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Raymond is in the back of the auditorium.


I may have caught cold on that cold night.

Have you been able to confirm all of this?

I want to talk to your mother.

Sue hates Annard, but not as much as she hates him.

He is always throwing his weight around.

There's no instruction manual for parenthood.

Try to smile.

You are supposed to be back by noon.

If I'd known the truth, I'd have told you.


Go look for it.

Hm, the picture is hanging crooked.

I am anticipating a good vacation at the seaside.

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Most Japanese drink water from the tap.

The meeting will take place no matter what the weather is like.

The raspberries taste like a summer's kiss.


She will come if you ask her.

Jingbai jumped.

I came to thank you.


Will you go to Boston with Mick?

There's so much more I need to say to you.

I want to know more about you, Roman.

John does not want to answer the question.

Lorenzo never seems to want to sleep.

Lenora must've gotten over his cold.

I will check your game tomorrow.

I came all this way. You could at least listen to what I have to say.

I know when I'm being lied to.

You have to get 60 marks to pass the exam.

Don't you want to see her?

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My mother loved lilac bushes so I planted some outside her door .

Doesn't it sometimes just get to you?

I don't want to waste time talking to Marion.

He didn't seem to pay much attention to you.

Don't sit here if you're not going to play poker with us.


I tried to call Mr Smith, but the line was busy.


We're all worried about Frank.


You have been gone for so many years.

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They gave him up for lost.

I can't recall all their names.

I don't know who's involved.

I was at home until noon yesterday.

I must find a new friend.


Tony took off his shirt and cleaned the piano with it.

The ladder was covered with mud.

Does Marika know any jokes in Japanese?

Try to see things as they are.

A red and white flag was flying in the wind.

That would be a good name for a band.

The invitation said, "No gifts, please."


That's just what I was thinking.

In this book, the writer contrasts Japan with America.

The politician said he was deeply indebted to everyone for their support in the election.

Pedro must still be in his thirties.

Everything was burnt to ashes.


So he isn't new.


That city has a very interesting past.

She could only take Japanese lessons for a few hours.

Leora gave us something to talk about.

Steven and Rajendra went on a picnic with John and Alice.

They're coming.


Narendra hasn't ever studied French.

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There was a man sitting in the sun.

I'm not that good a writer.

I'll have to be innovative.

Once outside, I gave a deep sigh of relief.

The game was slow and boring.

Maria is beautiful.

The best defense is a good offense.

Randall eats anything.

I bought that book for her.

He lives in a trailer park.

He's stupid and arrogant.


He went out without saying a word.

Should I try it?

This meat stays good in cold weather.


Mickey attributed his success to hard work.

Summer has come.

This young woman is homeless.

If I had not been convinced, I would not have found the courage!

Maybe you should stop reading romance novels.

My sister plays the piano every day.

Debi didn't have time to go jogging every morning.

In spite of these dangers, mountaineering is very popular.

Annard has invited me to come and stay with him in Boston.

We don't know much about Jennie's personal life.

The weather is terrible.

I understand how you felt.

Charlie and Gypsy have the same birthday.

Frederic is studying French now, isn't he?

My eye has swollen up.


I've been trying to find her.

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I'll go get some.


The rear-view mirror fell off.

Lewis is right this time.

Andrea was my biggest inspiration.


Did I say that?

That's not how it looked to me.

I'm moving back to Boston after I graduate.


Her mouth dropped open.

Do you come here every night?

If I send it by air mail, how much will it cost?

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I can't afford to buy that.

I can't remember any of it.

You're a very perceptive person.


It is too early to go to bed.

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Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

I didn't think we'd need it.

Why do you think Melinda was absent yesterday?

Allan and Phillip can both speak French.

Alf usually has a glass of wine before dinner to whet his appetite.


You're bound to succeed in the long run.

Shall I get some water for you?

Since then, he hasn't contacted me.

Tomorrow's my day off and I plan to sleep in.

Jim goes to school by bus.

She was ahead of her time.

Could it be that her prickly attitude is just because she has period pains? No, couldn't be.

Working at home, parents can spend more time at home with their children.

Stanislaw's callsign is Maverick.

Ned promised he'd take care of that.

I told this secret to you alone.

Pradeep told his teacher that he had been sick, but that wasn't true.

Matt asked me to open the window.


Shirley wants to go back to college.

Emotion counts above vocabulary in verbal communication.

I just want to see what happens.

He pouted with dissatisfaction.

For God's sake don't tell it to anyone.

My dinner just came back up to say hello.

A-ha-ha ... sorry. I forgot my contacts, Unless I'm right here I can't see it.


May I have a word with you in private?

Dreadful apparition, why do you trouble me?

Do you know how dangerous that is?

Douglas couldn't make a living as a musician.

I'm looking for a hat to match a brown dress.


I hope you don't tell Soohong what happened.

Liza isn't alone in thinking that Sergiu is the most beautiful girl in his class.

Mr. Naruhodo's law firm is "The World's Leading Energy Law Firm".

We're starving.

Johnny reads the newspaper every day.


Christopher Columbus once engaged in a debate with the Divine Celt. It would become the only contest that Columbus ever lost.

Charlene has a scar just below his left eye.

He mastered all he was taught.

Who's there with you?

Glen is moving fast.

He realized his ambition to sail around the world.

What's your favorite nursery rhyme?

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You were quite rude. That wasn't called for.

I want you to see what you've done.

I thought that book was difficult to read.

I'd love a beer.

Let's drink something?

I disciplined my children when they deserved it.

The city was rebuilt after the war.

I've studied French since I was thirteen.

We had no idea who Spike really was.

We spent hours trying to find a solution to the problem.

At Wimbledon there are now special electronic machines to judge the serves.

He moved to the East Coast.

It was a little fun.

What's Mats's girlfriend's name?

Lenora did something I didn't anticipate.

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Japan may appear to be peaceful and tranquil on the surface but the fact is that there are a lot of deep-rooted problems.

Please attach a certificate of quality.

In the center of the university campus stands the statue of the founder.