The exosphere is the highest layer of the atmosphere. It extends from the top of the thermosphere up to 10,000 kilometers.

I had a good talk with Sherri this morning.

Do you have a phone?

In spite of the rain, I went out.

Am I being too vague?

You have to stop her.

What are you worth?

I didn't say anything to anyone.

You can't believe anybody.

Have your paper on my desk by Wednesday.

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Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.


You don't know that for sure.

They advertised a new product on TV.

You could be worse - you could be twins!

Why are you all wet?

Nancy studied hard.

I'm in school.

I'm good to go now.

According to Ross, Jane got married last month.

You have wanted to go there for a long time, haven't you?

A cab and a train crushed this Wednesday.

Gerald is currently not working here.

The boxes are gifts. What do they contain?

A smile may convey understanding, joy, or an appreciation of humor.


I can assure you that you are wrong.

I'm fairly certain.

Bertrand didn't mean for this to happen.

Have you no shame?

It was hard to make this decision.


She has a distinct English accent.


The problem is not what he said, but how he said it.

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I owe her thirty thousand.

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I think you need to do this on your own.


The cup you just broke was the one Roxane gave me.

Do you want to take over?

Hillel has already finished the book he started reading last night.


Who's the pretty young woman who's with you?

Clay cheered.

I'm very shy.

The dove is a symbol of peace.

One of the prisoners has escaped.

This desk is too small for you.

It still amazes me what she could coax out of table scraps.

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I will try to pay what I owe by the end of the month.

They're about to start.

Billy has no idea what Pablo's doing.

I have nothing against her.

I thought you lived with him.

I take it you talked to her.

Louise is a decent sort of guy.

Have lunch.

You look different.

Take out your notebooks!

There's no installation fee.

We should not resort to arms to settle international disputes.

I'm sorry I interrupted you.

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You didn't drink that water, did you?


Few students are interested in the game next Saturday.

Don't listen to him. He's lying to you.

Kitty changed places with Rajarshi.

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Dreams always come out differently.

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I must admit that I've never heard of it.

All that happened without me knowing about it?

Here you can't open your mouth without being quoted at once.

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I'm not ready.

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I didn't even know her name.

My car is broken.

He bound the package with a string.

Same shit, different day.

Do you prefer to study English, French or Spanish?

Marika is Finnish, but she is fluent in German.

He had the gall to ignore my advice.

Sri is as thick as a plank.

I tested one.

Champagne is the drink of the angels.

Today is the fifth.

What was I supposed to say?

Pilot kicked Conrad under the table.


Did you play baseball yesterday?

In my opinion, in Kazakh there are many words that come from other languages, but there's nothing wrong with that.

The song always reminds of my childhood.

Hold in your stomach.

Do I deserve this?

2015 was the International Year of Soil and also the International Year of Light.

That's what we're worried about.

Hundreds of people marry each year who have known each other only a few days or weeks.

I've learned never to borrow money from friends.

Such a wonderful music!

He was resting under a tree when an apple fell on his head.

The government rationed meat during the war.

Why do I get hiccups every time I eat spicy food?

The navy was ordered to go to sea.

That's probably not what Albert did.


I'll help you look for her.

Nobody answered the telephone.

That was really intense.


I hate to say this, but I think Orville is right.

Let Martyn stay there.

There are no thoughts in any mind which exists, however, once generated, thoughts tend to quickly transform into powers.

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He works for an advertising agency.

It was a very close game.

I'd like to go abroad one day.

I'll make something up.

I know what the children are looking at.

Sho couldn't remember how to get to Axel's house.

It seemed appropriate.

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She did that intentionally and with premeditation.

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He abhors violence.


John is going to tell Lucy about the origin of rugby.

This is a photograph of my home.

He has become weaker with age.

Have you ever encouraged your children to go on a diet?

Do you have plans for dinner?

I don't know everything you do.

You have my number. Call me sometime.

Evelyn closed her eyes.

We got the tree up.

My uncle was the only person injured in the car accident.

Pratapwant doesn't hate you, Leon.

Lester followed Dannie down to the basement.

Coleen certainly seems to enjoy life.


To keep early hours will do you much good.

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You guys are among friends.


Some of what you said didn't sound truthful.

It sounds like you're home free again, Linley.

Sanjib took some papers out of his briefcase and showed them to Hon.

Sridharan got up and walked into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.

Everyone is entitled to be capricious now and then.

I got her a wrist watch.

In my opinion, Sofia is innocent.


Joshua agrees with him.

Scientists and the new media are presenting even more evidence of climate change.

I just want someone to talk to.

We should do everything ourselves.

The proposal was formally accepted at a plenary session of the association.


Have you ever brushed your hair?


Nobody volunteered.

There's no table in the room.

Imogen of the Internet has only been photographed by cheap webcams and cell phones.

Can I check into your bag for security purposes.

X marks the spot.

I want to be as rich as Dorothy.

The girl grew up to be a pianist.

Why do you study English every day?

Life would become bland without you.


He's an Asian-American.

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I have no choice but to go.


No one can do the job better than Spass.


In 1683 the Turks attacked Vienna for the second time.


As you know, we were late due to the heavy rain.

You probably don't like them.

Kemal wanted to know what happened.


Plant these seeds before summer sets in.

This movie is politically incorrect.

The coat doesn't have any pockets.

Sonja left for work earlier than usual.

How fast can you run?

You can come, but don't tell anybody else.

Please tell me the correct time.

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I told you I was OK.

Dominick says that he'd like to come over this afternoon.

I no longer live in Boston.

He sat and listened to the radio.

Why don't you tell her?