He completed the project at the last minute.

Could you spare a moment?

Where are the keys?

You have pretty eyes.

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Desserts are my specialty.


People tend to like me.

The movie was so sad that everybody cried.

I know you didn't come to listen to me.


It was great to see you again.


His mother is worried about him.

"Don't yah think this bag's cute" "Yea, it's so cute."

Blaine and I often go out for pizza after work.

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His presence of mind deserted him.


She stared at her nails.

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She, covered only with a handtowel, came from the shower.

That's where Leads bought it.

Taking everything into consideration, they ought to be given another chance.

She didn't go shopping yesterday, did she?

I would do anything but kill.

A certain crime is punishable if attempted but not punishable if committed. What is it

The readers of that book think themselves sophisticated.

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It's not silly, but it's ridiculous.

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Can you take us with you?

The meeting of man and God must always mean a penetration and entry of the divine into the human and a self-immergence of man in the Divinity.

I just need to blow off some steam.

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In Japan people come of age when they are 20 years old.

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I'm sure this is only temporary.

If you had come a little earlier, you could have met her.

He preaches to deaf ears.

I've never had to fire anyone before.

The road is straight for three kilometers.

Hsuan was jailed for embezzling $100,000 from his employer to fund his gambling addiction.

He bought (it).


I'm going on a diet.

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In the early 1990s, the insurgency became more intense.

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I have read that different idiots are of the same mind.

Don't apologize.

He is respected by everybody.

Is this symptom getting better or worse?

I swear I saw a tardigrade waving to me!

The operation was a complete success.

Space explorers were not without religion.

George was tricked into buying the land.

Thousands of candles illuminated the church during the ceremony.

You're the only one I can count on for help.

I want to do some sport.

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The crane picked up the concrete block and laid it in the middle of the road.

I told him not to throw stones.

The typhoon did great damage to the rice crop.

I never got along with him.

Don't call me a jerk.

My mother has been dead these three years.

Jayesh occasionally visited Marci at her parents' house.

Tim is not a communist.

The various theoretical frameworks have failed to adequately explain this phenomenon.

You were manipulating them.

I laughed so hard I almost cried.

This is difficult for Ravindran.

You were here just the other day, weren't you?

When the police came on stage, the criminal gave up.

The moon has come out.

I lost my keys.

"Car" is a synonym of "automobile".

An Englishman is an alien in the United States.

Let me remind you what's important.

He loves a banquet, provided he is not expected to make a speech.

She wants me to help her with her homework.

The whole class is present today.

I have abandoned the idea of buying a house.

I'd feel a lot better if we didn't do that.

Of two evils, choose the lesser.

They burned some coal.

The libelous column can still be read on the website of the previously mentioned newspaper.

I'm telling you this because I don't want to have any secrets from you.

The boy wants a toy.

Does anyone have a banjo to make me try?

Jochen took out the trash.

I don't buy that. Your logic is faulty, and your example is nonsense.

She's Thai.

Joshua could stay at our house for a couple of weeks if he needs to.

He found the water boiling.

Something's bothering him.

I know that I am a good teacher.


Let's sing and dance.

Let's have lunch.

Did the car look old?


It is a great improvement as compared with what it was last year.

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It is generally accepted that a person cannot be successful in life without a lot of hard work.


After the movie they fall asleep.

My hopes have been dashed to the ground.

That was obviously a winning strategy.

Integrative medicine refers to a many faceted medical approach that emphasises individual differences and aggressively includes the latest scientific techniques based on modern Western medicine as well as various other medical systems like traditional medicine and natural medicine.

Please don't leave me with them.

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In which language do you want to see names of animals?

Your family needs you.

That makes more sense.

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That wasn't there this morning.

I know something really fun we can do tomorrow.

How long have you been standing there spying on us?

Calvin's hair is wet.

Nightmares are scary.

He lived abroad for many years.

Keep a close eye on Earnie and make sure he doesn't get into any trouble.

I start at noon.

All my friends like the same kind of music that I do.

I was asked, "You OK, kid?". I replied, "Fine."

I defenestrate you!


The question was rhetorical.


I wasn't busy last week.


Naim wasn't so lucky.

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Well, that changes everything.

Blayne must be Pilar's brother.

That sure made me look stupid.


She had to kill herself.

Nothing special happened today.

We saw them.


I'm just an ordinary guy with nothing to loose.

Maybe we can make it.

My job will only last two years at most.

Think didn't cry at Mahmoud's funeral.

I'll lose weight.

Hugh asked Niall to water the flowers in his garden while he was gone.

It was where Amedeo said it would be.

The party ended at midnight.

I couldn't save them.


The blood test is normal.

My train left at 7 and arrived in New York at 10.

I must thank him.


How will I get paid?


Price looked up at the stars.

Don't despise others because they are poor.

You may be surprised to receive this letter.

He took off his coat and put it on again.

You like that, don't you?

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To our great disappointment, the game was called off.


Please don't say that.

Actually that's a smart idea.

I told Bradley to go.

He isn't smart enough to do mental arithmetic.

Elvis doesn't think that Sundar is at home.

I don't know why you don't like Jesse.

Julia wants me to stay here in Boston until Monday.

I've said too much already.

I will make a bargain with you.

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Ami doesn't seem to know French.

He came down with a wallop.

You were supposed to be helping Lum, you know.


Can I go first?

My grandfather used to make his own furniture.

Give me another chance to try.

Is somebody going to let me in?

You have no idea, do you?

What in the world happened?

Oskar played basketball in high school.

Ronald died a few years later.

Pontus stood on his head.

I'd like to live in Brazil.

Tanya and I had a long conversation while we were waiting for Neville.

Heather has a bright future ahead of him.

Speaking of Norm, I haven't seen her for a long time.

The witch cursed the poor little girl.

Every evening after bedtime stories Tran asked for a lullaby and Mama of course, could not deny her.


Pravin's attitude is pretty good.


The experiment has to begin.