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You've been pretty busy, haven't you?


Bernard isn't as tolerant as I am.


Until 1962, Algeria was a French mandate.

That doesn't leave me much freedom of action.

He came to suddenly.

Don't make noise when you eat soup.

Do you have your keys on you?

I never expected to meet her in a place like this.

"Can I have it back?" "No."

I'm sitting home alone.

She took over the business after the death of her husband.

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His opinion is different from mine.

Rulers who posses the Way are raised by heaven, supported by the earth and assisted by the spirits.

What an accomplishment!

Why is that significant?

I want to think that parents are more important than their children.


I assumed you might be busy.

Tolerant and Ramesh decided to go to marriage counselling.

Raymond's now in a coma.

Her child was in delicate health.

Hey, that's what I've been saying all along.

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Ralf told his children a bedtime story.


I've been expecting good news from them.

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I can't believe I said that.

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I want you to know that I meant every word I said.

He returned to the army camp.

Gene has been married to Ned for three years.

This pullover does not cost much. It is very cheap.

I need to get a haircut.

Vladislav went to Boston to meet someone.

I'm the one who should be doing that.

I've got to get to class.

I don't go out much.


I don't know what I've been so afraid of.

Why did you paint this wall black?

They adopted the orphan.


The river is long.

The magazine spread many important charges against the Senator.

She was nearly hit by a bicycle.


Japan does a lot of trade with Britain.

Marc invited me to his party.

Amigo is still in his teens.

Barney finally did something right.

His father allows him 2000 yen a week.


It sounds easy.


What Hugh did was very stupid.

I'd love to see inside Tao's house.

What did Lowell sing?


Griff sang beautifully.


The weather was terrific.

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Meeks wants to see the house Svante grew up in.

I was hitting the slots, and before I knew it, it's this time already.

Do you have small change with you?

Right on.

Thuan decided to make spaghetti for dinner.

We have a tight schedule.

I'm not the one who should tell Ritalynne that.

She is too young to know the truth.

If anything should happen to Herb, I wouldn't forgive myself.


He finally decided to get married.


a new film is about to come

He painted his bicycle red.

The dog sniffed the sick.

I can't answer that yet.

There were hidden cameras everywhere.

Roberta slept in the living room last night.

I was born and brought up in Matsuyama.

Could you put these bags in the trunk?

Ever since I learned about the existence of the university, I wanted to go there.

He tried to make his wife happy, but he couldn't.

Manuel wished to sink into the ground for shame.


I have seen flowers come in stoney places.


Come on, we're almost there.

That's a steal at twice the price.

Damone was a bitter old man who was sick of life.

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I'd better warn them.

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I heard he was looking for work.


The speedometer was indicating 95 mph.

What are you doing down there?

It isn't exactly what I said.

Liisa put her hand on Markku's shoulder.

Two magpies chased my cat in front of the garage.


Let's sit up front.

Do not venture outside your homes.

Hugh should've left when he had the chance.

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By whom was this poem written?

The story of a great flood is known not only from the Bible.

I guess that's right.


Sangho told the judge he wanted a different lawyer.

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If you do not go fishing tomorrow, I will not either.

She is kindhearted by nature.

Tensions were increasing.

And why is that?

I understand the risk.


I left the window open.


That doesn't cut the mustard.

He has always got his head stuck in a book.

We are dependent on each other.

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I think they're plotting something.

I don't like having my picture taken.

June is very careful.

Clara is too busy now to talk to you.

She wanted to be a teacher.

Vincent tried out for the musical.

Are you still afraid something might happen?


Could you excuse us for a moment?


It's time to say goodbye.

Having scattered the enemy before me and triumphantly returned, this is how they would herald me.

She studied very hard in order that she might succeed.

Dan found Linda still breathing.

Anita opened his locker and took out his books.

We must relieve the refugees of their suffering.

Life is all in all.

What else could Mac do?

What did they want?

I bought an autographed collected edition of the works of Sassan Miller for a laughable two hundred euros at a flea market. Oh, I robbed that clueless seller! I should confess in church!

He ruined his health with drinking.

Let us remember that, if this financial crisis taught us anything, it's that we cannot have a thriving Wall Street while Main Street suffers.

We'll see what we can do.

We won't tell.

I'll call you at seven.


We came to the conclusion that he should be fired.


We played. We lost. How about starting it over?

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"Are you serious?" "I'm absolutely serious."

He didn't see anybody.

I haven't done anything wrong.

Don played with his toy tractor.

They wouldn't give me a refund.

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What are the alternatives?

There were no students who went to the party.

If your father asks your mother a question in French, does she answer in French or in English?

Notwithstanding the objections made by some of the corporations party to this arbitration, the committee has decided to remunerate the victims of the accident, as well as cover any medical expenses they may incur.

He went out of the room.

We're making good time.

I told Juan that was ridiculous.

What will you have to eat?

Why do some of your people want your language to die?


Venkata climbed the mountain with Frederick, John and Alice.

I want to join the army.

That's not how we think.

In other words, you're a fool.

What's the difference between a village and a city?

I saw him with my own eyes.

I'll let you go.


I read the book last night.

Tait took her beauty sleep before the big party.

Charley's hobby is collecting photos of cars.

Do you remember?

Rebecca did a good job planning the party.


Do you have any idea what caused this?

It was much more difficult than we initially thought.

Most foreigners learn to like Japanese dishes.


I've been thinking about it, too.

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Mat and Nathaniel play tennis together every afternoon.

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I'm not supposed to do that.

I do not feel like it anymore.

Most people were satisfied.