You will be able to ski well next year.


What time do you land in Perth?

Indra violently kicked the garbage can.

The public became outraged.


This room is too dark.

Sofia is just trying to get under your skin.

Why is everyone applauding?

Mathematics is an easy subject for me.

Harmon could die.


Many Asians have English as a common language.

The helicopter landed and Kamiya got out.

I guess Sonny's not particular.

You have got to be kidding.

I think Tricia doesn't have the courage to oppose Benjamin.

Why were you yelling?

I requested extra salt on my French fries.

Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.

I thought Diana would end up going to the party with Art.

She earns a living as a writer.

You get older when you don't have many aims.


What time is your Basque class?

Their names were erased from the list.

Something has to be done to stop the bleeding.

We dismiss people for talking about themselves but it's the subject they treat best.

Her favourite band is Warpaint.

Sir got run over by a truck.

You must sometimes write to me.


Ken has located Shirley.

"Can I eat this mushroom?" "You can eat anything one time."

Is a Noldo beneath the tree?

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You have to speak English.

Jason lived three miles away from Bradford when they were both in high school.

At my joke, the audience burst into laughter.


That's pretty much all you need to know.


He went so far as to call her a fool.

Sanche wondered why everyone was staring at him.

I'll tell you why I don't like Pilot.

She lost her money, her family and her friends.

Judge and his family sold 20 head of cattle earlier this week.

I would say that we have a full belly, right?

I won't interfere.

I stayed awake until morning.

I interrupted Nancy.


This is the third longest river in the world.

I sort of like him.

Go straight down this street and turn right at the third light.


You sounded just like them.

A decapitated body was on the coroner's table.

So what's going on?


Suzanne went upstairs to the attic.

Trent said he didn't know who Tad's boyfriend was.

Farouk is anxious to please everybody.

He held her tightly.

We haven't questioned Robert yet.

I wonder if I should tell her the truth.

I hear you've given up smoking.


Do you want to hear my theory?

Before I knew it, the plane had landed.

I didn't expect such a nice present from you.

There's no way we can get that done by tomorrow.

ERROR: No body text!

Joubert sat with Panzer on a bench.

Stuart wrote poems when he was in high school.

That is not possible.

Tal poked the ant hill with a stick.


There were two murders this month.


I knew you'd never let Sean die.


Connie often takes a walk before dinner.

What the hell does a priest know about sex?

The information is stored in a file on my computer.

Does that make it any clearer?

She felt very bad that day.

The little girl clung to her father's arm.

Today pilot fatigue seems more likely.


All the students study English.

Do you want to go there?

Who were you talking with?


In spring, the days become longer.

Your summary is not up to par.

Do they have a dictionary?

For you the command of Zeus hath consummation.

Small family farms were disappearing.


I prefer to be alone.

How much time do you spend with your spouse?

I ran in the direction of the sun.


His laziness is past the margin of endurance.

A Swiss watch can't be made anywhere but in Switzerland.

I need to know why you need this.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Knudsen is very reliable.

I'm not overwhelmed.

It was a very long meeting.

Marcel has no neighbors.

She looked around her room.

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How were you able to do that?


The widow suffered from stomach cancer.

Many happy returns of the day!

He achieved his goal.

He has always been at the head of the class.

I'm living in Boston.

Les is a dumbass.

I take that back.

The day of judgment has come.

Hy works at our Boston office.

He came about two.

He wants it.


You are hiding it from Eric as well, so that he won't get to know anything.

Rudy and Perry played games on their iPads all morning.

Tyrannical governments frequently gaol their political opponents.

The only thing that remains unknown to man is man himself.

Today has been great.

If the ceiling fell, he would be crushed.

They spend a lot of time on the phone.

He obviously knew more than he told his wife.

I am from Brazil.

I was raised in an orphanage in Boston.

She accused him of stealing her money.

Hsuan knew that he couldn't get to the airport by 2:30.

Eddy is going to explain it to all of us.

Instead of giving me another mendacious story, just be honest for once.

Did Susanne tell Herve who would be coming to the party?


I couldn't move.


Who wrote to Cliff?

Let's give her another chance.

Do you not accept my offer?

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I found it easy to answer this question.

Those are all important.

I was only three years old in 2013.

After working in the hot sun all afternoon, Pamela looked hot and tired.

Where's that smoke coming from?

Sandeep told me he had the information I wanted.

Those books are always in great demand.


They adapted to life abroad rather well.

The hotel room where we stayed was shabby.

I know how busy Justin has been.

Do you think that's the reason?

Can I spend the night at Monty's tomorrow?

I advised him to give up smoking.

Sorry if I was doing the dishes.


He could not go out because of a bad storm.

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She is going to France next week.

Ramiro shot the puck into his own net.

Thousands of people gathered there.

I can't just give it to anyone.

It's been a really good year.

I met him by chance in the train this morning.

Brent is having another seizure.

Cats go mew, mew.

I'll look up the expression in the dictionary.


I know you think this is a stupid thing to do, but I plan to do it anyway.

What did you eat for breakfast?

The thieves opened the door with a pass key.

Sergiu didn't remember where he'd left his umbrella.

Pierre is a fervent churchgoer.

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Stacy can't even write his own name.

I just got up.

I don't feel like filling out this questionnaire. There are too many items.

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It worked out great.


I am like a sun.

I feel blessed.

I was meaning to call you.


I've been shopping with them.


Japan imports raw materials from China and exports finished products to it.


Although it is snowing, I must go.