Charley wrote three letters.

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You're just guessing.

It comes from within the love that I feel for you.

I'm here because of her.

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Nothing much has changed.


Julius came to school very late today.

I just finished the work.

This is the first time I've ever put my little son into bed. His mother is too busy.

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I had to keep busy, so I wouldn't think about what had happened.

We've been looking for them.

You should start out as soon as you can.


Y'all must stay.


The expensive machine turned out to be of no use.

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He found a job with a food company.


The Kamo runs through Kyoto.


He saw it, too.

I saw Ritchey yesterday for the first time.

No soliciting!

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Please call the FBI immediately.

Everyone went to sleep.

"Is he alive or dead?" "He's dead."


The trodden ground became a quagmire...

I like Japanese rice pillows; they are good for my neck.

I've got better things to do than to sit here listening to your gossip.

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He drove carelessly and had an accident.

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What our country desires is peace.

That's a big change.

Please don't leave me now.

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Do you like camping?

Will you be eating here or is this to go?

Did you know that Mara and Ric were dating?

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The world began without man and it shall end without him.


She likes oranges, doesn't she?

Save Reinhard.

I asked Laurie what he'd do.

The police took the hostages to safety.

He's such a jerk.

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I live in Malaysia.


We had such a great time.

Jones was really fast.

How am I supposed to understand that?

I'm observing wild birds.

Charleen gave me one lakh rupees.

Despite the problems of excessive commercialization, etc. the Olympics will go forward into the new century.

His affection for us seems exaggerated.

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How would you like to come and spend a week with us next year?


Do you want to see it now?

Spyros is next in line.

Everyone at the party was drinking wine.


Gypsy was desperate.

We're not going to be able to do this.

He started at the noise.


What are you eyeing?

Pick that up.

That child was told off by the teacher.

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He is always on the go in his office.

I have sinus trouble.

This bill is safe to pass.

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Not an anna in hand, but call me administrator nonetheless.


Good afternoon!

I'm truly flattered!

It was like a fairytale.


Beverly never told me that he knew how to speak French.


He is possessed of intelligence.

This planet orbits two stars.

The meeting lasted thirty minutes.

First of all, I will read this.

That day, the rain that had been falling since morning seemed as if it was about to stop around the time that the streetlamps are lit, but as night came it suddenly turned into pouring rain.


This is too big to easily carry.

He wrote his own name.

They're happy.


How kind you are!

For breakfast, Sandra had a slice of bread and a cup of coffee.

Hienz is the only one who doesn't look tired.


Call on me if you need my assistance.

The baby can't walk, much less run.

He's an absolute fool.

We both know what you're doing.

If Buddhism is attractive, it is because it appears as a possibility of touching the infinite and obtaining happiness without having any concrete religious obligations. A spiritual auto-eroticism of some sort.

I had to go to my office by bus because my car had engine trouble.

You never change, do you?

A good man in an evil society seems the greatest villain of all.

Yes, I studied psychology but I didn't learn anything that I didn't already know; I only had to learn the vocabulary.

She is familiar with Japanese history.

What's your favorite hair style?

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You'll get lost.


It's fun to watch you dance.

Dan swiftly grabbed the pitbull by the neck and threw it off the roof.

It's better to be a well-known boozer than an anonymous alcoholic.


I was doing some shopping downtown.

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Bilinguals are not just two monolinguals stuck together!

I'm a pretty good swimmer.

The people who come on the Maury Povich show often make pretentious claims about their lovers cheating on them.

Sometimes I go by bus and sometimes by car.

Something's happened to them.

Eventually, Pantelis will tell me everything I want to know.

Have you seen Casey?


I'll be there the first thing in the morning.

There are not a few passengers on this train.

Come on down, check it out!

Would you like her to help you?

Would people complain about that?


He's a real character.


It's nice to see her so happy.

Nelken found a hundred dollar bill on the street.

You must've had a hard time.

Ernst settled himself in a chair.

Anne wants Dick to keep him company.

Did it require a lot of work for you to learn Latin?

He thought that it was like a bird cage.

Today I'm having lunch with my sister.

Julianto walked down the sidewalk.


Who knows how this day will end.

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Renu unlocked the safe.

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Vijay has been unlucky, hasn't he?

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Clarissa is afraid of you.

We do not want to discard the article but reshape it.

Sorry, old sport. I thought you knew.

The tail at the rear of the plane provides stability.

These towels are the same color but different sizes.


We're just good friends.

I gave Lea the weapons he wanted.

I'll get him for you.

Most rivers flow to the sea.

Now we're together again.

It's a very good question.

Dan believed that the hammer was the murder weapon.


The tower stood among ruins.


Sanjay has good manners.

You need to act.

We appreciate your promptness.

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He wants Einstein to play the violin.

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What you say is neither here nor there.

I'll read it.

By the time the party is over, the day will have broken.


Stagger wrote this letter last night.

Takayuki undressed Linder with his eyes.

We've done that already.

The train is very fast.

He doesn't know the truth yet.

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I'm sure my wallet was on top of the dresser.

What was the fight about?

I was so mad about that.


She's busy.


I'm not busy either.


Tait is not capable of multitasking.


Shall I draw a map for you?