What's wrong with this picture?

The latest edition has been completely updated.

I don't like licorice.

His services were appreciated.


Did you recognize them?

Why is taking pictures of trains interesting?

Let's try.


The government should take targeted measures to eliminate unemployment.


When is the party?

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We'd better send for help.

I argued with Yoko a little bit.

I let my friends down.

To make a tart, you need eggs, butter and sugar.

Why did you leave Dawn alone?

"I can't find Hui." "Try ringing him."

The worth of a thing is best known by the want of it.

I'll go in a minute.

The higher classes constitute the mind of the single large whole of humanity; the lower classes constitute its limbs; the former are the thinking and designing part, the latter the executive part.


I love cooking.


Which one of these two is the good one?

I'll show you the way to the station.

He has a superficial knowledge of navigation.

There's still plenty of time.

The new school building is expected to be completed by spring next year.

The event starts at 8pm.

He backed us up in the case.

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I have trouble picturing that.

That's the boy I saw yesterday.

I didn't go to the park because it rained.


Don't help him.

I like music, particularly classical music.

As we go up higher, the air becomes thinner.

I've never been able to roll my Rs...

Do not do this.


You carried nothing.

I am free this afternoon.

You're not well.

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How good is he?

Do I need a shot?

Her belief in God is unshaken.

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I can tell you don't have any children.

O, how much more does beauty beauteous seem, by that sweet ornament which truth does give! The rose looks fair, but fairer we it deem for that sweet odor which does in it live.

I can't leave before the job is done.

The car won't start.

Has the sick child improved any?

I saw a movie for the first time in two years.

Masanao didn't even know where to start.

You didn't answer the way I wanted you to.

The best observes and the deepest thinkers are always the gentlest judges.

Can you state the facts to his face?

Are you able to get this rare book for me?

Have there been any calls for me?

The patient has no pulse.


Did you really expect Hein to tell you the truth?

You don't have to do it, but you should.

I work at the airport.


I am now in a delicate position.


Have we made any progress?

I want Amarth to meet you.

She's a middle-aged fat woman.

I'm happy to see you again.

You and I usually share one opinion.

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I thought I was part of the problem.


Pratt has three sons and one daughter.

My cousin's school is much easier than mine.

The friction by the chalk on the black board made a disagreeable noise.

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That seems odd.

To find my keys, I retraced my steps from the last hour.

We want to change that.

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Her dresses show most of the hues of the rainbow.


How does that actually work?

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Although she was tired, she tried to finish the work.


What part of Betty Grable's anatomy was famously insured for $1,000,000?

I took to drinking when I was eighteen.

You owe me another thirty bucks.

Did you ask him to leave?

We're having cold cuts for supper.

Our teacher is marking papers.

What is the president's plan?


The young woman was fighting the deadly illness, her heart full of hope.

Dan participated in a marathon.

People usually only see a medical specialist like a urologist or a gastroenterologist after an initial referral by their primary healthcare provider.

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Everybody knows their own name.


Tuna is narrow-minded.

Rex is a good person.

I heard that you bought a house in Boston.

That is a hotel.

Tobacco is an important part of North Carolina's economy.

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The alternative possibilities are neutrality or war.

Fritz and Dorian died in the fire.

Pim became a well rounded young woman.


We just knew that we could do it.


Do you really think that your plans are realistic?

How many oceans are there in the world?

My room is teeming with danger.

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Things are looking great.

If you hurry you can still make the train.

Tell me what you did in Tokyo.


What is it that having one voice becomes four-legged and two-legged and three-legged?

Drink a cup of water.

This is the first time I've ever had a nap in the classroom.


He was puzzled at the question.

Can you call my mom, please?

That's probably not a good idea.


Cristi failed.

Can I take her home?

She went to New York, leaving her family behind.

It'd be good if it wouldn't rain tomorrow.

When I had five hens, on the average I'd get three eggs a day.


A drunkard is somebody you don't like and who drinks as much as you do.


You're actually asking two questions there.

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He is inventive of excuses.

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Two men were fighting on the street.

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Buenos Aires is the city they visit the most.


The oceans are currently absorbing about a quarter of the carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere annually and are becoming more acidic as a result, leading to concerns about intensifying impacts on marine ecosystems.

He is a man of weak character.

I saw you trip and fall.

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I work with your son.

The lock must be broken.

You shouldn't lie to us.


You need to figure out what you're doing wrong.


Slaves find power in religion.

She speaks Arabic.

I feel like a hypocrite.


She made up her mind to stay with us for a while.

This earth is moist owing to the recent rain.

Don't smoke in this room.

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Warren has very good problem-solving skills.

I'd rather not do that anymore.

What's your favorite poem?

We can be held responsible.

I know I'm not alone.


You're really clumsy.


Byron hoped that he would win the race.

Marilyn doesn't care what Knute thinks.

Sabrina announced his decision Monday.


We've done all we can here.

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How's your new job?


I didn't think I'd be back here until next summer.

I heard you arguing with Axel.

I'm sure you'll tell me what I want to know.

She picked up her toys.

Nhan turned up the volume.


Are you a god?


School begins tomorrow.

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Floria may already have left for Boston.


I thought it was a beautiful funeral service.

I'm interested in the society page of that newspaper.

The rescue team rescued the injured.