It is impossible for you to succeed.

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That's enough exercise for today.

I have always kept my promises.

Expectation caused her to be flushed with excitement.

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There is nothing romantic between Christofer and me.

Things will get easier from now on.

They sheared the sheep.


That'll do nicely.

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She passed the test by the skin of her teeth.

This was my dad's favorite tie.

A bear is a friendly beast compared to a tiger.


You have a future.

The boy neglected to water the plants, and he was scolded.

We'll be in touch if we have any further questions.

You can't expect more than that.

He felt the lure of adventure.


I don't have anybody except her.

Gill must be hiding something.

Children should grow up carefree.

Betty has a previous conviction for theft.

There was no slippage in the schedule.

How considerate of you!

He has infinite resources.

I need to buy stamps.

I want you guys to do me a favor.

Mother often makes me go shopping at the supermarket.

I want you to listen.


His knowledge of Chinese enables us to carry out our plan smoothly.

We dine out once a week.

It was you who told Edwin, wasn't it?

Everyone cries.

Would you please come?

He was crying.

You get the idea, don't you?


The employees threatened to go on strike.


There are many red flowers in the garden.


Is it true that you broke Taninna's computer?


I thought for a minute we had a problem.

We need to try everything.

Cliff doesn't have it now.


Mosquitoes seem to be more attracted to people wearing dark clothes.

You certainly fooled Sekar.

We weren't able to determine her whereabouts.

The reason Jose got angry was that I didn't say anything.

I'm heavier than you are.

Why did you tell him I'd left?

Lar reached into the trash can and pulled out a crumpled letter.

I think highly of your mother.

Did you hear your name called?

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I haven't read either of his novels.

We're ahead of schedule.

We're resilient.

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There is no wind today.

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Could we do this another time?


When I have finished my lunch, I will lie down for an hour.


I've been worried, too.


What is hell like?


Let's figure out what needs to be done.


I broke my right leg.


I went to a book sale yesterday, but none of the books were interesting.

It really isn't that bad.

A son must obey his father.


"Is he cute?" "Really cute."


I cannot borrow money. I hate this.

He persisted in accomplishing his original plan.

I just sold my car to Leon.


Get your paws off me.

Be it black or white, a cat that catches mice is a good cat!

How many pounds of sausage do you want, and how much bread?

Kill the bunnies first.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.


Jacobson has always had a big crush on you.


Everybody helped everybody.


Smoking is a danger to your health.


Mike laughs.

I shouldn't have told Deborah to do that.

I only travel first class.

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She arranged her hair for the party.


I'm pretty sure that Tolerant and Elliot have never met each other.


You should relax a little.


I just ignore him.


Osaka is larger than Kyoto.

Smoking is a repulsive habit.

I can make no promises.


He-heh... there's a tale behind that, for that place.

I live in a hovel.

Barry playfully punched Phiroze's arm.


Esperanto, with its 130-year history and abundant literature, can be mastered in one tenth of the time required for learning one of the widespread national languages.


Things are fine.


All the guests have gone home.

He was somewhat disappointed to hear the news.

That's exactly the way it happened. I swear.

Please show consideration for other passengers.

Saify went down the river on a rubber raft.


Olaf left his keys in the car.

There's clearly a problem.

The separation of church and state is one of the fundamental principles of the Constitution.


I am listening to country music.

Leave him alone.

In due time, his innocence will be proved.

Hector is Sri's real estate agent.

I'm surprised that you won the prize.

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I knew from his tone how much he hated me.

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He is apt to forget.

The accident happened because a small child had been left alone in the street.

He expressed himself clearly.

I promise I'll give it back.

It seems perfectly reasonable.

These are tears of joy.

Milo kissed Hirotoshi passionately.

Beckie was dressed in casual clothing.

Are you saying that's not true?

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Quite a few people have been invited to celebrate the couple's anniversary.

They live apart.

This part of the library is closed to the public.

Do you know how to fix this TV?

I was almost in tears.

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This is a matter of capital importance.

I have to go to the doctor today.

I couldn't find Erick.

She has an eye for antiques.

What you know, you know, what you don't know, you don't know.


Tomorrow's another day.

Frank often plays guitar with Steven.

What are our thoughts on this?


I see him pretty often.

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Benson is almost always at home on Sundays.

We're going to check it right away.

The windows are decorated with lanterns.

I know Lois's house is for sale.

I'm still not sure I understand.

Do you want me to get you something else?

The work must be completed by tomorrow.

Were they good?

Why don't you try this? It's delicious, you know!

One more step, and I would have fallen off the cliff.

Women work on equal terms with men in this firm.


I killed a god.

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It's like magic.


I swam back to the boat.


I now only work three days a week.


I like living with her.


Jamie taught me how to cook.


Could Nicholas have been saved?


He went through many hardships in his youth.