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Could you make sure Bryan is OK?


This door is locked from inside.

We walked up stairs.

It will not be fine.

He averted her eyes.

Do you really think Frederic was flirting with me?

Do you play with my shoes?

I thought you didn't want to talk about this now.

The United States has close ties to Mexico.

How is the word pronounced?

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We have permission to be here.


"My mother's American, and my father is Uighur." "Really?" "No! I was joking!"

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The cat seems to want some water.


Tell me about your school.

All might God!!!!

Pua sang at church.

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The boss considered firing Miki, but decided against it.


Return to the ship at once.

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She's in prison.

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Where have you spent your holidays?


It'll all be over soon.

The Viking probes analyzed gases in the Martian atmosphere and chemicals in the soil for evidence of the existence of simple life. The probes also measured wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric temperature, and atmospheric pressure.

It seems that you're not having fun in here.

How can you believe that she made away with the papers?

I'll never be like Hilda.

The stock market is up.

I think you lied to me.


Lamberto is the name of a large hotel chain.

Does Felix really expect me to believe that?

Panzer shaved his beard off after becoming a fan of stoats, since stoats, the paragon of beauty, don't grow beards.


The tail at the rear of the plane provides stability.

Let's hear the other side.

There was no one to stop him.

I'm not very up on the latest computer trends.

Coleen's not exactly my favorite person.


I do not want to argue with you.

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It warrants your attention.

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It is impossible that he is busy.

Is Nou good-looking?

The city came back to life with more vigor.

Do you like camomile tea?

We have to conform to the rules.


Marco wondered how tall Brandy was.


His conscience suddenly awoke in him.

Bonnie took advantage of Cathy's misfortune.

Ritchey offers his glass to Kanthan.

Why don't you wash your dishes?

Po bought some land to build a house on.


She managed to get what she desired easily.


Things got very complicated.

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That's simply wrong.


We've got to go and help Carlo.


She pushed the panic button when she heard the news.

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Every time that I see you, I think of my father.


I told her not to use those.

We have until October to complete our plan.

That's what Judith always does.


Something bad may happen to him.

It mightn't have been my youngest brother's fault, but it wasn't mine either.

We must provide for the future.


Skeeter spoke to Susumu quietly.

Take me to the Native Americans.

I count on her.

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In this picture, there are four persons: my father, my mother, my brother and my sister.

What he said in his interview makes sense.

English is taught in a lot of countries.


I need to clear my head.

Frankly, I don't like that man.

I think Boston is one of the most expensive places in the world to live.

I made my son a new suit.

Reluctantly, he started the engine and drove off.

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Janet was head over heels for Helge.


What were you doing there anyway?

I can pass the test. I know I can.

This word is difficult to pronounce.

When I went to Tokyo, I met him.

Did you threaten him?


Stephanie closes his eyes when he kisses.

It doesn't matter what excuse he gives me, I can't forgive him.

Please wait in the lobby.

They only wrote nasty gossip about him in the newspaper.

I thought it best for him to say nothing about the matter.

Even chocolate contains vitamins.

Nobody can understand him.

Lee said he could not accept the job.

You have a lot to learn, my boy.


You can go if you want to.


Jurevis and Maria have two cats.

Ravindranath was able to help List.

This is not my cup of tea.

That's not blood; it's tomato juice.

Who likes beans?


He watched the girls playing tennis.


The biology teacher is called Sonia.

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I pointed my camera at her.

Hui introduced his stepson to Konstantinos's stepdaughter.

There's a possibility that Beckie is with his friends, but I don't think he is.


Have you eaten anything unusual recently?


The ending wasn't a surprise.


You really should talk to me.


Who are my new neighbors?

She said that she had been prepared for the examination for three days.

Yesterday I went to sleep at 10 PM.


I didn't tell him you're here.

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I thought you'd be impressed.

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There are a lot of bridges in this city.

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Have you ever lost your luggage at the airport?

Those things disgust me.

How did you like the concert?

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Faced with a massive online attack, Tatoeba adopted a policy of martial law.

Context is important.

Please put your baggage on this scale.

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Parents should come and pick up their children after band practice.

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He doesn't give a fig about money.


When did you realize that?

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You don't need to know that.

A man came over and asked if I was OK.

Old got up and started to walk away.

Do you think she would accept my invitation?

Sehyo didn't have a lot to say.


They consider him a hero.

Are you all right with this?

He observed that it would probably rain.

I just live right around the corner.

Franklin told me that he was hungry.

Babies can become dehydrated from a high fever, so I was told that it would be better to send him to the hospital.

If we need any help, I'll let you know.


You should talk to him, too.

It's been predicted for 2 months.

This is where the believers perform their ablutions.


The nuclear ship was built at a considerable expense.

I majored in literature at the university.

Do you often dance at St. James's?

I met Tony on my way home yesterday.

Keep smiling.


Pay at the cash register.

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It is the flight from Recife.

Republicans were defeated in many states.

The hospital food wasn't very good.


I'll be back in a little bit.

I thought Joel would be too busy to help us.

People tend to look at others with prejudice.

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Brooke opened the box.