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1st Edition Japanese Team Rocket Returns

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The Poke Story

In the fantastic world , kids are permitted to become trainers -- and the best of them may some day become masters! That's the dream for Ash Ketchum, our young hero who embarks on his journey with a secret that gives him an edge: his special love for these amazing creatures helps him beat incredible odds and makes seemingly impossible things happen! To become a great trainer, Ash must catch as many wild as possible. But it's not easy, because each possess special powers and abilities. To catch one, he must first challenge it in a match with a of his own. If Ash plays it just right, the wild ones will find itself captured in a Pok├ęBall -- and part of Ash's team. It's an incredible adventure that takes our heroes around the world, underground and across the sea -- all the while discovering new and amazing things about everyone's favorite creatures!

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Each of these 3 mythological beasts represented the polarity of the universe. Obelisk represents light and darkness. Slifer represents good and evil. Ra represents earth and sky. Whoever obtains these 3 rare singles, will become forever undefeatable and dominate the world of dueling.

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