Don't buy things on credit.

Major made us feel welcome.

A valise of this size is very handy.


He is not a man to be trifled with.

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She declined to comment.

Do you really want to go back to Boston?

I'm lucky.

Is this my fault?

The sun has been shining over our country for ages.

You couldn't have done anything else.

I can't tell you how much I'll miss Marilyn.

Bradley is hardly a child.

You'd better be ready.

Boyd really liked me, I think.

He is leading a life of ease.

Chet has a good salary.

Sergiu's heart is in the right place.

What animals are you afraid of?

This computer can cope with much work.

Why are they not doing their homework?

I haven't forgotten her.


Mr Yamada was kind enough to drive me home.

It's actually a good idea.

There's no call to get angry over this matter.

There was a long line at the women's restrooms.

Laurie has only done half his homework.

The athletic meeting will be put off.

Do you know my age?

We arrived at the lake just before sunset.

My cat is so adorable.


Indra was brash.

It's not that difficult.

I can tell you don't like it here.

If you go on drinking so much, you may well end up an alcoholic.

A bit more chocolate please.

She panhandles for money.

From the center of the ceiling of this kitchen, old Wardle had just suspended with his own hands a huge branch of mistletoe.

What was achieved?

You shall want for nothing as long as I live.

You need to become more active.

He gave her a substantial sum.

Stewart dropped in at the pub on his way home from work.

He goes to school.

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I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

Her face was radiant with happiness.

What do you say to going shopping?

Monica changed the station to CNN.

Students often study with music playing in the background, and people working around the house will usually turn on the television or radio to keep them company.

I'd like you to meet my folks.

I couldn't even walk away, much less run.

This is an obscene site.

This will tide you over for a day or so.

Could you come with me, please?

When the flight crew has their aircraft under control, everything is working normally and yet it still crashes into the ground, that's a "Controlled Flight Into Terrain".

Presley is my youngest brother.

It's time to separate.

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Don't be intimidated.

He promised to write every day.

Her son is stationed in West Germany.

Happy are those who think themselves wise.

I'll help you do that if you want me to.

Where's the office for Ace rental car?

I feel flattered.


Why aren't you here, Nikolai?


Have you any idea who he is?


I asked her if she was okay.

Shari returned from the kitchen carrying a pot of coffee.

As the poet says, a little learning is a dangerous thing.


I liked it a lot!

Before you make a decision about your marriage, you should have a consultation with your parents.

I hugged him tightly and cried.


I don't remember anything about the incident.

The meat is roasting.

We two don't know what mackerel is in Tagalog.

Sparrows were flying about.

That was her plan all along.

You're the only reason I have to finish university!

You were everything to me!


In terms of salary, that job is fantastic.

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Her composition is very good except for a few errors in spelling.

Lawrence wanted Kristi to carry her books.

Nhan and Matti raise rabbits for meat.


Did you tell Marcos about your accident?

We celebrate November 28 as Tatoeba day because it is the day when Turkish, Esperanto and Greek were added.

Why didn't you apply for the job?

We're adding new sentences to Tatoeba.

I was sweating.


I should give him a chance.

Let's say I'm talking about you.

The government adopted strong measures to fight inflation.

Dorian is perfectly satisfied with his current salary.

She will be an asset to the Purchasing Department.

Never believe the mass media.

OK, I will come pick you up at four o'clock.

This is my cell number.

I think it all ended well.

Huey can't help wondering why Vic changed her mind.

Thank him for me.


Will I see him later?

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Didn't I tell you that I was allergic to peanuts?


There were a lot of twists and turns to the story, but we finally solved the problem.

My name isn't Brandi.

Are you in love with Darren?


How's my dad doing?

He loves attention.

With an area of seventy-five hectares, our botanic garden encompasses about four thousand plant species.

We were astonished when we saw their wounds.

There is good weather. There is sun.

They live in the same state.

I'll get back to you, Theo.

Olaf read the document aloud.

I told them what happened.

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I think you're hungry. Eat.

During the intermission I got up to stretch my legs.

I'm sure Starbuck is suffering.

True love does not exist!

He is a sharp-shooter.

Let us begin, then.

This knife was very useful to me.

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We enjoy the quiet of the country.

I enjoy singing, but I don't like dancing.

I will do my best to ensure that such mistakes do not occur in future.

Ken's technique was sloppy.

Their muscles are stiff.


It is very expensive.

I've already finished what I had to do.

If I had known your telephone number, I would have called you.

Mechanical power took the place of manual labor.

I'm indignant.

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I'm desperate.

Mickey doesn't know how much it'll cost.

It's also important to women that their men be circumcised.

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I really did that.

I think it necessary for you to see him.

So where're you going?

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He is expected to come home soon.

Give her a doll.

Ann loves chocolate.

Each boy has received his diploma.

I hope it goes well.

He did not die happily.

Earle doesn't like to wait.

You should have seen the film.

They live in a wretched little house.


The tree was felled with one hard blow of his ax.

I think you like them.

I doubt that'll ever change.


He negotiated a free trade agreement with Canada.

I guess it doesn't matter.

We plan to go by train.

He took the express for Tokyo.

I wish I could've done more to help.

The prices here are a bit high.

He went home yesterday.

Everyday I go to work by car but I'm wondering to rent an apartment close my job.

I never really thought I'd get married.

May God keep you!

I don't enjoy traveling in large groups.


What time does the train for Boston leave?


I'm happy with my salary.

Mother tells me not to study so hard.

How many silver foxes do you have?

My father often falls asleep while watching television.

I'm three hours away.


He used all his strength to crawl out of the wrecked car.

Brooke is being very sensible, isn't he?

You don't know anything about basketball, do you?

No, I never said that.

I'll never get used to that.