I got laid off yesterday.

This gun is reportedly very powerful.


All the guests did justice to his wife's cooking.

Trevor hasn't shown up yet.

When Mysore was in kindergarten, he drew a picture of his family.


You're gregarious.

I love her eyes.

Everything happened so fast.

Brent is working at a supermarket now.

Are you a new student?

I bought two cotton shirts.

She held her baby in her arms.


We were just talking about Alfred.


Are the firecrackers loud in your area?


I'm not going to go back.

A politician must always be able to account for money he receives.

A jet fighter flew over the town.


Why is this important?

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A satellite was launched into orbit to monitor melting glaciers.

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I have an aspiration after fame.


Did you practise the guqin this morning?


I wanted to stay there two days longer.

This is going to cost thirty euros.

I was so excited!

I won't let her have you.

When we visited London, we rode a double-decker bus across the city.


He is complaining about something or other all the time.


She opened her purse and took out her chequebook.


Sloth or laziness is one of the seven deadly sins.

Their trip has been cancelled due to rain.

Have you registered yet?

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He thought, and very wisely, that it was best to do so.

Does Carsten look like he's busy?

Can I see you a moment in my office?

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Pardon me, I couldn't get it.


Over the holidays, I spent days doing nothing.


The emotional price is too great.

That's why you love me.

It's important to her.


This is the most difficult book I have ever read.

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Kevan is the one you should be worried about.

Lukas tried a coat on.

She doesn't have a driving licence.


Before you go play, do your homework.

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I've got people coming for dinner.

What did you gift him?

You have me at a disadvantage, Juan.

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We have given your order highest priority.

I never wanted to be a fireman.

I thought you lived with your family.

Any apartment will do as long as the rent is reasonable.

First, try to confirm the timing by oscilloscope.


We take the same bus to work.

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Neal just called to thank us.


I would like to pay with cash.

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This dress creases easily.

I've had this for a long time.

Are you wearing a brand-new suit?


Varda didn't think I'd notice that he wasn't there.


Kick! Kick!

Sabrina is my ally at the company.

I think you'd know the reason for that better than I do.


Did Barry spill something again?


She married a wealthy old man.

I study French at least an hour every day.

My life's been good.

Put out your cigarette before you eat.

He likes listening to the radio.


Eating yogurt with a fork is somewhat difficult.

The writer's latest novel is well worth reading.

Where did he find the money?


There's a lot of noise in a typical city.

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All my pains were in vain.

He is the magnet of attention.

Call if there's trouble.

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Trevor was left for dead in the desert.


I already forgot what happened.

The men were carrying the boy to the hospital.

A wooden house burns more easily than a stone house.

You probably don't have as much money as I do.

Moran said that Mike likes you.


Though it was raining, we played football.

Nick can speak Portuguese very well. That's because he's been studying it for 5 years.

Sheila doesn't understand me.

I didn't mean for what happened to happen.

Why are you brushing your teeth?

I was crazy about her.

I still need to check with them.

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Shirley gave Eliot his knife.

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He held a package under his arm.

I liked your dancing.

You'd better hand that over.


We need to rent a room for our party.

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I don't even know who you are anymore.

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We are already mounting it.

I spent the whole day thinking about Eddie.

Murat was heartbroken when Kirsten passed away.

Do you want to get out of here or not?

Only take it if your hand's clean.

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No one loves me.

In addition to being a famous physicist, he is a great novelist.

Is that what's bothering you?

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I'll let you know what's going on.

To succeed we must go shoulder to shoulder.

If walls could talk, what stories would they tell us?

It'll just take a second.

Sanche prepared lunch for Antonella.

Why is potassium permanganate purple?

I'd like you to be more punctual.


The secret folder on Joachim's computer holds hundreds of gigabytes of stoat videos.

I tried.

I'm not able to have children.


We specialize in the import of machinery parts.

I already spoke to him.

Connie became a singer.

I went as far as the post office.

He had no sooner got the letter than tore it in two.

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Hey, I thought you'd be pleased.

Sit up with your back straight.

The lie sounds good, but I'd like to listen to the sheer truth.


I have a dozen reports to read.

I forgot to put film in the camera.

I'm going to take Raj to Guido's house.

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On the whole, your idea is sound.

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Say the names of the days of the week.


I want to become better at speaking French.

Let me read the paper when you have finished with it.

Do you know if there's a steam room anywhere around here?

The castle, it is open today?

I respect you more than anyone.


All excess is abominable.


I mentioned it to her.

The hall was filled with such a large audience that there wasn't even standing room.

The airplane took off for London last night.

Angela drank too much at the party last night.

Her house is on the other side of the bridge.

We'll all have to wait and see.

I'm unemployed and so I'm unable to save anything at all.

To us, school was a place to get away from as soon as possible.

It's necessary to avoid stress.

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He was sitting on the floor.


I must say no to you.

Ronald listened for a minute.

Ilya was surprised by what he learned in sex education class.


The man glanced at the news program and was shocked.