You bit off more than you could chew.

It's not something we planned.

The game got rained out.

Fertile soil is indispensable for agriculture.


Price is a salesman, too.

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I miss my old job.


A man passed him.


Hurry up or we'll be late.

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I still don't believe it.


Rolfe hung up his keys on the hook.

Danielle left on time.

Our new English teacher is fresh from college.

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Have you seen him?

When I came he was still lying in bed.

The nation recently declared its independence.

Gunpowder needs to be handled very carefully.

Last night I saw the match.

Why can't I have a dog?

We paid him four dollars.

Charlene was left for dead in the desert.

Isn't it reacting against that forced on us that is "human"?

I'll tell you an interesting story.

Whatever you say, she is the one I'm going to marry.


On which street should I start?


They're not stupid.


Rod is waiting for someone.

The government deprived him of all his rights.

I read anger in her face.


I looked at what Sjaak gave me quite closely.


Since my husband became sick he's lost as much as 20 kilograms and his pants are now baggy.

I didn't even kiss her.

Is it all right if you come visit tomorrow?

Somebody's got to talk to them.

I'll get them to listen.

Airplanes enable people to travel great distances rapidly.

The history that's being told is more than five hundred years old.

We uncovered this arcane.

Mr. Jackson is the most popular teacher at our school.

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My wish is to study painting in Paris.


Barry got kicked off the team.

The fog is getting thicker.

A bat is not a bird, but a mammal.

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They warmed themselves in the sun.

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Kee won't be able to be there.

This bag is not available in any store.

Someone crashed into me on my way home yesterday.

She's walking back to the store where she forgot her money.

The girl answered: "Yes, auntie, I'll eat them both."

He has lied to me again and again.

I wish I had a cute little brother or a cool older brother.

You are to blame for the accident.

There are many stores on either side of the street.

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The Cannes International Film Festival is the most prestigious film festival in the world.


The audience was predominantly female.

He is a great scientist.

A linguistics student swallowed her own tongue after attempting the legendary glottal approximant.

Maybe I could like this.

I don't like to be alone.

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It is not clearly stated in their study if the patients overcame this syndrome during the therapy.


The creek was frozen.

Take the money and run.

The waistband has lost its elasticity and now it's all crumbly and itchy.

Emily and Melanie are English.

I am reading short stories.

Brodie suggested that since Ray didn't want to go, he should just stay home with her.

A bead of sweat started forming on his brow.

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The haze enveloped London.

This seems like harassment.

I'm sorry for ruining your birthday party.

Travel broadens one's horizons.

They have to go there at once.


I'm going to Boston to visit Clarissa.

I'm going to see her today.

Maybe Lloyd kissed Tovah.

Did you take the book back to the library?

Jenine is actually Sanjay's brother.

Come to the party, will you?

Were you born in the twentieth century?

How's your patient?

That's how I solve problems.


Pilar has a very quick temper.

The Prime Minister could not continue after a vote of no confidence.

I can't believe Lonhyn kissed me.

This has been a long week.

You haven't even asked me what I want to do.

My history teacher is awful: he begins talking of a topic, and then he starts digressing, and I think not even he realizes what he had explained.

I'm calling them.

I told you Syed wasn't busy.

I didn't have anything to eat.


I wrote the wrong address on the envelope.

We think that's a good thing.

He has immediately an emotional outburst when arguing.

Timothy heard Vistlik's scream.

Some people like coffee and others prefer tea.

They had no chance.

I've been thinking about you.

He's a surfer.

We met at two in the afternoon.


We have been dating for only a few days.

This is a car for young people.

He's a strange doctor. He said that a full diagnosis would require him to scan the patient's body in other dimensions.

The eaglet broke free of its shell.

He is always a little irritable in the morning.

Tell Glenn that he needs to wear a tie tomorrow.

The perfume bottle has a blue cap.

I tripped on a stone and twisted my ankle.

I just worked 13 hours straight.

It is not certain if Mr Funada will join the new party.

We really don't have time.

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He was badly wounded.

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Tad might not want to go.

He tried to fasten his attention on the letter.

Damone already has a job.

Wendi is sweating like a pig.

He left for London.


Am I doing it right?

Does Sergeant work here?

That's all the thanks I need.

Randall doubts if Christie will keep her promise.

I guess I've reached the age where I have to dispense advice to my underlings.


All right, listen carefully.

You baked nothing.

She left me a note.

Let's do this again sometime!

I'll give him a hand.


This is impossible!

Terri is the cutest boy in the class.

Reinhard denied having stolen the money.

Would you please stop?

I saw Narendra driving down the street.


Do you think Albert is ready?

Conrad isn't my assistant.

Nothing seems to happen around here except on weekends.


Now that we are all here, we can start the farewell party.


I was too tired to go on working.


I think this is important.


My car's in the garage.

Maybe you can persuade Mann not to leave.

Can you help me with the door?


Suzanne is impressive.

When Emmett began studying culinary arts, the instructing chef made him practice cutting up onions and carrots as uniformly as possible.

It really hits the nail on the head.

He wakes up early.

I know you must be afraid.


Same time tomorrow, this time yesterday, same time next week, this time last week, same time next month, this time last month, same time next year, this time last year, never the same, this time tomorrow, same time yesterday, this time next week, same time last week, this time next month, same time last month, this time next year, same time last year, same time tomorrow, this time yesterday, same time next week, this time last week, same time next month, this time last month, same time next year, this time last year, never the same.


He's now studying.


I think I've seen this movie before.

We're worried about Grandma and Grandpa.

Let's not forget that.

Look, it's a save point! You know you want it!

Next time, I'm coming, too.

Johann just couldn't do it.

I'll take it all.

Give me a final answer.

Lean in closer.

Which way will we go?

He went mad when he heard the story.

You have to take your time over your thesis.

Who shot Andries?

I think I spider.

Don't you want a little excitement?