The Russian Soyuz spacecraft has docked at the International Space Station.

Kate was obliged to read the book.


I think it means a lot to Del.

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I don't think that matters much, Sumitro.


We went to the spring for water.

Someone ate all the cookies from the cookie jar.

Did you forget anything?


Did you read this morning's extra?

I've decided not to sue Erwin.

I feel as if I were another person.

Dan drives fast.

I don't spend much time studying French.


Root's sentences are easy to translate.

Don't ask me that now.

It's just the way I am.

Your room number is five hundred four: five-oh-four.

I think I'll get some rest.

They're amazing.

This is not a trap.

I was right behind Shadow.

June is probably the best singer in our class.

All that was left was the opening.

Leon was the last to find out about it.

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Would you care to go for a walk?

We start to work in the month of April.

Metin will tell us.

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That is the danger.


Tigger was the first boy who broke my heart.

Heinz isn't answering his phone.

He is my great grandfather.

Jeannie is wearing the same clothes he wore yesterday.

As a matter of fact, the owner of this restaurant is a friend of mine.

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I'm not your angel anymore.

Her house was sold for ten thousand dollars.

Give Timothy something to drink.

Fresh vegetables are very dear in winter.

The magazine which you lent me is very interesting.

You may be able to pass unnoticed in a city, but in a village that's not possible.

There are some sandwiches here.

Admitting what you say, I still think he's in the right.

I know the rules.

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Spike can't decide which camera to buy.

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We've got one left.

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I am a boy.


As a result of his carelessness, he made a serious blunder.

I'm making coffee.

He was cheated.

I'll introduce you to a nice girl.

A budget deficit will occur because of a revenue shortfall.

Do you know what it was about?

Is there any other way besides extraction?

That's embarrassing.

I gave Joubert a mild sedative.

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"More coffee?" "No, thanks."


Come swim with me.

I think you and he wanna be alone.

This seems too good to be true.


We hoped he would come and help us at once.

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Try not to spend more money than is necessary.

What does G.N.P. stand for?

Are you being coerced?

I'd like to pay you back.

I finished work at six.

The chicken was wonderful.

What did you think when you actually met me for the first time?

Do you speak French fluently?

Just have him call me, OK?

This seems like a good place to pitch a tent.

When did your friend leave for America?

Julia cries and calls Emilia.

Nothing's easy.

Smoking or health, the choice is yours.

Feathers are peculiar to birds.

Could you hand me the maple syrup?

The scientist searched for the bones of the dinosaurs in the valley.


What a horrible smell!

Were you home yesterday?

She's never satisfied.

Don't be angry at his words.

I had her sweep my room.

I wonder if I'll ever get married.

We must ask for a broom to sweep the floor.


Even a nightingale isn't without its gall.

Sangho suggested that since Ariel didn't want to go, he should just stay home with her.

The new movie was a great success.


I'm not going to allow that.

Svante told me where Stacy lives.

Who does Vaughn think he is anyway?

It's about time you did your share of work.

They want you to resign.

Diana never complains about anything.

Hughes managed to finish the work before 2:30.

I'll find another one.

I'll wait for you in here.

That's a delicate problem.

Curtis has got it.

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He sat on the couch with folded hands.

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I think that I came too early.

Summer isn't over yet!

I've never heard of such a story before.

Lievaart isn't going to see me.

I sometimes go out for a walk.


My mother is a fantastic woman.

The prize went to him.

Can you spare a moment?

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Sam is in his room, packing a suitcase.

One of the reasons Twitter is popular in Japan is a characteristic of Japanese itself: Japanese uses ideograms which enable it to convey more information in just 140 characters than other languages, not counting Chinese. Incidentally, the Japanese version of this sentence is written with exactly 140 characters. How many characters does it take in other languages?

The difficulty of a task is no reason for complacency and doing nothing.


Why would anyone not like Novorolsky?

OK, I'll give it a try.

She trusts him with her money.

I know where you hide your money.

I can't make him do anything.

He flouted his mother's advice.

She told me that she had bigger fish to fry.

Stop being cowards.

I've gained weight and these pants are quite tight.

We saw a jet plane fly across the sky.

Someone's been here. I can tell that my things aren't where I left them.

Computer technology is indispensable to access many pertinent items of data.

Take our picture.

Marriage is a covered dish.

Lewis opened a can of tuna fish.

Every large volume has problems with the binding.

I'm too tired to talk.

I enjoy doing things with Kazuhiro.

Your handwriting is messy.

I need you to open the door.

It's red.

Ask whether Russians have already flown in.

Don't you think you should call Major?

I regard him as an enemy.

No financial details were disclosed.

She caught me.

I just hope I can help.


Let's go meet them.


You're always busy.


When did he go?


Teriann and the rest of the team are celebrating.

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I still dream about you.

They were not brother and sister, but they loved each other almost as much as if they had been.

Were there a lot of Algerians in Germany?

Be sure to come home early today.

There's a good chance that Courtney doesn't know what Vladimir has done.

The mayor acknowledged her services to the city.

Before she moved to France, she lived in Sweden.

We have never been richer.

When they said they were going to get married, it blew my mind.

My major is comparative religion.

She's sexually repressed.

This is the first time I've ever burnt my pants with a cigarette.

The breathing becomes more and more hard.

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Barbra is eating lunch right now.

His legs were trembling from fear.

This necklace is a family heirloom.

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"How can I help seeing what is in front of my eyes? Two and two are four." "Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane."


The latest round of talks have failed to lead to a peaceful solution to the conflict.

You're supposed to take your shoes off at the door.

Mr. Wang learnt German because he wanted to go to Germany.

Fritz and I are related.

Did you mean that for serious?

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He hasn't returned yet.

They aren't quarreling, but are rehearsing a play.

Mr. Suzuki's classes are interesting, but his stories always get sidetracked, so we never make any good progress in our textbooks.

I fell in love.

He's already a man.