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I knew you'd say something like that.


Did you have fun last night?

When I put 100 yen in and pressed the button to buy a coffee at the vending machine, four cans dropped down all at once!

Why didn't you help him escape?


It's practically impossible not to use baby talk when talking to a young child.

I couldn't keep up with them.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Why aren't you asking me?

How to explain it?

This girl sings pretty well.

A truthful politician? Pull the other one!

At that shop they deal in kitchen utensils.

Who wrote "The Prince"?

Maybe we should go to Boston.

I would like to go to the USA.


I want to thank them.


Even though Maureen didn't win the race, he doesn't seem too disappointed.

Lars sent me a Christmas gift.

Tai shook his head in disbelief.

I have to go now. I have a plane to catch.

The Jacksons lived in Boston before they moved here.


Is there a bank where I can exchange yen for dollars?


The track club was the only place where I could be myself.

It is refreshing to take a shower after exercising.

You were always there and I never knew.

After talking to Terry for a few minutes, it became obvious that his French wasn't very good, so Takeuchi switched to English.

What is most important is your strong will to master English.

Why the long face?

It all happened kind of fast.

I'll make a phone call.

I don't know if he locked the door.

In spite of the hurricane, the ship reached port.

Aren't you going to join me?


I made certain of that.

An army was being gathered.

The medicine cured him of his illness.

What is your father's name?

She brought a cup of tea to me.

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Why should I worry?


Teriann speaks French much better than he speaks English.

Success brings money and a lot of problems too.

I'll slap the living daylights out of you!

My daughter tells me I'm old-fashioned because I don't use a cellphone.

Kelvin was mugged as a kid.

He was fired for being an incompetent worker.

I thought I performed well.

Cathryn is honest.

Leora wants to know what we're doing here.


Shyam is much better at singing than I am.

These dastardly acts will not go unpunished.

Pa-aling is a controversial fishing method.


She is among the best artists of today.

Andries leaned down to get a closer look at what was on the ground.

She is known for her soup.

For me, that is not a problem.

It seems like a dream.


We're invited too.

Now it's my turn to ask a question.

Do you know anyone who might be able to help us?

You'd love him.

Tad is the guy talking to Venkata.

We've heard that before.

It has a leak.


Stop yelling in my ear.

Are you going to leave them?

Did Susumu spill something again?

Are we on speakerphone?

Lowell stole my camera.

I'm feeling uncomfortable.

When children play Go, they use a board with 5x5 or 7x7 lines.

She is an expert.

I got up too late and was late for school.


I wish I'd worn short sleeves.

I wouldn't want you to be late.

He injured himself with a knife yesterday.


The car banged itself against a tree.


I wish I could go somewhere else.

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We run together.

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I live in Turkey.

I'll bring it to you tomorrow.

Tatoeba doesn't have all the languages that I need.


They are collecting information by casual methods.

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Elaine managed to escape through a window.


The humidity is quite high.

Why would I leave here?

He went out of this door, never to return.

Do you want me to help them?

How long have you been able to drive?

You don't seem too enthusiastic.

You need my help.

Kim is the only person who can do that, I think.

Some apples rotted on the tree.

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I cannot sleep in the street. It's too cold.

Saqib admitted that he had made a mistake on the invoice.

Declare your position in a debate.

Rodent can generally be relied on to make good on his promises.

This may be because of a change in people's attitude toward marriage and the sharp increase of fast food restaurants and convenience stores which are open 24 hours a day and enable young people to live more easily.


Tai followed me night and day.

We live over there.

Steven's room was the largest one in the house.

The group arrived at the destination after a three day hike.

I did not participate in the dialog.


Charleen watched the children play.


He comes at noon.

Well, I wouldn't put it quite like that.

I was surprised to learn that Tai was a liberal.


Jeanne got to work later than usual this morning. I wonder why.

I don't want to do anything tonight.

It seems that you're not having fun in here.

Stop calling me honey.

If it's possible, why not?

We're cautiously optimistic.

He left Japan on the same day that we arrived.


He lifted me onto his shoulders.

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I love sports. I get that from my father.


He paid the money on the spot.

I'm not in a position to say anything about that.

Your history teacher would be proud.

Randolph is too busy to see you at present.

Will the fine weather keep up till tomorrow?


Tell me I did the right thing.


Take care of them.

He was like a father to me.

The way is not for the coward but for the hero.

They caught Sundar.

I'm driving.

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Brazil borders ten countries as well as the Atlantic Ocean.


Jock isn't ready to leave.


Most of the consonants are pronounced like those in English.

Wendi giggled and Clem smiled.

If you hit the coffin, you'll wake up the dead person.

I appreciate your trust in my abilities, but I'm afraid I'm no longer that good.

Rajiv walked past Isaac.

I'll do that later this afternoon.

Kenneth carved his own smoking pipe.

It won't be your fault if your son does anything wrong: he is twenty-five now, isn't he?

This phenomenon is being understood slowly.


There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots; but there are no old, bold pilots.

They said he had a weak form of smallpox.

Additional details weren't made available.

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Vishal practices every single day.


I can fix this.

I asked Vic where he'd bought his bicycle.

You'll never finish translating sentences on Tatoeba.

I think that it's completely understandable if she turns down his offer.

How much are these apples?

The old man sometimes talks to himself.

I have plans with them tonight.

Excuse me, but may I use your telephone?

The scent of flowers filled our home.

Farmers were doing better.

Alberto moved here three months ago.


She looks very afraid.

I can't picture what Mt. Fuji looks like in the spring.

Kyung is a parasailing instructor.

That seems like a reasonable price.

I don't worry about that stuff.

How do you say "thank you" in French?

I'll let you know when it's over.


When and how did the message in a bottle appear?