I talk to them more than you do.

Price doesn't want an iPad. He wants a portable device that supports Flash.


Acai berries have become popular.

Sure, Janos, I understand.

He brought me a coffee even though I had asked for a tea.


I'll do whatever it takes to save Srinivasan.

I suggest you let Vijay do what he wants to do.

Omar wants Steven to want him.


Let me give you something to drink.

Gordon had no chance to tell Izzy his opinion.

I'll get you a towel.


Randolph lives in seclusion and rarely sees anyone.

She pushed me away.

The sooner you clear the matter up with Olivier, the better.

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I shouldn't have to tell you to do your homework.

Bret is very personable.

You know you can trust me.

The result is still in doubt.

Let's get a smaller car.

Few, if any, Americans grasped the significance of what had been accomplished.

I don't know much about dogs.

Brad burned his hand on the hot stove.

Are you saying this doesn't matter?

Are you taking the bet?

I'll never go camping with Lorraine again.

I don't want your pity.

Don't come to the meeting!

Donn seems to have everything sorted out.

How do you account for your absence?

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It is so nice of you to give me a present.

Stanly's husband is dying so she spends the night at his bedside at the hospital.

We go abroad every summer.

Jisheng started playing rugby three years ago.

I don't want to sell chocolate anymore.

You are a bad boy.

What's the reason that made you call me?

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Why don't you believe me when I say I'm happy?

This morning I got a telegram from home saying that my father had been suddenly taken ill.

The tree was heard to crash to the ground.

Tiefenthal sells coffee.

I think you'd remember that.

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The modernisation plan has completely changed the character of the country.

Proverbs are an ornamentation of speech.

Tell him this is urgent.

I've done worse.

Affluence leads to chagrin.

How could I resist?

Was that immediately apparent?

Coke has always been the top dog when it comes to soft drinks.

The shop is on the corner of the street.

It's a full-time job.

The Masai people drink a mixture of milk and cattle blood.

What do they call it?

We'd do anything for them.


The burning of coal is responsible for more than 40% of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions.

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I watched a documentary.

He was expecting to see her before he left town.

Don't fire anyone.

You were with me on that night.

He lay injured on the ground.

He ran straight home after school.

Ikebana is part of Japanese culture.


Sangho, are you in here?

One of the guests told me that they saw you kissing Marc.

I haven't seen my friends for weeks. I heard they moved to another city.


At forty, he does not get as angry as he used to.

I have to pay her back.

Managua has a Native American name, and yet, there are almost no Native Americans there.

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All kinds of women inspire me.

Have you ever lied to your boyfriend?

The death of the president caused great mourning.

That's not an issue anymore.

I know something that you don't know.

Socorrito crawled through the small tunnel.

Bart has a good head on his shoulders.


Do you think Suzanne is unreliable?

That was totally rad.

I bought a slow cooker.

I don't know anybody here except Russ.

Stacey is not very good at keeping secrets.

The college accepted him as a student.

I felt tears come into my eyes.


Let me read the newspaper if you've finished with it.

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Hurf nodded slowly.


Death is a sad matter, but life goes on.

She came out of the room.

I knew it would be painful.

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Last night, I fell asleep while talking with Winston on the phone.


I know where it is.

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Reducing the budget deficit is a major concern of the government.

He didn't say anything else.

I am sick of your complaint.

Knapper has decided to ignore your advice.

I had been reading a book when he came in.

Then the doll's eyes began to shine like fireflies, and suddenly it became alive.

Your lives may be in danger.

With all his efforts, he couldn't succeed.

Stay here with him.

He followed my advice.

I'll be right in.

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It's illegal.

They were suddenly aware of a noise in the back of the room.

Have you ever shouted at Taninna?

I've known him ever since he was a child.

Are you just going to stand there all day?

I visited Paris in Europe.

You'd be out of your mind to go with him.

You're not stupid. You're just different.

What will happen to Beverly after you're gone?

I need your help.

This is really a very strange affair.

Sunday is a holiday in Christian countries.

I'm not calling you by name.


Happy Thanksgiving Day.


Are you sure Kikki won't be angry?

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He looked at me with a strange expression.

Lindsay didn't give me details.

He often stands in the way of my work.

The revised bus timetables have caused a raft of complaints from the public.

Can I continue my trip?

Be healed right now!

It's clear that he's at home.

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Why are we here today?

Naresh might not be the one who broke the window.

We'll see how well it unfolds.

We looked for it high and low.

Should I add proverbs to Tatoeba as well?


Please keep this a secret.


Jeremy and his wife live separately.


Aaron put on his coat and went out.

She is extremely unpleasant.

Knapper was very upset.

She had to part with her fur coat.

What we have is enough.

Come on, I'll buy you breakfast.

I'm dying of thirst. Give me water!

How do you live with that?

Stewart has come home.

I can't call Keith at home.

I saw his daughter was crying.

Mr. Smith is liked by all his students.

He took a quick look at the magazine.


All I really want to do is talk to Hume.


I feel guilty about it.

We're anticipating more charges.

I think this will do nicely.

We almost froze to death.

Dane prefers having dogs over cats.

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I've been walking on crutches ever since I broke my foot.

Brian is likely to make a fortune.

You probably won't like it.

Nobody swims in this pool after 8:00 p.m.

There is a madam here.

Karen waited impatiently for Terri to get ready.

The identity is related to the place.

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It was him who got rid of me.

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In Esperanto, the penultimate syllable is stressed.

We acted sincerely.

Do you care what kind of music we listen to?

Oh, my God! Frankfurt is in Germany, not in the Middle East!

Let's see what else we can find out about that matter.

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That's why he did not go overseas to study.

After Rajiv had eaten all the popcorn in the bowl, he went back into the kitchen to pop some more.

Don't say shit.

This song was written by Phil last year.

Shel is looking for a place to hide.