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I thought Knut would end up going to the party with Jan.


You're really a number-one fool.


Listening to my neighbor's music at three o'clock in the morning makes me wake up in a very bad mood.

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That spaceship is badass.

Jeannette had to work really hard to finish it in time.

Do you have fire insurance?

It's really very annoying.

Julius knew why Sergei wanted to borrow thirty dollars.

Don't be worried.

Your hands are shaking.


I forgot I owed you money.

I wouldn't want to do anything that would make Herman angry.

He was raving.

Did I say something?

The teacher warned us that the test would be hard.

I've lost my ball-point pen and am now writing with a pencil.

I'm afraid of him.

It is the price they pay for their years of over-eating.

Jussi breaks more promises than he keeps.

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I broke a glass - try not to step on the shards before I clean them up.

You're free now.

Ask Noam about it when he gets here.


If it annoys you so much, file a complaint.

Bruno was a handsome and kind man.

You lack confidence.

Kid, stir the chocolate, so that it doesn't stick.

I wanted to show Lea how to do that.

Knapper is one of the nicest people I've ever met.

I'll be very attentive.


Go straight on down this street.

Sally is two years senior to Ken.

Leora needs reading glasses.

We are pretty much in agreement.

I don't hate this.

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Smoking has an ill effect upon health.


We've never given a concert in Boston.

The young woman was carrying an infant in her arms.

You ought to adjust the clock. It's slow.

He is not the cheerful man he was.

We did what we had to to survive.

I was just thinking the same thing.

Are there any express trains?


It's a pity we can't take all of this with us.

Whoever the employee is who stole the money should be fired.

She married a rich man.


In June, it rains a lot in Sendai.

Felix wondered how many pairs of shoes Per owned.

Why don't you do that?

Has anything like this ever happened before?

At least he shook your hand. He didn't even look at me.

I went for a walk with my son.

This house mouse is gray.

Daniel looks like an Uyghur.

My grandmother is still vigorous at 82 years old.

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He gave witness to the truth of my statement.


Nobody likes to pay taxes.

The old person asked me a favor.

I'm sorry, Rudolph, I didn't realize you were here.


You should make sure that you tie a bowline.

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Her mother was busy cooking dinner.


When I grow up, I want to be a teacher.

What can I do for my image?

He saved the boy at the risk of his own life.

I would never in a million years have expected something like this to happen.

Our chef is very busy today.

That's enough for me.

I told Vick to leave me alone.

I agree completely with you on this point.

Tovah wants to be a pilot.

I'm on to something.

I wish you had come to see me yesterday.

The bug has been corrected.

You need to learn to listen.

The Federal Republic of Germany was established in 1949.

We jumped off our bikes and sat in the grass.

I'm having problems again.

Tell him I'm coming over.

It'll cost at least five dollars.

Conrad eats a lot more than Alan does.

Micky speaks no French.

Vincent neglected his family.

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I could've done better.


Do you believe us?


Mike has been out of work for a year.

Am I seeing things?

I hear we're having a fire drill today.


That airplane was not able to depart at the regular time.

I can go there on foot.

I saw a big pelican there.

That's why I suggested that we build a playroom.

Mr. Brown is in charge of the business in the absence of the manager.


I made myself clear about my feelings for him at the outset.


He's disappeared without a trace.

Dwight is not at fault here.

Let's see if I've got that right.


She threw her arms round his neck, and held him fast, while she exclaimed, "Kay, dear little Kay, I have found you at last."

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Your idea leaves nothing to be desired.

The cat played with the live mouse.

Kristi complained that Jinny never helped him.


It looks like Elliot has broken a couple of ribs.

He leaves Osaka for Tokyo at ten.

We can see the northern lights from our house!

Do you miss me?

Lievaart knows many famous people.


I have a hunch boracasli is using a second account.


I know it's a lie.

Parents are always worried about the future of their children.

War, disease, and famine continue to ravage the poverty-stricken country, despite the decades-long international effort to ameliorate the situation.

I met her one winter day.

I nearly fell off the cliff.

Let's play poker.

Taurus speaks fluent French.


Why don't you just say you don't want to go?

Diane weighed his options for a moment.

Stop that noise.


He has studied the possibility of a collaboration.

Don't make light of this advice.

I guess you get used to it.

He has powerful arms.

Everything looks dirty.

Dan feeds roaches to his big hairy spider.

Those will need to do that sooner or later.

You've been a great help to our family.

Feathers are a distinguishing feature of birds.

Jack and Peggy were married by the Rev. John Smith.

He will pay for everything.

Marsh told me you and Olof were dating.

I guess I'll find out soon enough.


I met some hikers on the mountain.


He was so clever that he could solve the problem.

Don't touch me!

Syed started crying as well.

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Do it your way.

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I just wanted to tell you I still love you.

Are you sure of it?

We haven't received any help from anyone.


What did you mean by that?


Sanche helped rescue Jacobson.


Ernest liked to sit outside during the warm summer nights and gaze at the stars.

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You're a big help, Himawan.

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I have no intention of lending this watch to anyone, much less parting with it.

I really wish I knew who painted this picture.

Hotta went to Boston at the end of October.


They listened to the President making a speech over the radio.


Cole creeps me out.

My son has an hereditary disease.

Such a thing occurs frequently.

The ship sank in the sea.

We have permission to be here.

The novel, the author of which is a famous singer, is selling well.

The subway was so full that there were around five people per square meter.

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You never told me you were married.

We protested, but it was in vain.

She went on a trip for a few days.

I felt afraid of being left alone, and for three whole days I wandered about the town in profound dejection, not knowing what to do with myself.

I've been working on this for some time.

The quantity discounts are according to the size of the order.

It'll be hard to convince Francisco not to do that.