Solo Professional Edition
Single-user edition of Alces Flight Compute with personal support.



Alces Flight Compute looks and feels like a traditional HPC cluster. Backed by your favourite cloud provider, you get to perform your research in the cloud without needing to learn proprietary systems and techniques.

Capable of running as a single machine or scalable to many nodes for larger workloads, users can interact with a dynamic cloud environment as if it's a local cluster. With both command-line and graphical desktop connectivity supported, you can use the cloud as your personal compute environment.

Alces Flight Compute is designed for use by end-users — that's the scientists, researchers, engineers and software developers who actually run compute workloads and process data.

Comprehensive documentation will help you get the best out of the environment without needing assistance from teams of IT professionals. Alces Flight Compute provides tools which enable you to service yourself — it's very configurable, and can be expanded to deliver a scalable platform for computational workloads.


Alces Flight Community

If you encounter a bug or have an enhancement request to make, please post a topic on the community support site. Staff members actively engage in the community and will frequently be available to offer help and advice regarding your problem.

Community support

Staff members may be available to respond to your request, or you may find that somebody else in the community has had a similar problem and can help you out. Please note that there is no guaranteed response time to customer requests.

Personal support

As you are using the Professional Edition of Alces Flight Compute you have access to a private area on the support site where you can raise issues which will be responded to by staff members in accordance with your SLA. Please contact us if you are having problems locating or using your support area.

Flight Documentation

A comprehensive guide to how to use Alces Flight Compute is available on the Alces Flight Appliance documentation site. The documentation will show you how to get started with your Flight Compute cluster and provides information on the capabilities of your cluster and the software tools that are available.

Topics available include:

  • Basic cluster operation
  • Working with data and files
  • Graphical desktop access to your login node
  • Software applications
  • Cluster job schedulers
  • Customizing your cluster
  • Working with Gridware applications

You may also like to watch some of our introductory videos on the Alces Flight YouTube channel.