These colors are beautiful.

Wilmer wiped his spectacles.


My grades have improved significantly.

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Jerry didn't say anything worthwhile.

Did anyone else notice this?

Children learn by example.

It's amazing how much work still needs to be done.

It is not safe for a girl to go out by herself so late at night.

Why don't you call it a day?

I don't want Antonella telling me how to run my business.

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What did I ever do to Lester?


I have a feeling that we may win.

Bruno is used to waiting.

No, Sir, I am German.

Ignore what he said. It was just a joke.

Who said you could take the car?

The profit from drugs they used for buying lots of real estate.

Laura finally came up with the cash.

Henrietta doesn't like cats.

The music stopped for a minute.

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That belonged to her.


Put your pants up, that we can see your tail!

If she had had any inhibitions, they were gone by the third shot of ouzo.

What is this thing for?

He is far from diligent.

They won't last that long.

Shut up or I'll give you a fat lip!

Would you please pass the potatoes?

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And after a long time the boy came back again.


We import raw materials and export the finished products.

A ruler is a flat, rectangular measuring or drawing device with graduations in units of measurement.

We met earlier.

I'm pretty sure that Old knows we're here.

It doesn't seem that big.


I can't wait anymore.

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I imagine that's what's going to happen the next time, too.


Boston is changing.


I'm sure Roxane doesn't want to be here.

I'm meeting Hillel at the station at 2:30.

I have other cards up my sleeve.

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You've got food on your face.

Kelly and Irving got married three months ago.

No one knows what has happened to him.

"Have you been here before?" "No, It's my first time."

Others engage in volunteer work.

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Did Real really die? Or is that a rumor?

The valley was aflame with red and yellow leaves.

Klaus was wearing a trench coat.

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You are seeking jobs, aren't you?


Where do I put my bags?

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I have a bowing acquaintance with Mr Smith.


His knowledge of art is poor.

I don't think we should stay here.

I can work anywhere I want.

We want to learn some Spanish songs.

She has a screw loose.

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Ro spent a lot of money.

She gave me an incongruent answer.

"He has so much money that he doesn't know how to spend it." "I wish I was in such a situation... I would know how to spend it."

From the look of the sky I'm afraid the rain won't let up for a while.

Don't go off without saying good-by.

If you really want to get to know a place you have to go off the beaten track.

I considered Wendi.

I don't think we can say that.

There really was an Alice, but Wonderland is a figment of the imagination.


Tell me about it now.

This movie is supposed to be very good.

Please answer the question.


That swimsuit looks really good on you.

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Antonella was irresponsible.

Melinda looked around, but saw no one.

Farouk and Jon are playing battleship.

I'll just have to improvise.

I can't go.

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Don't put that there. Somebody might trip over it.


The boy was accompanied by his parents.


A large building stands there.

Sir seems quiet.

Compared to basketball, baseball might be considered a little slow and boring.


We ran a hundred-meter dash.

She sat on the bench.

You can run, but you can't hide.

Clayton appreciates good wine.

The wives of the two elder brothers watched her and did exactly the same.

Let's eat while the food is still warm.

We didn't complain about it.

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Why do you take such a risk?


Drop your weapon or I'll shoot.

If only I were rich, I would buy a villa on the seashore.

I'm not impressed by your magic tricks.

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Isn't that what we were supposed to do?

I think Molly is very attractive.

I waited for her for a really long time.

It is virtually impossible to discuss the Thai Royal Family in English without offending native Thais: the special honorific forms of reference that exist in Thai simply have no counterparts in English.

We advertise our products on TV.


Temptations can be got rid of. How? By yielding to them.


Germany decided to not use any more nuclear energy.

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It is my fear that in an understandable but foolish wish for the European Union to have its own defence capability, politicians are forging ahead with plans that are at best wishful thoughts, and at worst dangerous.


He's loaded.

Homeopathic remedies contain nothing but water since the original substance has been diluted to the point where not a single molecule remains.

He is a man with profound learning.

This is way better than what you wrote before.

Murat tried the doorknob, but it was locked.


I just wanted to be with them.

I bought a new cutting board.

We don't want to do anything hasty.

He's an interpreter in an international bank.

This medicine seems to help.

Once more, please.

We know where your family lives.

Did you move there by yourself?

I want you to put the magazines, pamphlets and whatnot away.


Find out what Micheal is carrying.


To live is to have doubts.

Could you repeat the question?

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

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I know Dani will be missed.

When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.

Venkata doesn't dress like anybody else.

Izchak knows quite a lot about Cathrin.

Can you spin a basketball on your fingertip?

In my opinion, soccer is a great sport.

I think you should be quiet.

I tried to change the subject.

You are not kind.

It's a difficult word to pronounce.

I don't know why I remember, but I do.


He is not always happy.


Everything was only a joke.


You're very kind, Naomi.


Cary doesn't need anything.

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I would like to ask a favor of you.

Yvonne hurried out the door.

The lady is teaching us French.

I saw them three weeks ago.

Gregg wanted a job.

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You must be confused.

His facial expression was more sour than a lemon.

A boy was walking with his hands in his pockets.


Julie didn't seem to be particularly interested in what was going on.


You can't teach your grandmother to suck eggs.


We enjoyed a relaxed evening.


Its origin and purpose is still a total mystery.

It's a boring word.

While walking, I used to feel somewhat in a hurry.


The scale seems to be off by two pounds.


That accident was due to his carelessness.


He loves to gamble but generally loses.


She asked for my help.