I can speak both English and Spanish.

However, he was hurt when she quickly disposed of the present.

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Why won't you let me see him?


I thought Rudy had given up.

Dan was sent to a maximum security facility in Florida.

Nathaniel's was the only phone number Doyle had.

We don't want anybody to find out.

Both my sisters are teachers.

A secretarial post is open.

She does not like green peppers.

I used to go skiing in winter.

An earthquake of magnitude 5 shook Tokyo.

They say that he was in the hospital at that time.

I remember it!

I don't want you working here.

Sergeant always seems to get his own way.

Gideon and Ram went to the same school.

Although this sentence has no grammatical mistakes, I think it would practically never be used.

I suppose I'll get used to it.

What a beautiful rose!

Has he pressed the blue button?

Do you know someone who knows about air conditioning?

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Piet likes listening to the radio when he's driving.


She doesn't want him to go to Boston.

He's away on vacation.

Who ate up the cake?

Mr Hirayama is a very good teacher.

Maureen always asks for permission before he borrows my bicycle.

They know who they are.

I'm not eating this potato salad.


Dalton may eat anything he wants.


I gave birth to my first child last year.

The job is not suitable for young girls.

Ro is a karate expert.


We study French together.

She has come up with the best result once again.

That is the poet I met in Paris.

I considered calling the police.

I'm out of sugar.

How long does it take to get to the Hilton hotel from here?

I really truly don't want to hurt Bret.

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First things first.

Don stayed at a hotel not far from our house for a few days.

The scandal nearly wrecked her career.


I'd like a coffee.


Provide starving people with food.

My sister married her high school classmate.

Jan stared at the ground.


How is cheerleading practice?


We used to swim in this river a lot.

My parents are no longer living.

You're going to speak Spanish fluently!


I couldn't close my eyes.


I need an answer.

The bed is in the room.

I read about it in the paper.


Is that to eat here or take out?

It is very cold outside. You'll catch a cold without a coat.

My aunt has an apartment for rent for 550 dollars a month.

This is wild.

My mother gets up earlier than I do.


At school, I've learned to write Latin.

That box is bigger than this one.

We were caught in a snowstorm.

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This is the last time.

I heard that Anna is living in Boston.

At first Barney had thought of renting out her house; but everyone advised her to sell it.


She was on the point of going out.

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Kamel doesn't like how Leads laughs.


It's a strong possibility.

If you want to send a Christmas parcel to Australia, you should post it now.

Isaac has a bicycle.


No sooner had the bell rung than the teacher came into the classroom.

Can you imagine how Dominick feels?

He was going to clean up his room.


You get out of class?

Johan prides himself on his ability to speak French.

My mother prefers the arbitrary selection of the lottery machines over my lucky numbers.


Dominick was celebrating.

Are you telling me you're worried?

He made believe not to be hurt.

You've got a problem.

No matter how much you try to convince people that chocolate is vanilla, it'll still be chocolate, even though you may manage to convince yourself and a few others that it's vanilla.

Houses here are double the price of those in Kobe.

Laura is very particular about her clothes.

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Are you going to wear a costume to the party?


We're helpless.

You must take action for their release quickly.

That's fun.

I thought I knew what to do.

Every molecule of water is composed of two hydrogen atoms attached to an oxygen atom.

Timing is always important.

I'd rather go for a walk.


You shouldn't sleep with a coal stove on because it releases a very toxic gas called carbon monoxide. Sleeping with a coal stove running may result in death.

Diana insisted he was innocent.

This glue does not adhere to plastic.

What are you so upset about?

What's the weather in your country now?

There is a lot of snow on the roof.

The bus service won't be available until snow has gone.

I have to show you something.

I can't imagine how unhinged I would have to become before I would ever even consider killing another human being.

I wasn't expecting anyone.

I gave one for free.


I met Meg, who told me the news.


Saad put everything back into the bag.

He became active in the Republican Party.

The satellite is in orbit around the moon.

Would you please show me your photo album?

They went out of the room, one after another.

Has Daren's dog ever bitten Catherine?

The deadlock was inevitable.

How do you think people get famous anymore?

I'm not jealous of Chris.

The trouble is that I can't remember where I parked the car.

I can see why you like this place so much.

Can we get this gate open?

At first I didn't like ballet, but I've come to like it by degrees.

We're trying to teach Marek basic problem-solving skills.

It's all quite normal.

Who attended the meeting?

He knows neither French nor German.

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How about going out for dinner?

Roxane had no intention of waiting for three hours.

All at once she began to shout in a shrill voice.

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Tell her that I am playing with the kids.

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He was in open-mouthed amazement.

I don't know when this photo was taken.

Janet might be able to help us tomorrow.


Living on my own, I really miss my mom's cooking.

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Sherri wanted Terri to come over for an early dinner.

The current of this river is rapid.

I asked Radek where he wanted to eat.

I don't know much about Boston.

I'm sure you'll feel better tomorrow.

Jitendra wants to make sure we don't make the same mistake he did.

I'll find Nick.

The whole sky lit up and there was an explosion.

Lenny has lots of time to do anything he wants.

No one is more dangerous than a fool with a large vocabulary.

You could stay.

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Beauty without bounty avails naught.

I saw a dog. The dog held a piece of meat in its mouth.

I don't have a desk in my bedroom.

You've betrayed us again.

I drink the water.

Nothing can happen more beautiful than death.

I'm not feeling very well today.

She has selective hearing.

He was working hard on the field last night.


Don't say I didn't warn.


I decided I didn't want anything more to do with Pilar.


Are you leaving for good?


What will you give me in return?


Surya spilled ink on the desk.

I became last.

How does that happen?

I want to make love with you.

Am I supposed to help Patrice?


Ernst earns three times as much as I do.