Honzo tried to answer the question.

The approach employed in this analysis was as follows.

I'll tell her later.

He always spends his money freely.

He was no match for a lawyer.

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You're always so helpful.

The government will tax your income.

She did it a few times.

What a dick!

The door was left ajar.

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Ram checked all the trash cans.


Phillip isn't an engineer.

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Valerie never learned how to drive.

Where did you get the recipe?

I want to see how good I can get.

His reason for not going is still unclear.

He wants to sip some of the champagne.


I told her.

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Which street should I start with?

Weather reports rarely come true.

Rajendra has something important to say.

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Jacobson slept with a coworker.

Are you on vacation?

The end is nigh.

Tiger Woods is famous for his skill as a golfer.

This is their place.

Shuvra didn't know Matthieu was such a good cook.

Taurus kissed Ken on her forehead.

Greg has been taken to a nearby hospital.

Whose textbook is this?


I'm saddened to say, but I can't tell you how long it's been since I've had a man come to my door to pick me up.

I want you to help.

The sun was setting a fiery red.

He passed his English examination.

Turn up the music!

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I envy you your success.


She yearned for something more than living in a small house in the countryside.

The police still can't point out who committed the crime.

Who will console him?

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Ramiro goes to bed early.

Polish archaeologists are conducting scientific studies in Sudan.

I assembled one.


She will lay the doll on her bed.


How many pieces of baggage do you have?


Carl is a papyrologist.


Patrick has an Android phone.

Sehyo can tell Theodore if he wants to.

I can take this to her.


Thanks for being on time.

Does Rusty study after dinner?

Did you just hit Neal?

Her eyes were full of sadness.

True friendships last forever.

I never wanted to compete with you.

Martyn asked me where I had bought my hiking boots.

Angus completed the jigsaw puzzle.

He carried on with his experiment.

Returning an overhead smash is one of the most difficult shots in professional tennis.

We don't know who's responsible.

Is death the only release?

Kerry doesn't really talk much.

Vince needn't do it.

Who's responsible for this?

Is it your car?

The parents couldn't make out what their daughter wanted.

Both kangaroos and opossums are marsupial animals.

Later I'll go to the movies with my friend.

I have breakfast at seven every morning.

This place is cool.

The doctor is known to everyone in the village.

Having done my homework, I could finally watch television.

Isn't he going to Peru tomorrow?

Claude cried a lot when Jochen left him.

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Please tell me the answer to the question.

War doesn't make anybody happy.

It's time for us to go to bed.


It could be anywhere.

Patty didn't know just what to say.

No matter what happens.


Oh, how we laughed!

That's a hair-raising thought.

He who makes his bed must lie in it.

His story made us laugh.

Could you tell me how to get to the ballpark?

You'll come back to see us, won't you?

Mehrdad is the boy on the right.

Can I come in a second?

They need money.

Even I had called out to him however you requested as well.

He didn't find what I hid.


When you taste it, you will find all this food excellent and very nourishing.

He closed the door. And not a moment too soon, because just then we heard the sound of aproaching footsteps.

Only afterward did he explain why he did it.

We have talked about them.

If Jakob slapped Leora, I'm sure he deserved it.


Be careful not to underestimate the problem.

Why don't you hire Will to do the job?

You have a way with women.


As soon as Giovanni got Manjeri alone, he started kissing her.

Where did you see Manny?

I want to cheer you up.

I have horrible morning sickness. I can't eat anything.

We had a lot of fun at the dance.

Hand mixers provide a nice way to add air to batter.

I have changed the settings of your computer, so that the new configuration will enable it to run smoother.

Go risk your head and think a thought which now no one has had yet; go risk your step and walk a way which now no one has trod yet; that Man may build himself, and not be made by other objects.

What is the meaning of this word?


Brendan knows who to give the message to.

The Netherlands won the 2010 World Cup.

I think Kevin is exciting.

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I need a pair of new shoes.

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This athlete is strong and agile.

I was proud of them.

You brought him some cognac?

They tell me jokes, and then I forget them.

We found the boy interested.

There are almost no books that have no misprints.

You look beautiful today.

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Rakhal works for me as my private secretary.

The criminal is still at large.

Please shine those shoes.

This house has a solid foundation.

What the devil can you do with this?

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Harris makes fun of everybody.

Randal left three hours ago so he should've arrived by now.

At the same time Ismo jumps and baffles the attendants.


He was determined to go, so I decided to do my best to help him.

We hit a bump.

I've memorized the model number of the charger.

He asked me whether I had slept well last night.

Those two shirts are made from the same material.


Everything was just a joke.

Do you have anything particular in mind?

Leads told me that she loved me.


She's just the girl next door.


Oh, the phone's ringing. It must be Machiko.

This is for you, Naresh.

Of all the countries I've visited, I liked Australia the best.

Floria already thanked me.

The little girl opened the window.

I felt uncomfortable with those kids loitering around in the train.

The letter was written by Bill.

Kate put something in the water.

I'm extremely confident.

From 1859, Protestant missionaries from America started to arrive, and the Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches also became actively involved in missionary work.

Van eats too much.


Did you hear the announcement?


Giles is the owner of this land.

You'll get half the money now, and the other half on completion of the job.

Tuan never mentioned any of this.

Why don't you try a taste of this?

Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime minister of India.

"Life is a joint venture", both said and decided to marry.

I believe that Ariana Grande is going to win a Grammy award.

She went to high school with me.

Somehow, June knew.


You've gained weight, haven't you?

There is a bridge over the pond.

Which road should I take?

It was so boring that I fell asleep.

I only meant to scare them.


I will warn him.

He looked away.

Nobody wants to help us.