Close the door after you.

We should try doing this another way.

I don't know how to spell the word.

I didn't think you'd be coming.

Brett would never do that!

Kaj went downtown.

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Thank you very much for the wonderful dinner last night.

Stevan must be psychic.

It's been fun for us.

I saw them earlier this morning.

Those computers? They're money down the drain.

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He took a look at the newspaper before going to bed.

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Maybe she knows the answer.

I can't do this without Susan.

Hon gets up at 5:30 every morning.

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My sales ad wasn't responded to.

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A group of foreigners arrived in Edo, in other words Tokyo.

We're going to lose, aren't we?

Yvonne is aware of the danger.


I have never settled for second best in my life.

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We sat and waited.

He was tired and nervous from overwork.

Can I come inside?


He did it, and in her presence.

I feel so embarrassed.

I hope Jakob goes home soon.

Thad got muddy playing football.

Stephan usually wears dungarees.


I did it because I had no choice.

Will you open the bag?

The idea was simple.

Sundar sang Troy to sleep.

I couldn't find his house.


Animals act on instinct.


Babies are interesting to watch.

I can't do it without you.

All my haste was in vain.

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I'm so happy you could make it.

We've got a long day tomorrow.

She showed me the snaps which she had taken during her journey.


She acted like a real baby.

Gregory can't forget the time he and Sassan had their first big argument.

There is no Nobel Prize in mathematics.

Cristi believes Deb made the right choice.

He says that raw vegetables are healthier.

My attendance is necessary.

Ben decided to live by taking the absurdity of life to its full conclusion.

She gave her seat to a senior citizen.

We are annoyed at the constant noise.

Everybody is happy nowadays.

I worked all this week.

The photographs are the same.

I don't know anything as to his past.

I will not live in Kobe next year.

I don't think I can get you to understand how difficult that is.

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You must wait a while.

I'm concerned that your friends are poor.

I'm boiling with anger.


I'm sure Naren will lend you as much money as you need.

Norma complained about the heat.

The minister appointed one of his cronies to a key position.


I know you'll enjoy spending the day with Sandeep.

At your age, you try to act like a young man.

Mahmoud is packing up.

Maybe I should spend a few minutes with Barry alone.

Triantaphyllos told Jem he didn't want her to leave.

The market is large.

Leung doesn't know if Kathleen will go camping with us or not.

I've been hanging out with her.

Aimee wouldn't tell Frances how old he was.

She graduated from Kobe University.

Vacations are good for people who get tired during the year.

Masanao is really good at tennis.

I knew it would work out this way.

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Jean-Pierre isn't going to shoot me.

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Connie and Morris have just arrived.


Tatoeba: As if the geek invasion wasn't enough.


Dominic can't stand loud music.

If it rains, please call me.

Do you believe in prophecy?


He is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

I know it's unrealistic to expect Vinod to ever fall in love with someone like me.

Iberism is a movement that supports the unification of the Iberian peoples and its nations such as Catalonia, Castile, Portugal, Galicia, Basque Country, Andalusia...


Now hurry up and get ready. I want to get to the store before it closes.

Lorraine said he was going to give it back.

Don't be a dog in the manger.

You must pay the admission fee here.

I never betrayed you.

One of our gas cans is missing.

They imprisoned and subsequently force-fed the protesters in an attempt to belittle their hunger strike.

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She really likes to write poems.


As earlier mentioned, I was afraid.

If the weather permits, they will go and pick mushrooms in the woods.

As far as I know, he was born in Italy.

I have lost my watch.

You never really said you love me.

I have put off my coat.

They've cut down most of the trees for firewood.

Sex change operations are now tax-deductible.

Ethel was crying; the young man threw himself at her feet.


She breaks something every time she cleans the room.

You're mad and you have every right to be.

You've made remarkable progress in English in the past year.

Leora just wants to be left alone.

What's the student/teacher ratio at your school?

I'm sorry, but the number you have dialled is incorrect.

Think is not like that all the time.

What is all that?

Stuff happens.

I can't think of any other plan.

He cannot write his own name.

New York is one of the largest cities in the world.

You should acknowledge your failure.


Where you are is not just your physical environment.

Fred is a lazy fellow.

Do you know how much this means to me?


The grade seven and the grade eight students both have completely separate timetables.


He lives in the southern part of the city.

Lucius lent Rakhal a book.

I like to go swimming in the sea.

He ascended the ladder halfway.

You look like you're doing just great, Marsh.

Why didn't you just say that to Ritalynne?

It is getting lighter outside.


Tad's house was destroyed by a hurricane.

I should have followed Walter's advice.

We took it for granted that she would take part in the speech contest.

I prepared dinner.

Can I take it home?

He came home because he had run out of money, not because he was homesick.

Adlai ate vegan lasagna.

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The train arrives at platform number 5.


He became a shell of his former self.


Who will take the place of his mother?

Lila failed the test.

I'm not as much of a loner as I used to be.

This article is cheap.

Bald people leaving for San-Francisco can't put any flowers into their hair.

Is the audience listening?

I don't really know Surya at all.

Jarmo watches too much TV.

The education by the parents of their children is sometimes very difficult.

Those men are armed to the teeth.

Gabriel prefers the calamansi juice.

Whoa! Where did that come from?

I asked him why he seemed distant. He said he needed a break.


They wanted to ban slavery everywhere in the United States.

We've got to talk to Thierry before he does something stupid.

I was totally unprepared for this.


She is a wonderful woman.

After long thinking, she bought the house.

Dan had many friends and no girlfriend.

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He stopped smoking for the sake of his health.

I am eating noodles.

It's good to be charitable; but to whom? That is the point.

Kamel has a flair for languages.

Give us a moment, please.

I woke up three times during the night.

Helen doesn't swim very well.


I highly doubt that.

But I will say this: You are gorgeous.

Urs is a bookkeeper.

What should I do with her?

May I invite you to a chat?