About Us

IVR.works™ is owned and operated by NSDB PTY LYD (AUSTRALIA) [ABN: 13 121 500 990].
NSDB is a network security and database services company -- operating from Sydney, Australia since 2006.

"Austria" is the country with the Alps.
We are from "Australia" -- the country "down under" -- with the kangaroos. - g'day mate

And we have on sight representation in the following locations:
IVR.works specializes in high traffic, low cost Interactive Voice Response service and systems.

OUR MOTTO: "Automation means more revenue (not less staff)."


  • THE PROBLEM:   "Business is booming!" (Which is usually a problem for the Customer Support and Billing Departments.)

  • THE SOLUTION:   IVR.works delivers innovative IVR-based billing/CRM ...and new revenue opportunities.


Common Issues That We Routinely Solve:

Are you missing calls

We can probably help speed things up a bit.

Annoying Audio "POPS"

We can identify the network errors, and improve network audio quality.

Missing Audio & Drop-Outs

We can strengthen the general integrity of your network.

Linking Email to Call Centers

We can synchronize your email support and IVR / call center support.

International & US Toll-Free 800 Numbers?


Keyword Call Tracking

Yes, IVR.works has proprietary libraries for tracking key words during any telephone communications -- for efficient, automated call routing.

Lead Flow & Reverse Number Lookup Tracking

IVR.works can open cross-selling opportunities. Identify your customers before they speak with your customer service department -- give them an update on news products or services.

Call Recording & Transcriptions



IVR.works can help you identify segments of your callers for Premium (paid) Service.

Virtual Receptionist

At the very least, IVR.works can make sure your incoming calls are routing fast and efficiently.

Voice Biometric Security & Speaker Identity Verification (SIV)

Yes, in partnership with IBM, IVR.works delivers voice biometric security to the highest NIST standards. Identify callers by voice, and route them accordingly.

Voice Biometric Signatures Streamline Procurement

IVR.works can help you lock-down procurement channels with biometric signatures.