Anton put a finger to his lips.

Lincoln liked this plan.

Woman as she is, she can lift this barbell.

People do sometimes make the wrong choices.

Tell the truth to Heidi.


I don't think I'll make it.

If small mistakes are not corrected at once, they may lead to serious problems.

That plan is unacceptable.

How many players are there?

I'll let you know when I figure it out myself.


Mathematics is his strongest subject.


Why not try some of this cake?

Ernie doesn't know why the meeting was postponed.

I'm just not having any fun.

I owe my success to my friends.

I didn't think Mosur would show up at Mark's party.

Did we run over something?

Don't let Sofia get away.

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Who doesn't like having their back scratched?

I spend a lot of time with Teri.

"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Muller! My name is Ravindran. I'm a Martian." "Oh, welcome, Eva! Come in and join us for a cup of tea!"

Her face reddened as he sang to her.

That is why he wasn't present at the meeting.

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Is that all you want to eat?


Uri already knows what to do.


I want you to come with me.

I'll see her.

She abandoned herself to pleasure.

Can we get some help?

No one fights with us any longer.

I'm the only one other than Rafik who knows how to fix this.

I take dancing and modeling lessons.

Students asked many questions at his lectures.

His answer is far from right.

What's their connection to you?

"Karin" is a German name.

She took down a book from the shelf.

I have a Muslim neighbor.

I don't understand science.

How many times must I tell you?


Heidi's first wife fleeced him, and he was broke when he met Omar.


Yesterday I was ill.

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Mini-skirts are back in fashion again.


Laurel boiled me some eggs.

I hope that you will be my friends.

I need something for a child.


Karl worked there.

I'm going out today.

I'm not sure how much we should wait.

The cat has started acting strangely.

He was terribly poor when he was young.

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We now compare that with the situation in a small town. There are less stores, restaurants and so on, and they close quite early at night. Windows and doors are closed. No other areas are found where one can go to if one doesn't want to "stay home".

They roamed about the forest.

"I love you," he whispered.

He's an excellent tennis player.

This can't work.

We saw that the plan would end in failure.

I didn't pick it up.

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She's screaming, not singing.


He is a diligent boy in his class.


I wasn't having fun, so I went home early.

I will get the machine running.

You know I can't give out that kind of information.

What sort of thing must I pay tax on?

I want to know why you aren't ready.


Do you belong to the baseball club?

Where did they get that?

Lindsey has been mistreated.

Go away. I want to be alone.

Where's Hamilton sitting?


Do I need a root canal?


My son is small for his age.

Jess must've forgotten his promise.

We want to come back.

My mother prefers the arbitrary selection of the lottery machines over my lucky numbers.

Do you watch BBC or CNN?

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I rarely touch coffee.


Look at the baby sleeping in the cradle.

He used me as a guinea pig.

What do his words imply?


Is love more important than friendship?

Kevin came close.

I buy the flowers because I will pay visit to my grandmother this evening.

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You didn't tell me Wilson was so rich.

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I asked her for a date, only to have her say no.

I want to know exactly what is going on.

I couldn't have planned this.

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I'll handle it.


The USA is a republic, but the United Kingdom isn't.

Let's live it up!

She is a follower of Freud.

That wouldn't happen today.

I couldn't fix the original sentences since they either don't make sense at all or would look clumsy even if corrected anyway.


Let me tell you a secret about how things work around here.


He already has a new girlfriend.

Pay closer attention from now on.

I'm almost finished here.

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Let's meet at one o'clock.

I have big houses.

The taste of sugar is too noticeable.

Whatever you do, don't let go of the rope.

The security chief monitored the site looking for weak spots.

The mediator knows better the culture of the woman.

They couldn't talk.


Alex and Suyog don't live together.

Let's run for it.

Happy is the man who is contented with his lot.

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Meet me at the library.


The whole country was buried under snow.


Show me a list of your rates, please.

That's quite simple.

Let's go meet Vince.

I had to finish what I'd started.

I used to keep a diary when I was at high school.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.

You have very straight teeth.


It sounds exciting.


They wrote a lot of nasty gossip about them in the newspaper.

I tried solving the problem.

On hearing the news of the birth of his first child, he jumped for joy.

Guillermo calls me almost every day.

It wasn't supposed to happen like this.


Are you going to do your homework this afternoon?

My favourite show is "Desperate Housewives".

You have to take the good with the bad.

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It's up to you to decide what to do.


I find it difficult to give speeches in French.

I heard her sobbing.

A button fell off my coat.

Duane seems insincere.

Do I have to change planes in Boston?


She had nothing to do with it.

The current year is 2011.

Jackye and Geoff are gone.


Where did you teach them?


I feel like I understand your feelings.

How much can you afford to lose?

She showered him with confetti.

I like music, especially classical music.

That boy is his brother.

I'm not usually this busy on Mondays.

I want to go abroad someday.

Robin is more intelligent than me.

I deal with those kinds of problems every day.


Do you think Rand helped Susanne, too?

Our company only sells quality goods.

That's true.

Skip stays in motels when he travels.

I didn't go to the zoo.

He cut off a piece of meat.

You cannot solve this problem in an ordinary way.

Their son is repairing a motorcycle in the garage.

I'll get ready now.


They attached great importance to cleanliness.

Your father must have been very disappointed.

Can you explain it to me?