It's been a busy day.

I stuck with it until I was finished.

Who's in the basement?

The weather report is faulty.

What do I say first?

What do you say to taking a walk by the seaside?

It's there.

Barrio told me where I could buy pomegranates.

The main street is very broad.

This is absolutely wonderful.

I missed one.

I called the police and they said they'd send someone right over.


I'll take it all.

If you like beer, you might like wine.

Going out with girls is exhausting.

But, the extraordinary homeliness of her gait and manner, would have superseded any face in the world.

It takes a lot of electricity to power a country.

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She photographed the house.

What's your favorite proverb?

I watched TV during my breaks.

I want to tell you a strange thing.

I've been wrong before.


I adore that place.

The nurse gave me a flu shot.

By his first wife the peasant had a daughter called Elsa, a good quiet girl, who only wanted to live in peace, but this her stepmother would not allow. She beat and cuffed the poor child from morning till night.

Is eating raw pork really bad for you?

She is a real beauty.

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I hope you two will be as happy as Gunnar and me.


He is apt to leave his umbrella on the train.

She seems to be a good cook.

Albert felt extremely guilty.

Don't tell her about the party.

Caroline arrived a day sooner than we expected.


Everyone was surprised.

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Joachim didn't know how to react to that.

You should treat the girl kindly.

He abandoned his family and went to live in Tahiti.


The war between the two countries ended with a big loss for both sides.

Self-diagnosis can be dangerous.

If it rains tomorrow, I'll stay at home.


I appreciate your patience.


He's scared shitless.

The atheist completely flummoxed her opponent in the debate by asking, "And who created God?"

"I wonder why ghosts only appear at night." "Really? I've seen them in the daytime." "Are you serious?"


Jerry and Carolyn are going to have a baby next month.

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Dick will have eaten cake.


It is there.


The gas tank is almost empty.

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Do whatever you think is necessary.

We didn't say anything.

I can get anything I want.

Louiqa ran on the treadmill.

This medicine is not sold yet in pharmacies.


I killed her by drowning her in a tub filled with Neo Kobe pizza.

Today's March 27th.

He made the plan along with his colleagues.


You're not looking at the big picture.

The tree casts a long shadow.

Leith gave Jared one of the books that John had given him.

The government is being criticized from all sides.

You should just talk to me.

Why don't you go back to your hotel and get some sleep?

You are fighting bigger forces!

I love you all very much.

Doing that definitely couldn't hurt.


I taught myself how to play the guitar.

Let me introduce you to Mr Tanaka.

Everybody in the lobby is waiting to talk to Jeff.


Is this a date?

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I must apologize for the delay.


What did I just say?

That man is a convict.

We're going to have a great time.

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Why do I have to do it?

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She may not like his attitude.

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Put it on my bill.


You underestimated them.

A thought occurred to me.

Without a doubt!

I admit, at that time I was a little drunk.

How did Guy talk Steven into that?

I was disappointed with the new product.

We followed Carisa.


Tell me why I'm here.

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I worry about you.

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He can't buy a car.

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My fiancee arrived without notifying me beforehand, and I felt embarrassed.


I guess you think you're pretty special, don't you?

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You saw something, didn't you?

The dog crawled through an opening in the fence.

My idea went against his.


Nothing can be done about it.

I cared about her.

Do you work?

He avenged his father's death.

You hear me.


I wanted to wash up.

His breath reeks of booze.

Dory didn't win the contest.

The armed forces succeeded in occupying the entire territory.

This is the last train for the end of the world.

How many guests should we expect tonight?

John is a good friend.

Hey, that's not a bad idea.

My home phone number is, area code two-oh-one, one-two-three, four-five-six-seven.

I returned the books I borrowed from the library, and I borrowed some new ones.

Let's go see what's in your attic.

Shaw abused our trust.

Coleen sat on a bench in the park reading the Sunday newspaper.

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We sold our souls for money.

He gets any girl he wants.

Elwood should've asked.

She is a self-educated woman.

He likes cooking for his family.


Price and Mott wanted an adventure.

Is it in the room?

I'm not at all happy about this.

I want you to know I appreciate your help.

Hungary is a state situated in Central Europe.


Nothing in this world is harder than speaking the truth, nothing easier than flattery.

Add more water.

It's likely Miriam knows Vilhelm's phone number.

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Round trip or one-way?


We couldn't help being friends.

He drove his sport car at full speed.

Takao can't have it.

Some people might assume that.

Why did God make the world the way He did?

The rainy season has begun.

Neil is in town.

Utilizing an ephemeris, an astronomer can calculate lunar phases and the times of rising and setting of the sun and of the moon all around the world and for any day of the year.

I was trying to cover up my wrinkles.

That noise is almost driving me mad.

Nancy seldom smiles.

Humans are the vehicles that genes use to propagate themselves.

If you agree to buy 3000 of them, we'll give you a 3 percent discount.

Do what the doctor said.

The onus is on the teacher to make sure the student is actually learning something.

Ariel had to wait three hours.

Our conscience is the witness to our most secret crimes.


Scholarships were not granted anymore to the same students this summer as last year.


Nothing'll happen.


What did you want him to do?

Art said some things that didn't make sense.

Do you want me to call him?

I'm beginning to understand why Real loves Boston.

We don't want to overwhelm her.

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Roman helped her mother water the garden.

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Illness prevented me from going out.

I have to stop procrastinating.

The cloud was pitch black.

Not being able to carry out payments on time can cause very large losses for the consumer.

I apologize to all of you.

I can understand why.

There was a long line at the women's restrooms.


He rushed out of the office.