Seenu, can you get us some water?

He came back soon.


We may have a situation here.

The fact is that his father lives alone in New York because of work.

She went secretly.

That's a big fish.

I don't respond well to threats.

We have to be more consistent.

I thought that my boyfriend was going to kill me.

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We have not much time.

What are your long term plans?

Do you have any idea where Marco is now?

Alex never told Mick where he hid the diamonds.

Do you own a pharmacy?

Everybody started talking at once.

We'll bring him home.

I get more homesick as the months roll by.

He's a jerk, but I love him anyway.


I used to eat pizza, but now I don't eat it at all.

This coat doesn't have pockets.

Can you please just give Orville whatever he wants?


Stick to jackets that aren't too gaudy.

We hope to meet you at UK97.

Do not touch the plug of the AC power cord with wet hands.


Hi honey, I'm home.

This joke is crude.

Why don't you join us at our table?


Gretchen seems to get along fine with Cecilia.

I have no idea to what extent I can trust them.

Sandip is a reasonable man.


Raj passed by me.

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The football player has made a huge mistake.

Wow! That looks delicious.

I can't deny it.

She said that she was happy.

It was a real pleasure to meet Juri.


Toerless is going to fit right in.


This is a picture of him.

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Prices are too high.

I'm not sure I can wait that long.

"Hand over your gun", said the policeman.

I want them to call every day.

I didn't know you were staying at this hotel.

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I don't understand how could I have made such a mistake.

You better believe it.

Could I please borrow your pen?

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We'd like to have a word with Dennis.

You are satisfied with your life, aren't you?

How quickly can we get that done?


Maybe she died with a falafel in her hands.

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Cris doesn't need me to tell him how to do it.

"What are your favourite books, Lars? " "The Adventures of Bryan Sawyer and Uncle Betty's Cabin."

I've never tried this dish before.


I saw some smoke.

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Would you like to do something this weekend?

My cough is getting worse.

You'd better leave now.


The bike's mine.

She has a large mansion.

Do you really have free tickets for the concert?

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She's not my friend. I hate her.

The Japanese fiscal authorities are weighing measures to restore public confidence in their economic management.

Have we forgotten anything?

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Stop writing and hand your paper in.


Hey you! Please wait.


Judy is going to start taking swimming lessons this summer.

You can see the sea on your right.

Airplanes enable people to travel great distances rapidly.

We're good.

Walk as fast as possible.

What do I do?

Jess looked at the clock on the wall.

That word can't be found in such an incomplete dictionary as this.

Marsha called out for help.

Tell me if it hurts.

Why didn't you tell me you were allergic to peanuts?

"Whose camels are these?" "They are Musa's."

You need to let this one go.

I was startled.

I heard Steen won't graduate this year.


He has elegant tastes.

A widow had two daughters.

Send it in duplicate.

I want to be as happy as Brian.

I have no intention of telling her.

Samuel still can't afford it.

They stayed at a new hotel in Kobe.


Do you have school on Saturdays?


It doesn't matter where he comes from.


It is not really visible to the naked eye.


We need to find alternatives.


Should I help you?

In any case you had better obey your parents.

You're getting careless.

No sooner had June broken up with Matt than John was at her front door with a bunch of roses.

Delbert heard Jess cry and wondered what the matter was.

His family moved around quite a lot.

In medium size stars, after the nuclear fusion has used up all the fuel it has, gravity will pull the remaining material closer together. The star will shrink. It is then called a "white dwarf".

We're not the only ones here who know Neville.

We were very happy.

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Her sons as well as her daughter are in college.


This is not butter. It's margarine.


I think they must be twins, but she says they cannot be so.

Isabelle didn't agree to help.

Your supervisor will be quite pleased.


Some of the Indian leaders refused to negotiate.

Listen to me, all of you.

In today's life, the world belongs only to the stupid, the insensitive, and the agitated.

I've been waiting for the right time.

We don't know where Roberto is.

Shoes ... many courses ban shoes with spikes, so take care.

Not in there.

I wonder how Floria found out.

Kathy looks just like his brother.

Last night I threw up.

We were just joking.

Every detail of his writing is carefully composed.

Claire is a writer.

He played the part of Hamlet.

I very nearly had a heart attack and died.


Mick resembles her mother in appearance, but not in character.

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I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding.

Tokyo is surrounded by many satellite cities.

I hope this data is wrong.

I've got to see someone.

You can take my word for it.

He's friendly.

I can swim.


Lisa wore a witch costume to the party.


Time goes by very quickly, doesn't it?

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I'm pretty sure Teruyuki's reliable.

I couldn't be a doctor.

She was offended by something.

Buy Belarusian!

The 1959 movie "On the Beach" was based on Nevil Shute's 1957 novel of the same name.

Darin doesn't want to play any of the songs Sangho requested.

You must succeed where the greatest of heroes has failed.

A child should not get more spending money than is necessary.

She should be there now because she left early.

I was bitten by a lot of insects in the forest.

I think the reason why he killed his wife is still a mystery.

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What subjects do you like the best?

Jeannie put down his spoon.

The Baba Yaga seized from the wall one of the skulls with burning eyes and flung it after her. "There," she howled, "is the fire for thy stepmother's daughters. Take it. That is what they sent thee here for, and may they have joy of it!"

His conduct is above suspicion.

Has anybody heard from them?


Helge claimed the inheritance.

Now I'm a real old man.

Access to the domestic market should act on the whole island as a powerful incentive for economic development.

He knows ten languages.

I'd hoped to speak with them.


He posed as my close friend.

Give me that weapon.

Phill has changed a lot since the last time I saw him.


He isn't a man to take a bribe.

Do you have to make dinner?

Stay on this side of the yellow line.


What time shall I call back?