Make sure you don't forget to fill up the tank.


That kid is a little demon.


I never had enough money to buy a car.

It's not like everyone doesn't have one.

Elliot doesn't trust a thing Jennifer says.

I hope we'll be seeing you around here soon.

He's blind, deaf and mute.

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Food is inside me.

The pain has lessened a little.

Drive cautiously.

You may not like this book.

I'll cover for you.

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Did you remember to turn off the lights?

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I'm sure that he'll get angry.

When are you planning to begin?

Louie didn't convince everyone.

Emmett is evil.

Lots of my friends are going there tonight.

I'm going to warn Vice that Isidore is looking for him.

All of a sudden, The Holy Spirit began to speak to me the things revealed in this testimony.

Hector is having a bad day.

Many Argentinians prefer to use a car and not the public transport.


Lorraine was bluffing.

Saumya could smell gasoline.

You really have to manage him carefully.


I don't want to talk about him.


The question began to assume a new character.


The high waves covered their boat.

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This swimming suit is made of elastic material.


I watched her carefully.

A fox smells its own lair first.

Future prospects for ASEAN seem unstable, no matter how you look at it.


Farouk is cooking an egg.

Are you rushing to finish the project?

I must have my bicycle repaired.


Herve visited us this past weekend.

Which page did you see that on?

Venkata is the enemy.


He has stayed at the hotel for five days.

Everett opened the trunk of his car and took out the spare tire.

We're going to the beach. Wanna come?

At first I felt a bit too shy to speak to her.

Federal departments have been hit with an official hiring freeze in an attempt to bring down government staffing costs.


You should be wearing your safety goggles.


Nobody wanted to forget my country.


Problems don't usually go away by themselves.


The policemen were very brave in the face of great danger.

Sri is a sophomore.

I think this dictionary is useful for beginners.

Give me your belt.

Do you spend most of your time worrying about things that don't matter so much?

She must have done it yesterday.

The grand piano has no pedal at all.


Talking of Mr Tanaka, have you seen him lately?

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Get on a horse.

This is delicious.

This is not okay.

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I wouldn't want to intrude on your privacy.

Ranjit can't play tennis here.

Tell her you lied.

Some questions were asked me by the teacher.

Kit has a private airplane.

I've waited for three days.

No star was seen that night.

He did his best, in vain.

If I should be suddenly spoken to in English, I might run away.

I won the scholarship.

In a dictatorship laughing can be an indictable offense.

I am proud of my shoes.

I have something for you, too.

Andrew translated the letter from French into German.

The boy must have broken the window.

Urs is in prison for murder.

Most of the Finnish people are very friendly to Chinese people.

You had just enough time to drive to Boston and commit the murder.

I'm going to visit him soon.

I knew him.

Professional writers do not have a regular income.

You did the right thing.

She loved fat men, so she decided to convert to Buddhism.

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Come here doggie.

Watch your mouth or you'll get it.

We were both sleepy.


Please help me! That doesn't help very much at all!

The bench is long.

I just don't agree with him.

You're lucky you were born in this beautiful city.

In preparation for painting a portrait, my friend takes many photographs in order to study the subject closely.

Everything is ok. Don't worry.

I paid for it in euros.

Sue isn't creepy.

Mother has a coffee shop.

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Hank cut himself while he was shaving.

Can I use them with you?

He bought a pair of black shoes yesterday.

I have little, if any time that I can call my own.

The Indian extended family provides a sort of shelter.

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Vince looks appalled.

You're staying with Lui, right?

She took him to the store.


Let's get this job done.


He was brought up against the realities of life.

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Joachim should do what Nora suggested.

I am older than any other student in my class is.

Leonard slept peacefully.

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What put it in your head to come here now?

The dumbest farmers have the biggest potatoes.

Is Kim Jong ill or is Kim Jong okay?

Something terrible has happened.

Why did you leave her alone?


Few people know that Mr Itsumi is from Kansai.

A mob quickly formed.

You have no obligation to help us.

What are you thinking about now?

Her critique was totally inappropriate.

I'll do so immediately.

There was no student in the playground.

I feel very strong.

Lievaart and Rafik looked at themselves in the mirror.


I know them inside out.

Water is strange stuff.

That dog doesn't bite.

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Caroline wrapped himself in a warm blanket.

I can't stay here tonight.

Leora is learning how to drive a car.

He made his mark as a writer with his very first novel.

It's been a long time since I've had a real vacation.


I was struck by lightning.

Holly branches are often used for decoration at Christmas.

I told Sedat to quit bothering me.

Are you suggesting that we ignore Jacobson's request.

I will go to Athens.

Use the device until it warns you to charge the battery and then charge it for 5 hours to reach the maximum capacity.

I booked a seat at this restaurant.


Apparently, it's getting more difficult to find a good job.


I have some money with me.

I've got something in the oven.

Jack never would agree.

Trey didn't know where Space had been.

I'm just trying to figure out why someone would do such a thing.

Peggy and Nanda are playing Canasta.

"Who was that girl you were with at the beach today?" "What girl?"


I love rock musicians.


To err is human, to forgive divine.

What are you busy with?

You don't have to help me.


Jesus was a carpenter.

Saying what you think frankly is not a bad thing.

She is buying the computer.


World War I began in the year 1914.


Let's stroll around the bazaar!

They haven't won yet.

The song is well-known to everyone.

Please tell me the truth.

How much did they give you for your old car?

There is lots of sugar in the black box.

It happened in the blink of an eye.

Be careful what you wish for.

While cleaning my room yesterday evening, I happened to find an old photograph of my mother.