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This painting reveals a lot about the artist.

I thought that was right.

I know someone who speaks French well.


I have a right to be in there.

I don't want to see him anymore.

The new ambassador will push for a cease-fire to stop the killing.

When shall you stop telling us off?

That's what makes us different.

They walked toward the bridge.

Somehow I cannot settle down to work.

I wish the subway wasn't so crowded every morning.

To tell you the truth, I've been scolded by my mom.


I thought you didn't have one.


Lukas teaches an undergraduate course in translation.


Don't believe everything you hear. Don't love everything you see. Don't say everything you know. Don't do everything you want.


I'm not strong enough to do that.


We were really down.


This must be the wrong place.

Now that you know the truth, perhaps you'll feel better.

I do believe in ghosts.

Men believe what they want to.

Someone like you doesn't deserve this punishment.

This concerns you.

When were you in Boston?

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I need you to do something for me.


According to Aristotle, the planets and stars were located in an unchanging region of the world called the aether.

We'll just do what we originally planned.

John is writing an autobiography.


Such people are few in number.

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Then the prince took Elsa on his horse, and rode with her to the town, where the old king received her graciously.

I do not understand the exact meaning of this sentence.

If one day you realised that you are good for nothing, what will you do?

Oscar was spot on.

If you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut.


It's do or die now.


You're better than that.

Parents need to encourage their children to read.

They have many questions.

I told you to give me a call.

Kazuhiro lives by himself.

I don't know when Rajendra will come.

Tell us how you did it.


The students said the story was too difficult.

Abraham Lincoln's father was a carpenter by trade.

Talk it over.

I want a volunteer to help me.

The movie wasn't half bad.


My mother prefers the arbitrary selection of the lottery machines over my lucky numbers.


Don't forget them.

Lynn screamed loudly.

What the fuck were you thinking?

The fountain is over there.

Juliane keeps the books.

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I couldn't take your place.

I didn't believe No at first.

I didn't let her go home early.


She insisted on helping me.

It's not cheap.

Sekar is all by himself.


Be careful not to hurt Diana's feelings.

The author described the murder case vividly.

What should we deduce from Aristotle's assertion that women have fewer teeth than men: that he had small knowledge of women or that he couldn't count?

That's what Pradeep wanted.

That's just the way I like it.

Does Vladimir seem helpless?

I certainly will miss it.

The Netherlands is called "Nederland" in Dutch.

At your age you should know better.

We have to roll.

Arnie, can you hold on until help comes?

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If you get invited to your first orgy, don't just show up naked.

The children got lost in the jungle.

Kazuhiro sometimes wears a hat.

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He who desires too much, gets nothing.

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We'd better humor him.

Krzysztof was attacked by a rabid squirrel.

I want you to leave.


Don't touch those.

You're not planning to stay up all night, are you?

I had an appointment at 2:30, but I was caught in traffic and couldn't get there in time.


Niall doesn't speak French very well.

I don't feel ready for that just yet.

I'm glad this is all over.

Does he understand Italian?

You are my angel.

I feel compelled to lie.

Don't point at others.


Almost all societies now have a money economy based on coins and paper bills of one kind or another.

Thuan skipped French class yesterday.

We're still discussing it.

I'm going to see Tony tomorrow.

Jong is a conspiracy nut.

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His state of health has been bad now for several years.

That's so hard.

He took back what he had said about me.

I would prefer an honorable death.

You need to seek help.

I take it for granted that he will succeed in the examination.

We attended the party last evening.

I talk to young people all day long.

There's more to this than meets the eye.

I'm pretty sure Rahul's reliable.

The mouse was killed by the cat.

Wilson got Manjeri to take him to the zoo.

Christian collected rain water spilling over the side of his blocked gutters, for use later on his vegetable garden.

Toft and Theodore's kids looked adorable.

We could hardly reach the shore.

I'll have to mention it to Sean.

Have you tried rebooting it?

Chris posted the notice on the wall.

You're productive.

I'm not engraving them.

Good show!

I'm sick of hearing it.

Are you eating the cheesecake without me?

The debate over which consultant to use went on for hours.

You hit the bullseye.

What's in there?

I can't ever do anything to please Spike.

Sit at the end of the table.

Do you think we'll ever see Spy again?

He died after a brief illness.

I don't care if people think I'm weird.


Stop bad mouthing her.

I hope this expense report contains all the relevant business expenses because I'm not paying a cent more after this.

Watch closely.


"July is the eighth month of the year, right?" "No, that would be August, my favorite month."

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I held the fur coat close to my cheek and dreamt of the day I would be able to afford it.

The window is made of glass.

I beg your pardon, could you repeat what you've just said?

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No one came up here.

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Peter is seeking a job.

You promised to take care of them.

You were an animal.

Why can't we tell him?

How long do you think it would take you to read this book?


Does French have a similar expression?

She's a slacker.

Do you want some raisins?

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He reads a lot.

Do we really have to sing?

The cockpit of the Spitfire was small and narrow.


My wife lied to me.

I didn't like the ending of that movie.

Why do you want to work for our company?

There's been quite a series of accidents lately.

I was so worried about Tran.

Nick owes me ten dollars.

Gene knew that he wouldn't be able to go to Boston with Ned.

I have lots of things I need to do today.

Someone called on you ten minutes ago.

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It's time to eat.

Malloy doesn't trust anyone else to do it.

He didn't want to leave.

Tickets are available now.

This monument is closed to visitors.


He is a valuable acquisition to our company.

We're having some equipment problems.

Please get me out of here.


We shouldn't overdramatise this drama.


"I swear this trash is so overrated it makes me sick." "You like?" "Not a bit." "Great! I will make more then. See you later!"