We're quite safe.

We don't know what happened to Marnix.

Let's all just calm down.

Ten to one, he will succeed.

No one is coming with me.

Emil lied about being in Boston.

Herb is being held prisoner.

The verdict was a death sentence.

I need a pen.

What's your favorite subject at school?


Roxanne bowed respectfully to the old lady.

I left Africa forever.

She wants to attend the party.

Why are you all still awake?

We won't be beholden to special interests.

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This is the biggest issue in this matter.

Would you close the window?

Was your father right?


I think Tricia is cheating.

She spent the weekend by herself.

Sharks can smell even a tiny amount of blood in water.

Rafik didn't have time to do his homework.

If you think education is expensive, consider the cost of ignorance.


Do you have much money with you?

Nigel practiced his scales all day.

Do you really want to wait for Julie?

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Why do you want that?


This medicine renews your strength.

Has Europe lost its soul?

His back itches.


Sir was surprised and a little confused.

I'm still waiting.

Did Leo say where he was?

Would you please stand up?

I should've warned her.

Some people like classical music, while others like popular music.

Dan has been seeing a psychiatrist since 1997.

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Kate is standing in the center of the room.

The question began to assume a new character.

I just have a few more questions.

You can't separate dreams from reality?

I need him on my team.

Jerome appreciated Shutoku's support.

The enemy warships bombed our warehouses in the harbour.

It's my favorite food.

The vodka is very strong.

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Each year in July, when the Championships are over, he starts to prepare for the next year.


It is dependent on you if we will buy it or not.


My mother objected to my going to the Middle East.


Brush your teeth clean after each meal.

Indifference is a double-edged weapon.

Did Deborah really throw rocks at you?


Who did you hear this news from?


It's not too late to tell him that you love him.

He is not the person these people think he is.

"What color is your underwear?" "I'm not wearing any."

Phil says he's dying.

You and Matthew belong together.

He came while I was still asleep.

He angrily closed the door.


Bret hugged Trey.

Texts are never objective.

Nobody knows that it belonged to Yamada.

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He neither wrote nor telephoned.

We can stay up as late as we want.

In other words, outside of the persons concerned, only one person in Osaka knew about this incident.

Don't go onto the crossing when the alarm is ringing.

It's hard for Timo to make both ends meet.

Detective Dan Anderson has finally pieced together the whole murder story.

Ned is a tax inspector.

I think Marco doesn't realize how charming he is.

I'll meet you at 2:30 tomorrow.

Kevin hasn't seen Gene either.

I live in Belarus and I take pride in this fact.

I will finish serving my sentence next month.

And, we get each other's company to boot.

He is by nature quite an easy-going man.

I like to take a shower at night.


What could be the matter?

A spectre haunts Europe: the spectre of communism.

They aren't doing anything wrong.

Revised is worried that he'll get lost.

People carried their own weight then.

You haven't changed at all.

The police were hoping that Leif could shed some light on the incident.


I am ashamed of your behavior.


Kate always shows off the big diamond ring she got from her fiance.

Don't forget to polish your shoes before you go out!

Bob said to his friend: "The bird is dead."

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I discouraged him from going swimming as it was likely to rain.

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What is it with you and Marion?


He may have missed the plane.


There's a stack of comic books on Deb's desk.

With a little more patience, you could succeed.

When did you talk to them?

This book is too difficult to read in a week.

Wendi doesn't want to read that book.

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Are you sure you didn't do anything?


The journalist was accused of playing fast and loose with the facts in the editorial he wrote.

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She met him the day before, that is to say May fifth.


He joined the opposing team.


He doesn't play disc golf.

Tiefenthal was sold and resold a total of seven times.

It's much too cold to swim.

The company gave out a press release.

As it got colder, I began to want a sweater.

At last, John and Sue decided to cut the apple into halves.

The airport was closed because of the fog.


Well, guys, not bad for a number two driver, eh?

This song reminds me of young days.

I have a surprise for him.

They must have had an accident.

Micky forgot to bring his camera.

Can we ask some more questions now?

Welcome back. We missed you.

They dismissed his criticism as hypocrisy.

Are you trying to scare me or are you being serious?

I don't want to go and eat today.

What does that have to do with the price of beans in China?

Damone makes all her own clothes.

What would you rather I be doing?


Did you post that on Facebook or something?


You are way off the track.

I would be honored to give you a showing in my gallery.

I'm grateful to be alive.

He breathed in the frosty air.

Spring is on the way!

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Did Marla have any help?

All he can do is support himself.

Maybe I missed something.

The doctor told me that I would recover soon.

I can tell you don't have any children.


You don't really want to talk about this, do you?

E.T. phone home.

Marcos isn't cooperative.

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I won't answer that.


Brendan sighed.

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You should try this.

They fell silent.

Randy has a beloved wife. Her name is David.


Did you buy a washing machine?

Dirk and Bjorne are playing catch in the front yard.

How come you know it so well?

It's hard to catch words in the Osakan dialect.

Buying new equipment isn't going to solve your problems.

Half of the people in the office took a day off.

They competed all over the world.

It looks like your dog is thirsty.

We are subscribed to the Asahi paper.

Are you fair?

She woke up naked on the floor.

Are you joking, or are you serious?

Paola has written three novels.

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Sean got the children to laugh.

We must intervene.

Fritz carried Lin across the threshold.

Daryl fried three eggs in the pan and put in bacon too, which sizzled and smelled delicious.

I have dishonored my family.


The loan carries 5.5% interest.

Why not try it on?

She isn't a diligent student.