I want you to meet him in order to hear his opinion.

I like to sing songs.

I'm busy now, but we can talk during lunch.

Stop now or I'll scream!

I'm pretty sure Jeffery can swim.

He's biased against Christianity.

Can a child do such a cruel thing?

What is this called?

Morton can't play the guitar.

Because the adults have a lot to do, the children are left to their own devices.


What's going on with kids these days?

Be careful not to make any mistakes.

I am going to swim a lot this summer.

It's a form of rebellion.

I'm not that kind of guy.

All dialects are equal.

Bolzano is the capital of South Tyrol, in Italy.

I sent her out of the room.

Would you like to eat?

Alive or dead, I'll always love you.

Suddenly, the silence was broken by a loud explosion.

I'd like us to be friends again.

Can it wait a little bit?

I appreciate you looking out for me.

Michelle is a nice person.


Andersen was afraid of dogs, too.

Stop playing Minecraft.

That's exactly what we need.

Edward is a party girl.

What are the five first letters of your e-mail address?

His office is located in the center of the town.

I often buy clothes at Tyler & Cole's.


He is proud of not having consulted a doctor.

Hiroyuki wondered how soon Cynthia would have dinner ready.

This should surprise no one.

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Why are we meeting here?


He's lazy and dishonest.

Ouch! I stuck my finger in the door!

Konkani is spoken in Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.


Sandeep's cruel.

If it sounds too good to be true, it's probably not true.

Roxie's a jerk.


Marlena was a stranger.

His wish was realized at last.

Are you going to ask her or not?


We've got to save them.


I just think it's funny.


My girlfriend lives in New York.

The train had already started when I got to the station.

My apprehensions were justified.

I was hired originally to do another job.

It's a deep feeling, yes really.

Can I go next?

You have our party's undivided support.

I'll see you in twenty.

What Fay ate was delicious.

Before you can love others, you need to be able to love yourself.

You had better read your teacher's comments on your compositions one more time.

We are defenseless.

Sehyo got bored after fifteen minutes.

You've got nothing to be scared of.

There's a price on her head.

That's what I find alarming.

If it were not for the sun, we could not live.

I've never had problems before.

Chet just talked to me.

I just happened to be in Boston at the same hotel where Major was staying.

What does the law say about mobbing?

Heinz is crazier than anyone else I know.

I tried to blend in.

You are my new sweet coconut.

You have solved that well!

I think Axel is a student.

This was no accident.

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This further proof that the chairman of the board is a few croutons short of a salad.


I'll help you after work if I'm not too tired.

You have a minute? Yes, why?

The money was stolen along with the bonds.

I'm so sorry about what happened up there.

I asked Pravin to do that for us.


I don't have any sisters.

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Joel told the authorities that he saw Dorothy being abducted by aliens.

Piet laughed at himself.

I would rather not eat the same food again today.


I'll keep my mouth shut.

The box was full of books.

Aren't there any risks?

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She is what is called a woman of culture.


The wound bled.

Nikolai gave him a big hug.

Does anyone here even like Cole?


I told her I was married.

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We're in good hands.

She always keeps her room in good order.

The bus ticket in Brazil is quite expensive.

I'm sorry I can't put you up tonight.

Francisco wasn't happy about it.

Tammy admitted what he said was wrong.

Ira sweats when he's stressed.

This will cost about 10 thousand yen.

She is the only friend I have.

I'm tired of always listening to the same kind of music.

Brent often calls Steven.

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Sam is always full of ideas.

Jaime grabbed his camera and went outside.

There are no fewer than a dozen bedrooms in this mansion.

He can drive a car.

She called me very late last night.

I didn't think this was your seat.

Svante showed the letter to me.

Could I please take a short break?

Water the plants.


He took off his glasses.

Do you have any gum?

It's a matter of priorities.

We implemented our models in C++.

My mother can't read without glasses.

Hui is very busy today, but he'll try to fit you in somewhere.

You and I'll never see eye to eye.

Ram didn't want to go there by himself.

Sometimes we lie to keep from hurting someone else's feelings.

No can't park his car in his garage because it's already full.

I don't see anybody else around here.

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We're like brothers.


It's too dangerous.


I'd like to know if they have arrived.

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He is terribly jealous.

It's a pity that you're leaving Japan.

I don't like him any more than he likes me.


That's what I thought too.


The teacher has given Gene permission to do whatever he wants.

Do you have enough time to buy enough things for souvenirs?

Without his wife's money, he would never be a director.

Everything Bush does is right.

That'll stop them.

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Just a second. This call might be important.


The man robbed her of her bag.

He was aware of the danger.

He got the highest grade on the exam.


Hsuan has been killed.

I'd much rather be at home.

I want to see you tomorrow.

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Serdar still looks tired.

These trees will never blossom.

Nichael doesn't go to the market, no matter if Doyle goes to the market.

I've never been to Argentina.

Who told you you could come?

Luckily, Rodger didn't do that.

Damon seems happy to be here.

He is not an American but an Englishman.

Kenn denied those allegations.

Considering everything, my father's life was a happy one.

I can't see her ruin her whole life.

Floria didn't like Stefan's husband.

I can't talk to you here. It's too dangerous.


I won't even touch you.

Everything was completely black.

The angry homeowner wanted his house repainted.

We call a sandwich "Butterbrot."

Denis is still pretty shook up.

It sure fits, you just have to think how to put it in.

I haven't seen Herman since he's come back from Boston.


Remember that you are mortal.

Theo certainly did an excellent job.

Dan seemed nervous.

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Sally really was very helpful.