Jane looks very happy.

Did you get everything you need?


Did you tell Roland how good it was?

I don't want to drink anything.

We're sorry for your loss.


Who do you think killed them?

Women really are quite dangerous. The more I think about this, the more I'm able to understand the reasoning behind face covering.

I think Raj hates me.

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Any man wearing a toupee fears a windy day.

Starbuck was the last one to cross the finish line.

However, I am one of those who think differently.

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What's going to happen to him?

Dachshund sausages first became popular in New York, especially at baseball games.

I'll have to try something else.

She made up her mind to graduate from high school.

Douglas didn't notice Alan hiding in the bushes.


What's the real reason you're here?

Put the eggs in the refrigerator.

Binge drinking is harmful for your health.


This time you must go there.

Dan rudely insulted a police officer.

Many people like to travel.

We accepted his invitation.

My father gave me a puppy for my birthday.

Please tell Joel how sorry I am.

They addressed me as doctor.

It's probably a mistake.

These are characteristics of the spoken language.

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Many Americans want to get married on the fourth of July.

He put aside the book.

I wrote this book after I had suffered from a great loss.

As soon as you arrive, he will make something to eat.

A burglar broke into your house while you were away on vacation.

I think what Herb did was stupid.

It's quite irritating.

She may have told me a lie.

We know who he is.


I didn't want to humiliate them.

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Don't be angry with him.

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That wasn't very romantic.

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Israel has never cheated on his wife.


He took the blow on the head.


These two concepts are intimately related.

When did you start studying languages?

Please inform me of any change in his condition.


Andrea isn't like his brother.

The lack of modern post facilities caused trouble for many shippers.

She'll try it once more.

This is due to conservation of angular momentum.

He was in a hurry to see his father.

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Jason wants to be like his father.

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Do you live in the area?

I already did my homework at school.

What does Johnny do now?

The organization of employers is an organization with a great deal of influence.

I've got him in my office.


Kristen gave me a couple of slices of toast and a glass of milk.

This and many other causes led to the fatal outcome.

No one has seen him.

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Cows are sacred to Hindus.


You worry about the future of your children, but you also feel jealous of them, because they will see the future, and you won't.

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I heard they caught Anatole.

I like to climb mountains.

Maria studied diligently, but could never remember from one week to the next.

He was just thirty-six years old.

Come alone.


I love Cleopatra: do I look like Caesar?

Sometimes we need to take a step back and think.

How many days are there in a leap year?

I think it's time for us to leave.

Roxie is probably a lot busier now than he was three months ago.

I have a short-sleeved shirt.

It's up to us.

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Most race horses are thoroughbreds.

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This will take some getting used to.

I have a meeting with her.

I don't want you to go out of your way or anything.

Julia wishes he didn't have to help with the housework.

I have work to do now.

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"Will he recover soon?" "I'm afraid not."

I slept from ten in the evening.

Rajendra is currently serving two life sentences for a series of murders.

This thing is alive.

She let me go.


He went slowly and deliberately to his car, being careful not to step on the cracks in the cement walkway.

I've been very busy lately.

There were some people at our house yesterday.

The candidate made a quick response to the criticism.

There exist supernatural beings.

Glad to be able to assist you.

Does love exist?

I didn't enjoy it very much.

Life is like a marathon, where short-term gains and losses are not significant in and of themselves.


Try not to splatter the ink.


You have to tell me something.


Will is really patient, isn't he?

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Martha painted the room in a jungle motif.

What is that on the plate?

Ed is untalented.

I don't have a cat.

I told him to stop.


Himawan didn't sleep.

I just want to get some sleep.

The system administrator has configured your system such that this installation is not permitted.


Morgan is much prettier than Alice.

I feel so refreshed after my bath.

The cat went through the boards.

Clark rarely gets angry.

She is lucky.

A third party makes off with the profits.

When speaking in Japan, it may seem like you're not listening if you do not respond while somebody speaks to you.

He writes badly.

Now you've ruined it for me.

Just make sure you talk to them.

Those scientists are the cream of the crop.

What kind of shots did they give you?

If something strange happens, press the red starter-button.

Don't let yourself be troubled by the thought of her.

I'll sign it tomorrow.

These shoes cost too much.

What would happen if I stopped taking this medicine?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is called "Bosna i Hercegovina" in Bosnian.

How do they put up with you?

What are some of the side effects of this drug?

They came in for a lot of criticism over doing that.


A computer's electronics are very complex.

We'll have a nice long talk.

How are we going to find him?

The castle is on the other side of the river.

Novorolsky is worried we'll get lost.

I'd rather be fishing.

The story is true. Only the names have been changed.

Tandy played with the food on his plate with his fork.

The two candidates were still neck and neck just hours before the polls opened.

Has something else happened?

Ben doesn't know how to dribble a ball.

I was afraid of Urs.

Ramadoss loves secrets.

I told you not to talk about Barry.

Unlike you, I don't make fun of people in public.

Don't move! You take a step and you die!

Do you know the creator?


I'll go with you when pigs fly.

They started firing.

I doubt if Hank will come on time.

I'll mark where there are mistakes in your writing.

It makes me feel alive.

Patrice is a writer. She's really good.

Hey, don't blame me. I'm just the messenger.


He annoyed us with his complaints.

Patricio is always trying to boss everyone around.

Hold out your left hand.


My name is Alex, but I prefer that you all call me Augusto.

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Please explain it to me later.

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My mother is a woman.

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Do you have a private medical insurance policy?

Ignorance always creates fear.

Manuel took his keys out of his pocket.


I've never known Edmund to be violent.

It is regrettable that young Japanese today should show little interest in the traditional culture of their country.

Old wanted to be the best.