He was at a loss which way to take.

Computers were invented forty years earlier.

They were pretty tired after having worked all day.

The Diet was totally deadlocked over the bill.

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Almost all the world condemns Hosni Mubarak because he made the Egyptian people poor.

I knew you couldn't hurt me.

Mike's studying.


The show starts at midnight.

Thank God that nobody was hurt.

He lay on his back with his eyes closed.

In everyday life no one speaks in verse.

Were you really playing chess at 11:30 last night?


Casey tried to kill us.

Philip and Val hugged and kissed.

I just need you to trust me, OK?

I didn't want anyone to think I was crazy.

The sign on the board put me in mind of something I had to do.

I know I have to sleep now.

I can hear the chirping of insects.

Huge areas of swirling gases can be found in Jupiter's atmosphere. The largest swirling area of gas is called the Great Red Spot. Scientists believe this is a large hurricane-like storm which has lasted for hundreds of years.

He ran as fast as he could.


It's already 11:30. We should turn in.

I wish I'd met her.

I'm departing this evening.

Please call me at your earliest convenience.

I want people to know what's going on.

Son seems to need to go to the bathroom.

The ship sank in the sea.

Heidi ate all the bacon.

Why don't you tell me what happened last night?

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What I need is a beer.

I refuse to do it.

That customer came back to complain again.

I'm opening the door.

Emi gave her seat to a handicapped man.

Miriam and I have a lot more in common than I thought.

I can't imagine myself doing that.

Your cat scratched me.

A big crowd stood in the street.


You underestimate Amy.

Sugih and Jamie both want to go.

I hope I didn't make too many errors.

I'm really happy now.

There was a sudden drop in the temperature last night.

You're working too hard.

Did Manny object?

Do you want to go first?

I loved to hang out there.

I should've been there.

Nothing's going to happen tonight.

Even a rabbit, if badgered into a corner, will fight back.

Most people brush their teeth at least two times a day.


I think Philippe will drive me to the airport.

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch painter.

I am of the opinion that he is right.

I'm sure we can come to an agreement.

I'm afraid my child may be taking drugs.


No practical joker should be without a whoopee cushion.

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Climate change impacts on biodiversity are already being observed in alteration of the timing of critical biological events such as spring bud burst, and substantial range shifts of many species. In the longer term, there is an increased risk of species extinction.

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Do you think I'm overweight?


My mother sent me a birthday present.

Kyu can't decide what to buy.

He fell down on the ice and broke his arm.

She cut off the carrot tops.

I'm used to talking about it.

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What was the determining factor in this case?

The professor was unable to comprehend what I meant.

She put her room in order before her guests arrived.


You haven't been waiting all that long.

Will this cover the holiday expenses?

I've got to get some money somehow to repay the bank loan.

Please add Jean's name to the list.

That thought was momentary.

Can you help me with this?

No cultural background is necessary to understand art.


He's a lifeguard.

She saw an angel there in long white robes, with wings reaching from his shoulders down to the earth.

I'm more loyal than I am mean.

If I were you, I'd visit the churches. You have no idea how beautiful they are.

The whole nation is waging a war against poverty.

The hare stole carrots from the garden.

Is there something in particular that you want to drink?

The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum located in Agra, India.

I usually translate from English into Spanish.

I'm very unhappy.

I don't want to marry him.

I didn't forget about you, Anatole.

They lent us some of their staff for a while.

What are you going to see?

This soap will improve her complexion.


Now, listen to me carefully.

This is madness.

The interpreter gives emphasis to the last answer.

Yes, and here's a photo of the farm where we milked the cows.

Most race horses are thoroughbreds.

Did Stefan find what he was looking for?

He saved his friend at the risk of his own life.


There are two bottles of red wine on this picture.

Would you like to be a farm boy?

In which folder did you put the photos from the sports event?

I'll go get it now.

I carpool with them.

Her voice was quivering with anger.

We really did do that.

You can drive if you want.

We want everybody to leave.

I will do the shopping for her birthday.

Please, do come in. The door is open.

Has anybody seen her?

I've exhausted my patience with Ravi.

I doubt the new proposal will be accepted.

Tobias is really happy, isn't he?


I have a 13-year-old son.

The cat clung to her dress.

The economy is in a slight depression.

I really should be getting to bed.

I think you underestimate Elijah.

Everybody is calling for sweeping reforms.

You have one minute.

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I like both dogs and cats.


She likes to run.

Teruyuki found it hard to believe that Joyce didn't like him at all.

I turned the corner and caught sight of a newly opened restaurant.


I hope this isn't true.

The situation is very complicated.

There's no need to be embarrassed.


We can't change the past.

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We have to find out what Teresa wants us to do.


I couldn't stop myself from yawning.

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I know that you lied to me the other day.


It says in the program that he's playing Romeo.

I enjoyed watching soccer last night.

Pat is at home with his wife.

We'll continue this discussion later.

How will they cope?


We'll check on it right now.

Even though it's optional, you should still do the homework.

Don't pass me over.

My wife, the mother of my children, is Palestinian.

I thought I was going to get here before you.

Emily doesn't know me at all.

This melody is very pleasing to my ears. Please continue.


They will harvest their wheat in July.

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I feel first-class tonight.

She doesn't have any friends.

Ought he to be forced out of the presidency?

He fooled her.

The manager sat on the bench with his arms folded.


I heard that Subra wants to buy a new snowboard.

It's familiar to me.

Do you often eat dinner with your family?

How about going to a disco this weekend?

This river is totally non-navigable.

Who will the new teacher be?

How did you all get here?

Tell me everything you know about this.

We don't want to risk running a traffic light.


Offending you wasn't my intention.

I searched for hours, but couldn't find it.

My father died before I got my diploma.

Wendy went to sleep.

How much longer is this storm going to last?


He's the hottest guy I have ever seen.

Howard was sitting on the couch, watching TV.

She handed him a book.


I have two nephews.

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I saw a little boy called Tony Evans.