I had to give Johnathan everything he asked for.

I never really thought I'd get married.


The knowledge of the world is only to be acquired in the world, and not in a closet.


This new product of ours is a serious blow to our rival company.

Where is the new rota?

Their team's name is NWO.

I wish I knew what to tell him.

We already tried that.

We're placing you under arrest.

I'll call by at the post office on the way home.

The book I bought last week was really interesting.

The machine stopped functioning.

Shannon has some very strange ideas.

She wouldn't even look at me.


We happened to ride the same train.


At what time is the end of the world?


How old do you have to be in Australia to be able to drink?

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They recognized him.

The Italian food was delicious.

Do you need some help?

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Let's see what we're up against.

Jeremy got run over.

Rolf likes the smell of popcorn popping.

We can't forget that.

Did you tell Amarth where you and Lukas first met?

Speaking of hobbies, I'm fond of baseball.

The car is yellow.

Do you have anything you want to say to us?

Oo, that's cold!

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We received an anonymous tip.

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We should try what Alberto suggested.

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Rolf came by himself.


Takao didn't get sick.


All the houses on my street lost power this morning due to the storm.

Did I miss much?

She looked very tired.

There are two suspects at this time.

I asked Nancy to stay at home.

Do you have a prenuptial agreement?

I have something important to discuss with you.

It's very frustrating.

We cannot tell how much that great statesman has done for his country.

We will separate our home's large land equally for our children.

I can't afford the time to travel.


Don't you hate everything?


We don't allow Petr to watch TV until he finishes his homework.

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I demanded that she should go.

I wasn't well.

Switching on a fleshlight won't help you see in the dark.

It's an inflation-adjusted figure.

No one seems to know why Amos isn't here.


Which language is spoken in Uruguay?


Charlie spent a lot of time with Nate.

We don't have all afternoon.

I have a few English books.

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I never for a moment imagined that you would show my letter to Owen.

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I didn't even know that was legal.

Did they hear correctly?

I take it you know Page pretty well.

I think it better to go at once.

We'd be happy if you could come with us.


Bacteria are everywhere.


This looks like fun.

The best way to know a foreign country is to go there yourself.

Everett can't believe this.

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That car over there is mine.


Sanche has been avoiding Geoff.


Knapper lived a very frugal lifestyle.

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I'll call for you at 8 tomorrow morning.

Ji threw the baseball to Kyu and she caught it.

Nancy seldom smiles.

Montgomery was where it all began.

When they arrived in the town they found it easy to make friends.


I'm surprised at how tired I am.

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You were there when it happened.


Will you sit down and relax?

You can use the book as long as you keep it clean.

Do we have grated cheese?

Lawrence is the only one who laughs at Micky's jokes.

Doug and I think alike.

Bees provide us with honey.

It's possible Sho didn't know about the meeting.

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Can I trust him?

Sanche, someone is here to see you.

Her idea is very similar to mine.


Does Australia have four seasons?

Hello, Meg, how have you been?

OK, I'll order it.


I thought that was great.

They as well as you are ordinary people.

Tammy did it on purpose.


I didn't know what to do after that.


I'm excited to try my new pillow!

It was not long before they made their appearance.

I asked Kieran if he needed more money.

What foods, if any, do you avoid eating?

Although I don't remember how, I've been getting some bruises on my legs lately. What should I do if it's some kind of weird disease?

Elliott spends a lot of time cleaning his gun.

It is easy to make friends even in the new places.

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Japan is hot and humid in the summer.

The bin is empty.

It's a fascinating read.

He was too tired to study.

We all need a star to steer our lives by.


You should persist in your efforts to learn English.


Leo deposited some money in the bank.


Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity.

Jitendra's team suffered a crushing defeat.

Tricia condemns you.

I prefer to wash myself in the shower and not in the bathtub.

Because she was overseas, she often phoned via Skype.

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He fought against racial discrimination.


I'm taking Pieter out to dinner tonight.

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We need to inform the president.


We're going to try.


I saw you there.


Our main branch is in Boston.


I've got a partner.

His ancestors went there from Ireland.

I'll be in the lobby waiting.

Bertrand seems calm.

Let's get back to the party.

Your little girl was born and is doing well.

It's very risky.

Bob will be back at 6 o'clock.

I was truly perplexed.

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Admit it, Marci, you're still in love with me.


I should've come here by bicycle.

I don't have the time.

There were problems.


They were tired of waiting.

He tried to behave as bravely as possible while he was being held hostage.

They are?


I was wounded by her comments.

Can I work here?

What you told me wasn't true.


I know what has happened.

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What shall I wear?

He came back from America.

The two sides signed a peace treaty.


She just cleaned her room.

France is the winner of the 1998 World Cup.

All these events go against my plans.


The bus stopped to pick up passengers.


What's that tall man playing?


What time did you go to sleep?