent his entire life helping people.

You look like some kind of secret agent or something!


If there's any problem, you can reach me on my cellphone.

I will go and take a look at the house.

Belief can move mountains.

On the one hand, I very much want to help you, but on the other, I already have previous commitments.

Regardless what you may do, the outcome will still be the same.

You can buy all kinds of groceries at the supermarket.

I'm supposed to help him.

The police will never catch us.

That's quite new.


Are Marlena and Grace your friends?

I hope that's true.

The entire city is in danger.


There was nothing left in the fridge.


What did you say your name was again?

I'm afraid that won't be possible.

I can't blame you for breaking your promise.


He may be clever, but he is not very helpful.

I saw you outside.

It's very unlikely that we will release a new album before next winter.

Will they go together?

How long does it take to get to the stadium?

My house is close to the amenities of a big city.

These shoes are obviously not large enough for Ozan.


I wonder where Bret could be.

Has Ninja talked to you recently?

The sight fetched tears from their eyes.

I'd hoped to see you in Boston.

The teacher is right.


It's bitter cold.

It is Wednesday.

Canada's Andre de Grasse won the bronze medal in the 100m race.

We swam by the lake.

It's quite nice.


Mom is making a cake.

I recall my childhood with pleasure.

Recently, there have been signs that the economy is picking up steam.

We are decorating the fir tree.

She gave up her plans against her will.

Amigo gets angry when he doesn't get his own way.

Excuse me, could you please take a photo of my friends and me?

The lake is calm, with some swans swimming on it.

Cristina closed the store early and went home because he wasn't feeling well.

I've had a hard day, all I want is an early night.

I have a friend who can fly a helicopter.

Dustin is eating an apple.

I want him to help us.

I'm sure you'll find something in the refrigerator.

Is your mother still living?


We've done the best we can with what we have.

After he awoke, he realized that he was on a desert island.

Bea left his sunglasses in his car.

It's usually easy for Norwegians to understand what Swedes are saying.

The company stands for free trade.


But it's a typical savannah country, and we enjoy cooler temperatures.

The house is five hundred years old.

Tell me who I have to talk to.


Sabrina just got his learner's permit.

Klaudia knew that Rogue wasn't friendly.

Don't bother me with such foolish questions.

What newspapers have you subscribed to?

She suffered hard indecision.

Pierre was convinced that he'd be happier if he moved to Boston.

I am sorry to write such a long letter. I didn't have time to write a short one.

I may as well start at once.

It was very exciting.

The barn was destroyed.

I'm going to ride him until he dehydrates through ejaculating.

We tried to warn Naomi.

Do you think I'm smart?

After playing so badly for the entire game, the team walked off with their tails between their legs.

These mushrooms have a revulsive effect. If you drink alcohol after having eaten them, you will feel very sick.

They heard crying.

Briggs chain-locked the door.


He gave me all the money at his command.


I've never been a good public speaker.

I thought I'd ask her for help.

Novo mispronounces many words.


I was trying to tell Cristopher that.

It was only a partial success.

The race was a photo finish.

Who're you talking to, fool?

Stop talking loudly.


He is as tall as she.

This would be catastrophic.

There was a stack of newspapers in the corner of the room.

You forgot to mention that.

This lesson should be kept in mind.


All the parking spots were taken.


We'll swim tomorrow.


Granville drives Sid up the wall.


He's a funny guy.


Old is the only one here that can speak French.

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Set cooking time for 1 minute 45 seconds.

Of course, I feel guilty.

I'll be your server tonight.

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Tuna has just arrived in Boston.


Thad waved goodbye to Anthony.

Sir is really quick.

I swept the driveway for you.

The Wright Brothers spent a great deal of time observing birds in flight. They noticed that birds soared into the wind and that the air flowing over the curved surface of their wings created lift.

This is the one I meant when I said, 'A man who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me.'

I will become God of the new world.

I have no intention of getting married.

I saw him with her.

The city has many broad streets.


Why won't anyone help us?


You are extremely unpleasant.

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One has to learn English.


I'll be back shortly.

I always put off doing my homework and get into trouble.

How does Elsa know all this?

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Did you hear about Tigger and Klaus splitting up?

Have you answered that letter yet?

How was that possible?


We just got this car.


I'm glad they see it my way.

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Spy had sex with a lot of different women.

Does this mean I can go now?

We can't find her.

Robert died without an heir.

Did you speak to her?

They take it for granted that what is new is better than what is old.

Quite a few Americans like sushi.


The atmosphere was uncomfortable.


Oh, tell me your name!

This is going to be good for you too.

You still haven't told me why you decided not to go.


I went to bed early because I was too tired.


It's the cops!

We don't want to cancel.

It was because of the storm that the trains were halted.

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It's the best job in the world!

I've reconsidered it.

Just let me in.

I'm pretty sure Sandra wears a wig.

What about you?

If he knew her phone number, he could call her.

It was one of the worst TV Shows of the 1990s.


It's good to hear your voice again.

Obviously, there's a problem.

Seymour gave Noemi a lift home.

Has Travis been indicted?

You are not a good person. You know that, right?

He is possessed of intelligence.

We are prepared for the worst.

Oscar advised Rahul to buy that car.

Men are only heroes when they can't avoid it.


Do you think it'll take a long time?

When you rely on the team too much, it may reduce your individual competitive instincts.

I couldn't hear a word Eileen said.


Thoroughly preparing for a job interview increases the chances of getting the job.

I told them I'd changed my mind.

We made an attempt to climb up a tree.

Prudence is never too much.

We barred the door and locked it.