They didn't know what they should have done with him.

Jef didn't miss the bus.

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The next few years won't be easy for us.


The judge sustained the lawyer's objections.

I couldn't do otherwise.

The new circumstances compelled a change in policy.

I need a pencil. Can I use one of yours?

How do I explain it?

She wanted him to sing her a song.

Could you talk to him for me?


You've got to concentrate.

Who goes there?

She has already lived in that town for five years.

The rain lasted the whole night.

You'd better go with me.

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The sheep bleats.

Pierette was so happy when he drove his first new car off the lot.

Shut the window to prevent catching a cold.

"Have you reserved a hotel room?" "Sorry, not yet."

I wouldn't care if Sridharan did that.

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Let me tell you why I don't like Steven.

What're you doing in this park?

I ache for a sight of the sea.

When I was little, I was blonde.

Ben doesn't want to go there alone.

It would take some time for me to translate this book.

Horst took some change out of his pocket and gave it to the man.


The vegetation and the murmuring water calm my ardent mind. A wind turbine rotates behind the trees.

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I'm not sure whether Subra can swim or not.

Hey, I thought you were leaving.

I wanted to ask Samir to come over to help me paint the ceiling.

It is impudent of him to say so.

You gotta obey the laws.

He doesn't work, but only thinks of sponging off his relatives.

She didn't reply to my letter.

Do I look like your maid?

We appreciate your cooperation in this.

She has been studying French for a few years.

Sunil and Siping are unlikely to get married.

When written as a numerical date, March 14, 2015 is 3/14/15, corresponding to the first five digits of pi (3.1415) - a once-in-a-century coincidence!

There was some monkey business going on when they were negotiating that last contract; money passed under the table.

I received a very strange e-mail the other day.

There is little chance of my meeting him again.

She's usually here in the afternoons.

Terry pulled over to the side of the road.


How did I come here?


Edward gave a famous singer ten thousand dollars to come to the restaurant to sing "Happy Birthday."

I'd like two kilos of apples.

It's getting colder and colder.

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There's something here.

It's time to wind up.

Thankfully nothing unfortunate happened.

If you get enough rest every night, you'll feel much better.

She studies mathematics.

Are you a psychologist?

This film is classified as suitable for general exhibition.

Aristotle believed that everything on Earth was made from four elements: earth, air, fire and water.

Yvonne didn't swim.

The judge declared a mistrial.

When leaving from the gulf of Otranto, we were thirty; but when arriving in Cadiz, we were ten.

Wayne is a parking garage attendant.

He seldom went there.

I saw the old gentleman cross the street and enter a store on the corner.

Ramsey is traveling by herself.

Lenny came to my office to ask me for money.

What do you think I should take with me?

He is American to the soles of his feet.

I've got to see you.

Winston has come to pick up his children.

I don't need to talk to Jack.

I've already paid the bill.

Frank is going to have to talk to Thomas.

I need to do it now.

Development in the technological area goes at lightning speed.

For that experiment they need a complete vacuum.

I explained the rules of the game to him.

Mitch built it.

Don't listen to Jeffrey. He doesn't know what he's talking about.


They decided to adopt a child rather than having one of their own.

Your imitations make me laugh.

Someone stepped on my toe in the crowded bus.

He got religion on his deathbed.

Bucky isn't always here.

The number of errors of fact in Arendt's book are considerably fewer than Abel implies.

When it comes to drugs, there's a very fine line between use and abuse.


When I was 84, I dreamt about a fleeting love.


If all goes according to plan, it just might work.

He spoke with a pipe in his mouth.

Aren't you too young to smoke?

I'll call him in a few minutes.

I really like traveling.


As you know, life is compared with a voyage.


Kathy seems to always be away on business.

When do you plan to start?

I laid my new clothes on the bed.


I assume Klaudia did all the driving.

If I tell her the truth, she will never forgive me.

Shall we go to drink coffee or something?


The time-bomb exploded with a loud noise.

That wasn't funny.

Daddy loves to say funny things.

I'm going to find out who did this.

I want to improve my penmanship.

You broke my heart.

What's your favorite way to spend time in Boston?

I thought Maureen would take a walk before dinner.

"Charleen has gotten me to do some pretty tedious work." "Again?"

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No one told me this might happen.

Will you give me a ride?

What did you hope to accomplish?


We're not blaming them.

When I grow up, I want to be just like you.

My grandmother on my mother's side lives in Osaka.

If something goes wrong, call me.

I can carry that for you.

Recently, what with this and that, I haven't been able to sing so today I sang like there's no tomorrow!

If you don't bother the bees, they're unlikely sting you.


Who told you you could have that?

Timothy has been a teacher for over 30 years.

They were symptoms of the earthquake.

That would've hurt.

Where did you spit at them?

I must be getting tired. I feel sleepy as soon as I finish eating supper.

The investigation by the police brought their secret life to light.

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This book is still in circulation and can be found in the bookshops.


Don't slam the door.

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Every time it rains, the roof leaks.


Grab on to something.


I thought Pierette understood.

I wish Billy would arrive soon.

Can you forgive me?

There's no way one that big is going to go on a bike's luggage rest.

She advised him to drink more milk.

She is used to walking long distances.

I've got some questions for you.

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Matt wants to know when you're coming.

Winston made us do the work.

I'll give you a piece of my mind.

I'm not excited about it.

Something's happened to it.

Don't worry. I'll do it.

You'll be safe there.

Some built houses partly underground.

Chuck was accused of practicing law without a license.

This is going to take some time.

I have to fire them.

Whoever that person is who said the mall closes at 9:00 p.m. is wrong. They close at midnight.

I thought you of all people would understand my decision.


Tuition fees must be paid not later than the 25th of this month.

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If you see him before I do, tell him I miss him very much.

I can't quite figure out what that chord around 1:58 is. Can somebody help me out?

Dan didn't know anything about Linda's past.

Sanche went back to his hometown.

He resigned from his office.

My legs feel heavy.

This is all I have to say.

Your PhD thesis has to be written in English.

A considerable amount of time and effort have been spent already.

One must always be ready for an emergency.

Suwandi will be back on Monday.

We all consider it wrong to cheat in the examination.

Let's go eat. I'm starving.


Why did Rudy lie?


The imposter was caught.


OK, hold that thought.


Ernie will go far.

The stock collapsed overnight.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.