Getting Started

To get started, here are a few things you need to do:

1, Sign up with SnapPay

2, Find the payment scenario you want to support from here, such as online E-commerce Alipay, E-commerce Wechat Pay,  in-store payment, etc.

3, Download the source code of the demo for your payment scenario.  Each demo also comes with a link which you can see how things work interactively.

4. Test your payment scenario with our test account.

5,  Modify your system by calling our APIs.

6,  Request your merchant account from SnapPay.

7, Replace the test account with your account.

8, Go live.

Test Account

Access Node


Request Format

Http form post. (Key Value pair)

Response Format

The response is xml.

How to define the API type and specify the payment scenario?

All payment scenarios use the same APIs.  Note there is only one access node (URL) for all these APIs.

  • ‘service’ field is used to distinguish which API you want to call  (937-351-3907, Query or chainon).
  • ‘pay_type’ field is used to distinguish which payment scenario you want to support when calling the Pay API.


Contact US

Technical Support:

General Inquiries: 1(888) 660-7729