Who are those young ladies?

Your face makes me punch you.

Don't shut the door.

Fritz asked us to help him move his piano.

What does Miriamne mean?

She always dresses very modestly.

The boy sat on a chair.


Don't you feel it?

I think it's getting warmer.

Can you show me the way to the gym?

Victor can play the banjo.

What are your recommendations?

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Hirofumi needed help fast.

He bowed out as engineer.

Israel bought Sundaresan a beer.


He didn't show up at the breakfast.

I want to figure it out for myself.

All are interested in Japan.

How can you make a living from selling newspapers?

I'm not that desperate yet.

Dorothy is organising a secret Santa at work.

What do stores do with unsold merchandise?

This cloth irons well.

These aren't words.

Adlai opened the glove compartment and took out a pair of sunglasses.

For ten florins, I send a series of stamps.

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He wrote it down so he wouldn't forget.

Trey grabbed his keys and put them into his pocket.

I want to tell you about her.

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I have given leave to do what he likes.


I need some.


He aspired to be a famous actor.

We've got to make sure Pete doesn't do that.

Marcos had two choices.


Yes, by all means.


I went hiking in West Virginia five years ago.

She forgot to lock the door.

Time to go.

He reads foreign books, not to mention Japanese ones.

A special taskforce managed to catch a suicide terrorist downtown, prior to him carrying out his evil plan.

Nikolai and his brother have very little in common.

I don't care if our team wins or not.


I hope to hear from you soon.


There's very little activity around here on Sundays.

Let's take a short rest here. My legs are tired and I can't walk any more.

Come hither.

Uranus has 27 named moons. Some of these moons are less than 100 kilometers wide and black as coal.

No one comes to visit me anymore.


Today is a very exciting day.

I only got to the station after the train had left.

Have you always given up so easily?

It is a privilege to meet you.

Your name was mentioned.


She dreamed a strange dream.

Jane told Joel the whole story.

Ahmet isn't going to come home.

Beauty's in the eye of the beholder.

I hate it when that happens.

However, the preposition+relative pronoun (which) part becomes a relative adverb (where).

He made an apology to us for being late.

Can we move on to the next item?

The helicopter hovered over the building.

I am going to start.

After careful consideration, Janet agreed.

Here, mistakes are the soul of dialogue.

Next week I will write an e-mail to my parents.


What's the situation at the factory now?


Tommy isn't at home, is he?

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I want to hear what Teri has to say.

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I started this job last summer.


Kemal put the diary in the drawer.

He answered my question in the negative.

We didn't mean to leave Guillermo out of the plan.


Bucky asked me out again.


Cathrin won't be in time for the meeting.


This should be one of our top priorities.

First John put on his coat, and then he picked up his hat.

She led the old man into the room.


She won't listen to me.


Why don't you correct him?

That would not be very professional.

She became a nurse.

Sally admitted that she borrowed the scarf but said she was not guilty.

I competed with him for the championship.

I guess I should thank you.

You will be interested to know that we have just introduced our new Managing Director, Mr Masaru Ezaki.

Cindy studied philosophy at the university.

I thought I asked you to take out the garbage.

It is never too late.

Vaughn didn't know exactly what he was going to say.


Let Gordon hear Frederick recite the poem.

I narrowly escaped being run over by a truck.

I hid my worries from my wife.

Dan was terminally ill and wasn't responding to treatment.

What did Marla expect Milner to do?

I live in a house that was built in 2013.

I think his opinion is of great importance.

Kids like ice cream.

Dad, Brender hit me!

What's our plan?

You're irresistible.


It's time to make up your mind.


The expert appraised the watch at $200.

She is living in the village.

I'd like to go with Gregg.


That's the reason we must fight.


You didn't see this one coming, did you, Matti?

Jennifer knew I needed them, but he refused to give them to me.

Swamy brews beer as a hobby.

So what's your point?

How can I meet this quota?

Thierry wants to surprise Ram.

Torsten took off his socks and threw them on the floor.


We don't have the same values.

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She listened to him.

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Rayan is much shorter than you.

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She thought that he was wasting electricity.

I think it's very important.

Do you really care why I quit smoking?

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What they have told me is untrue.

She bought that camera while she was in Japan.

This exam is difficult, so let's cross our fingers!

He always feels cold because he does not have enough fatty layering on his body.

We slept sitting up.

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How can we abolish war?

I can lend you that book.

Return to your quarters.

I made a desk of wood.

Brad is treating a patient.

We will have an English test this afternoon.

But I'd like to learn more.

Do not hesitate to celebrate your defeat... as long as you're the winner's guest.

You're such a weirdo.


Shall we do something else now?


I promised I wouldn't say anything.


Darci didn't seem too surprised.

He shut his ears to my advice.

Little did I think there would be a typhoon.

We must escape.

She, covered only with a handtowel, came from the shower.

They complained about the city administration.

Ask Kevyn to make himself available.

Laurence took the children to the park.

I'm sure you've seen everything you need to.


Clayton wasn't there when it happened.

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Petr feared falling down.

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Something's wrong, isn't it?

We wish Jinny continued success.

Next year I'll go to the sea.


Both air and water are indispensable for life.

Maria is being really vague, isn't he?

She cherishes a hope that she will be a singer some day.

It seems to be a lynx.

Nobody cares about your life.


I only need Johan.


I don't care about boats.