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The scientists used a group of students in their study. They discovered that students who described themselves as social and economic liberals had a greater density of gray matter in a brain region called the anterior cingulate.

Certain parts of the show have been toned down to make it suitable for a family audience.

Blayne managed to control his anger.

Christopher Columbus's infinite accomplishments are a threat to Google, who do not know how to index infinity when someone searches for "Christopher Columbus".

I knelt down to tie my shoes.

She lost to him in tennis.

I'm not picky.


The question is this.


Take it from me, Dominic, you'll never find it.


I'm sure this won't cost me my job.

Please take care of my dog while I am away.

After I lit a fourth candle, I wanted to eat some jelly doughnuts.

Soohong tripped on a toy his son had left on the floor and dislocated his scapula.

I don't know how much worse this'll get.


Who else might've done it?


Do you want anything special?

Marriage can be a wonderful thing if two people understand each other.

Christophe replaced a fan belt.

This is how I solved the difficult problem.

It was expensive, too.

I have to buy some new shoes.

What do you have hidden behind your back?


We pledged our support to the candidate.

A spectre haunts Europe: the spectre of communism.

The dynamite went off with a bang.

Is it not delightful to have friends coming from distant quarters?

You never cared about me!

It's not secure.

He works at the welfare office.

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Rice will be planted in this field.


The sound of the parade died away.

Tal always uses the rice cooker that he brought back from Japan.

Patty never flinched.

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While I had pneumonia, I just languished in my room, waiting to recover.

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His speech moved us.


Japanese comics have boomed on a large scale.

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If you speak good Spanish, you should have no problem looking for a job... the trick is finding one!


I'm a little out of practice.

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Would that be possible?

In the financial world opposition is apparently increasing against the withdrawal of the proposed bill.

I feel ashamed for living on now.

The battery ran down.

Can your wife drive?

I want a room with a view.

How many of your friends have beards?

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Where's my uniform?

Did you just wink at me?

I will have finished this task by next Friday.

You can't let her stay here.

I have just been to Ueno station to meet Kenji.

We were terribly in love from the moment we met.

When did you miss the purse?

He asked for the money.

I need to borrow some money to buy some medicine for my mother.


Admitting what you say, I still believe I am right.

Andre catches colds easily.

The living room is a tip.

I wish you had called ahead.

This book implements a new system of instruction.

Sundaresan needs to see me right away.

Terri is a very beautiful girl.

I got a bee sting.

If by any chance I'm late, please don't wait for me.

You've got to find out what happened to Andrew.

Nothing is so difficult that it cannot be studied.

On my fourteenth birthday, I ate ice cream cake.

I bought this at the train station.


Why are we listening to him?

He even called me an idiot.

I'd like a room in the front.

I can see him but he cannot see me.

I saw him go out.

We're leaving in thirty minutes.

Ti didn't have to explain it to me.

I am going to go to Tokyo tomorrow.

You don't waste any time, do you?

He turned his tail and ran.

Nadeem never showed.

I wanted to show them my appreciation.

You were talking in your sleep last night.

I'm waiting for this trip.

She cut down a cherry tree.

I saw a big pelican there.

The cicada has represented insouciance since antiquity.

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He bowed out as engineer.

Do not drink water!

We'll just follow you.

Did you tell Bjorne that he shouldn't be doing that?

That's enough for today. I'm tired.

Daily exercise is essential for your health.

It's the way that she laughs at herself that endears her to me.

On the way to Bonn, we took in the Cologne Cathedral.

We can take it.

It'll be fine this afternoon.

This box is light enough for him to carry.

It was very neatly written, and except that "friend" was written "freind" and one of the S's was the wrong way round, the spelling was correct all the way through.

Please turn on the TV.

I can handle it.

There are no means of getting there.


I can't do a year's worth of work in three weeks.

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The audience is really charged up.

Let's get something to eat.

I'm not going to drag their luggage around.


She dumped him.

Ramsey had no chance to express himself.

It was too expensive.

Pia is a lot of fun, isn't he?

You'd better tell Randall not to do that.


Neither Sanjib nor Metin likes eggplant very much.


Our wedding is tomorrow.

I hope your new boss likes you.

Vladimir and I don not smoke cigarette.


I broke his heart.

I'll do whatever Guy asks of me to do.

If I go by air one more time, I'll have flown in an airplane five times.

How do you call this vegetable in English?

Never did I see such a fool.

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We'll have a lot of fun.


That's simply not possible.

Almost all of the passenger in the bus were asleep when the accident happened.

The Rhine runs between France and Germany.


I have tried innumerable times to contact him.

You're poor.

Bruce usually drank beer for supper.

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Get your shit together!

I proved the fact on the strength of the data.

This shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

He fought against racial discrimination.

The problem here isn't me.

She has lost all hope.

I haven't touched anything.

Do you think you can catch up with me?

Raman is lying on the bench.


Panacea leaned in and gave Erik a kiss on the cheek.

I met him outside the greengrocer's.

Mother looks young for her age.

He took a polite leave of us.

So many men, so many minds.


The prices are subject to change without notice.


It's very obvious that Metin doesn't understand French very well.

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This game came out yesterday.

Please say that once again in French.

We will decide later.


That photographer is really talented.


When you use the last sheet, don't think: "The person after me will manage just fine."

We'll stick together.

The Kansai dialects are said to have a "sing-song" quality because their pitch accents differ from standard Japanese, which comes from the Tokyo dialect.

I had a dreadful dream last night.

I met his sister last week.

She's a surfer.

She was trying to figure out what just happened.

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You're going to lose your job.


It's not OK to smoke here.


You may have left your cellphone at home.

It was not until yesterday that I noticed it.

Joel isn't my assistant.

You've been lying about everything, haven't you?

Debi appreciates it when Renu comes to visit him in the hospital.

This newspaper boasts an average daily readership of 5.5 million.

What's your favorite funny song?

Evolution is not an opinion, it's a fact.

Jesper certainly seemed to enjoy the party last Friday night.