The more you study, the more you discover your ignorance.

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He won a bronze medal.

Hell is other people.

Could you please keep an eye on Piete?

We can't see what Barrio is doing.

Did Angela really just say that?

Martha never saw any wolves, but he could hear them.

He had the luck to catch the train.

I have a friend named Kyu.

The evening in Hawaii is very beautiful.


My car needs repairing.


You were lucky to find it.

Luckily, the weather turned out fine.

I'm not materialistic.

This old house is haunted.

While she was screaming, she brandished the knife.

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I've got to leave town.

It was bound to happen some day.

Are you scared of us?

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Do you have a table in front of the fireplace?


He was aiming a gun at them.

Can she ride a bicycle?

I can't believe we're really married.

Unemployment is rising.

I presume such preferences are mostly cultural.


We can do that later.

It sounds like there's a problem with exhaust system.

Can you set this poem to music?

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John is sad.

Tear a page out of your copybook.

Art is long, time is fleeting.


They said that these books were stolen from a library.

You probably know more about me than I know about you.

Just start walking.

The boss could be watching.

We haven't been able to interview Darin yet.

The proud Trojan city was taken at last.

My father is oblivious to the emotional pain his abuse caused me.

To know is one thing, and quite another to do.

Toerless should've asked for help.

I think we should talk to him.

Tai abandoned his dream of becoming an oceanographer.


She hated vanilla.

Have you been to Kyoto?

Let's just let sleeping dogs lie.

Do your children speak French?

He came on this bicycle.


Why doesn't Jeremy help you?

Italo Calvino was born on the island of Cuba in 1923.

Why won't anyone help him?

Thanks for calling everyone.

The heart and mystery of his philosophy was, to look upon the world as a gigantic practical joke.


I want to go on an adventure.

Do you dance?

We can't wander around the park at night.


Where did you spend your summer vacation?

Open the window. It's baking hot in here.

The ice is thick enough to walk on.

I didn't hire Deirdre.

There was blood on Brent's pillow.

Maybe Spudboy is just lucky.

Elisabeth had a meteoric rise to fame.

Catherine took off his pack.

None of Jill's classmates offered to help him.

This room is not very large.

Meg found a four leaf clover.

I know about your cancer.

In fact, he didn't go to the church.

Why weren't you allowed to go?

The number of cars running in the city has increased.


Try to get the story straight.

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You might want to reconsider that move, Victor.

That only makes it worse.

Glen whistled.

Tiefenthal isn't used to city life.

Please be quiet for mercy's sake during the lesson.


Don't forget to take an umbrella.


Why do we need to find them?

A critic is a person who boasts himself hard to please because nobody tries to please him.

Jeff put his gun down.


You must fasten your safety belts in a plane.

When I think of Germany at night, I feel sleepless.

I made some mistakes in the test.

Johan paused a moment to read what the sign said.

The child who was caught stealing apples bravely faced the music in accepting his punishment.

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I must've been dreaming.

Are you sure there's nothing left to drink?

Shut the book.


Do you speak Esperanto?


It won't be easy to be admitted to the PhD.


The heart and mystery of his philosophy was, to look upon the world as a gigantic practical joke; as something too absurd to be considered seriously, by any rational man.

Do you know where we're going?

Set the table at once.

Tell Ronald I don't want to eat at that restaurant.

Let's talk about why you want to do that.

Jess flinched.

Lean it against the wall.


Sedovic is frustrated with her life.

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The results that you get depend on the values of the parameters that you set.

Kamiya wrote a tragedy with a happy ending.

Nguyen has just been released from prison.


She's my oldest friend. I've known her since kindergarden.


She says there is a hidden treasure here.

I never even told my wife.

Kim didn't want to hurt Bertrand.


The scent of earth after rain is called petrichor.

They call me captain.

Nothing in Chinese cuisine has impressed me like Pu-Erh tea.

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Why are people scared of me?

Buses in the country don't usually come on time.

I had no idea what time I was supposed to be there.

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Since when do you care what happens to your grandfather's house?


Please pass the note around.


It being hard to believe, after allegedly trying to go back to repeatedly inspiring fear using rag-tag groups of suspicious-looking clowns, despite resistance.

We'll ask them.

The policeman called attention to the problem of pickpockets.


I want you to open the window.

Write to her.

You look healthy.

One's dreams do not always come true.

Doing that is a waste of time.


How may we help you?

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I don't really think so.

Since when has Jorge been studying Portuguese?

There is no time. Your sword is enough.

Grab the shovels, boys.

This is the window he broke.

Students have been protesting against the government's decision.

I hope they work it out.

Puzzles are fun!

Let's move on to the next item on the agenda.

Is this even real?

It's expensive.

"Don't scare me", she screamed as he came up behind her.

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Susan greeted her guests at the door.


Are you going to go now?


We have to find her.

Why are you so poor when you're so smart?

They must have agreed about this subject.

I don't know where my watch is.

When will they finish installing the electricity?


Beverly put on his helmet.

Why do women want to sleep in a man's embrace?

His parents expect too much of him.

Look at the sharks.

Samir and Danny rolled around in the grass.

It is more than 3 kilometers to the station.

I don't have any plans.

It'll be easy to do that.

Tanaka doesn't waste time.

The sun sets.

Can you see it?

I chose dual nationality.

The dead fish on the beach are starting to smell.


If he finds out, certainly he will be very angry.

Del is refusing to tell us what happened.

You will never be alone with schizophrenia.

Are you good at sports?

I didn't know if she was flirting.