Stick the bag down under the seat.

I've seen the guy somewhere.

I'd like to put my valuables in a safe deposit box, if any are available.

Hillel bought a cashmere sweater.

I'll have to speak with Jon before I can make a decision.

My grandmother made me a new dress.

She visits him twice a year.

I haven't seen him in three days.


He often walks to school.


I'd like to speak to Billie Jackson.

It wasn't me, commissioner!

Do you think this is crazy?

Roger is basking in the sun.

It's just the two of us.

It was quite right of her to do that.

The situation is extremely critical.

Rodger picked up his bag and left.

Let go of your hate.

I think we should do it today.

Bernie worried about whether he had enough money to pay for such a nice meal.

I don't really like him, in fact, I hate him.

In Japan there are four seasons a year.

When she comes here, tell her that I forgot to bring the books.

The bear is quite tame and doesn't bite.


Get back before midnight, or you will be locked out.

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I don't object to your plan.

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I was sitting next to him.

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Do you have a plan?


What led you to believe so?

The tears of strangers are only water.

We clean our classroom after the class is over.

If you only associate with your own kind, your ideas will never expand.

The postmortem showed that she had been strangled.

Frederick and Owen are comforting John.

The data cited in King's research is taken from UNESCO's 1970 white paper on world population.

I plan to move back to Boston since my whole family lives there.

He will catch us.


Hey there, good looking!

Stop tickling me!

My sister still lives with our parents.

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I just want to be safe.


A typhoon is approaching Japan.

Lou went across the street.

I found a good place to buy fruit a couple of days ago.


Tovah is a vintner.

It's really very annoying.

In other words, you're a fool.


Dustin said he needed a dozen eggs.

You're under my protection.

That would be difficult.

He had to share the hotel room with a stranger.

I want you to know I appreciate all you've done for us.

I use Yahoo! to search on the internet.

I meet him at the club from time to time.

We liked each other.

Bruce doesn't have much free time.


I have lost both principal and interest.

Bring the frozen fish here.

I need to know where Sundar buried the gold.


The telephone number is 234-6868, and my room is 1228.


You were recommended by a friend.

The newspaper told of the mother's anguish at the death of her son.

The drug culture has its own rules.

Human as a biological being belongs to the animal world.

Can they finish this before the deadline?

You're persuasive.

Three people died.

I still need to see your passport.

Kylo is improving slowly.


Naim was sitting right there.


An eagle was soaring high up in the air.

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Do you trust me, Robbin?


Vadim read The Red Pony in middle school.

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In these two or three years, he acquired a large amount of wealth.

I've got a meeting to go to.

I was being taught to cheat.


I want him to know the truth.

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She came down for breakfast at eight.

He differs from the common run of student.

Laurence should take an umbrella because it looks like rain.

She drinks herself unconscious every night.

How exciting!


Albert brought a flower and presents for his date.


We sat in a ring.

Lawrence was arrested last Monday.

I would've liked to have gone there with you.

I'm trying to be sensitive to your needs.

We associate the name of Lincoln with freedom.

I found him at his books.

Benjamin was very nice.


She's so stubborn. I bet if she ever gets reincarnated, she'd be a bacteria capable of living in empty space.

There are many birds in this forest.

How much time has passed?

Wherever you go, you will meet people who are kind and generous.

I know that you cared deeply for Caleb.

You do know how to do that, don't you?

He went to Boston by car.

E-mail was supposed to transform the way people communicate.

I felt my face turn pale when I heard that sound.

Giles is the best singer I know.

It only took Plastic a moment to decide.


Can you hold the elevator, please?

He erred on the side of severity.

I knew it would come in handy.

When he arrived in Boston, Nadeem was nineteen.

The national Brukenthal Museum is the first museum that opened officially in Romania.


I want to study math.

Do you have anything to say regarding this?

Lynne can understand you.

Don't ever say that to them.

You need to be honest with me.


Satoru is the fastest runner out of the five of us.

I'd like to stay here a little longer.

Sir doesn't need my permission to do that.

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I think he is not home.


Hello, it's me. Could you come pick me up at the station?

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Thank you for dedicating a poem to me in Berber.

We don't need to talk to Rajiv.

Gregory deserves a raise.

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Thank you for giving me this.


They played so badly it doesn't even deserve a comment.


They deserve what they get.

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Teach me how to do it.

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The park was designed for small children.


Will she get well soon?

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She is definitely innocent.

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I don't look at it that way.

Is the bird alive or dead?

Annard was killed in a car crash.

Manny probably took it.

Is Timothy handsome?

Stay in there.

He played the piano and she sang.

I want to make a private visit.

Let's do the exact opposite.


Wet logs make for treacherous footing.


I don't even have a boyfriend.

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I should've never let Theodore go swimming by himself.

I won't have to do it again.

The dentist doesn't want you to eat sweets.


Working together, they cleaned the entire house in no time.

Blake thought he heard his name being called.

If you're looking for Phil, he's not here.


It wasn't Coleen's idea. It was mine.


I needn't buy a car

The effects of the illness were not serious.

It's the same thing.


She was injured in the traffic accident.

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Look at this picture of my family.

Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character. Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny.

Manjeri is becoming more and more like his father every day.

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How much money was saved in preparation for the summer vacation?