I was worried it was a trap.

I have to stretch.

How do you know Lawrence likes Julius?

We overlooked Francis's name when we sent out invitations.

You might try asking Betsy.


You can weigh your baggage in this balance.


We can at least try.

That's powdered medicine.

I asked them to turn around.

What Timothy did was unbelievably idiotic.

I thought his name was Mah.

Jochen is a nice guy, except that he talks too much.

She had her heavy suitcase carried by the porter.

The cheesecake tasted too sweet.

Why don't you invite them over?

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Did he support her idea?

Jane didn't know that Harris was married.

I was moved to pity.

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I'll see you at the restaurant.

I wish to all the best of cheer.

Whereas Spain has the Royal Spanish Academy, the United States has Urban Dictionary.

Ariana Grande is one of the best pop musical artists in the United States.

Who could not love you?

He put emphasis on the necessity for immediate action.

I've climbed Mt. Fuji twice.

Aren't you coming with us?

Get me a fire extinguisher.

I visited the house in which Shakespeare was born.

Timing is very important.

They say this is one of the best books, if not the best.

He did not so much as greet the manager.


There may be a problem with Thierry.

Is the fish still alive?

I saw something interesting.

I'm going to tell Margot who I really am.

The boy had been crying until he got some candy.


The nurse moved the patient to the top floor of the hospital.

And then he started kissing me again.

I really don't want to go there.

I'm not a tourist.

This cloth feels smooth.

I often spend my leisure time listening to the radio.

Arthur jumped out of the car and started to run.


Let us know how we may be of service to you.


He kept on drinking in defiance of his doctor's warning.

You've already won.

It was such a hard test that we did not have time to finish.

It doesn't matter where he comes from.

My luggage hasn't arrived yet.

What was the girl called?

The servants' screams awakened everyone.

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They're making a movie.

Matt overheard our conversation.

Do you know much about that?

Claude knows the situation well enough.

I won't let you take him.

The party went to China by sea.

Reinhard was in the bar drinking by himself.


Can you tell me what you mean by that?


I know Marshall likes Amos.

I haven't even told my wife.

I would like to apply for that job.

Sandip wondered what he should say.

He fell ill, and therefore he gave up going abroad.


He tells jokes.

Marlena didn't act alone.

We won't tell anyone about them.

Please keep your voice down.

At last he could finish the work.

An unconditional love is love without coercion.

He was patience itself.


I bought a new dress for her on his behalf.

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Tor thinks you can do it.

It is true that he accepted this job.

Tait must've been very disappointed.

What's Tracey up to?

Saqib escaped the gun battle alive and well.

We have lost sight of him.

How much is the dollar now?


I needed to meet you.

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I have to pass this exam.

Do we know anyone down there who can help Dory?

That was lucky.

I stared back at her in surprise.

He cast a stone into the pond.

Choice is a matter of taste.

I want you where I can see you.


I told you about that.

I just want to be prepared.

Vice has gone insane.

I'd like to explain this in a little more detail.

Florian fell off his horse.


You've never talked much about Sjaak.

Clare gently hugged Collin.

We have to be sure we're right.

Devon doesn't have enough friends.

The doctor advised that she stay at home.


It's pork or nothing.


The responsibility weighs on me.

I want a coffee.

The engine's starting to overheat.

I'm just a freshman.

You need to come with me right away.

I was there this morning.

Sundar is a mess.

I don't remember when the last time I saw her smile was.

It's a pleasure to meet you all.

For the most part the weather has been nice this summer.

Give me a boost.

The huge building seemed to touch the sky.

I want it to be a success.

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She learned to ride a bicycle last year.


Is the zoo near here?


They want to increase food production by growing new kinds of rice.

Though I have decided to go to the party, I'm not looking forward to it.

Stanly is patient, isn't he?

Our school is in the middle of the city.

I'll leave tomorrow, weather permitting.

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If you don't want to go there, then we won't go there.

Nearly all men die of their remedies, and not of their illness.

Joyce likes his spaghetti noodles a little on the hard side.


Man, don't say that!


I have to get something.

I'm already so late.

It was incredible.

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I agreed to meet George in front of the station.

I don't like being retired.

The students are sitting in a circle.

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They can't see you.


Where did Mikey have to go?

You can save yourself a lot of trouble by selling this car.

Tobias looked discouraged.

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Sanjay has failed.


I miss my wife.


She talked incredibly for two hours.

How did Wolf get one of those?

I warned him once, but he didn't listen.


Kathy is a much better chess player than me.


I paid him a visit yesterday.

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Touch a document.

On the page there was a list of phone numbers.

Life belongs to the living, and those who live must be prepared for change.

I predicted Wilmer would lose.

Unlike his other writings, this book was not for scientists.


Everyone really likes it.

My specialty is French onion gratin soup.

Dan became the prime suspect.

I need to do something.

It's up to you if we go.

My urine is clear.

I had a son who died in the war.


His anger towards me has not softened.

I should have known better than to believe him.

She reacted to that.

Herbert picked up the guitar and started to play the song Irwin taught him when he was a kid.

Although I am her elder, she treats me as if I were her servant.


Taro speaks English better than I.

I should definitely go.

Anyone know where Nikolai's gone off to?

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It's unacceptable.