I've never worked with him.

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I wish they'd be honest and admit they don't know what's going to happen.

I feel really sad.

This directly concerns him.

I'm going to Hanover with you.

I looked all over for her.

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I like dogs better than cats.


If you had stuck around, you would have had a lot of fun.


Dieter neglected his studies.

She is as pretty as anything.

Edmund bought some things on the black market.

Nothing endures but change.

Having enjoyed her studies in Toronto several years earlier, Ofer decided that now might be a good time to apply to become a Canadian permanent resident.

What questions do you have about Turkey?

"King, it is time you said "my boy" again." "But I don't want to!"

We think it possible for him to solve the problem.

Darci doesn't usually wear pajamas.

I want to buy cooking utensils in one lot.

What do you think of Japan's economy?

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Roman also impressed me.


I cannot peg up my clothes. It's too windy.

What's the plan, then?

I closed my eyes and turned my head.

Lets play video games or something.

I'll be right back with refreshments.

I had other things on my mind.

Did he hand in his resignation?

I hope Fritz follows your instructions.

You expect me to believe that?


Rakhal's dream is to live in a small town in the south of France.

I don't usually have any problem falling asleep.

What's so hard?


Dogs run faster than people.

The front doorbell just rang.

That's probably your toothbrush.


Who asked for your opinion?

Hector doesn't like being pushed.

I thought you'd be busy helping Liz.


I have to get this finished by 2:30.

Let's turn on the air conditioner.

They're right behind you.

Kory realized Sue was deliberately avoiding him.

In 2009, I had graduated from high school but I still hadn't started university.

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We can't find them anywhere.

It's easier and safer to meet someone on the Internet than in person.

That's right, folks!

I'm not confident.

I would like to see that.

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The various animals started going, "Woof, woof!" and "Meow, meow!" and "Cock-a-doodle-doo!"

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Fix the watch.

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Sorry to butt in, but I couldn't help overhearing that you're on your way to Boston. I live there and I'd be happy to put you two up for the night.

I watched television instead of studying.

I can't force you to do anything.

That's good news, isn't it?

You don't have a name tag.

I have found this website to be extremely useful.

The philosopher's stone could transmute every precious metal into gold.


I'm happy you two are friends again.

Get off your lazy ass, Eddy!

Claude can borrow my car for a few days.

Contact me if you have any questions.

I'm going to get some tea.

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You know what's going to happen tonight, don't you?

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We had a heated discussion about it.


I'm going to drink a beer.

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Sarah was insincere.

Let them do this.

The ocean floor is being studied by some scientists.

I can't for the life of me remember her phone number.

The department of Legal Medicine Research is trying to ascertain the cause of today's conflagration.

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Karen and I had a great time.

All my dreams will come true.

His story is partially true.

She was not in the least pleased with my present.

I've gained weight.


I have no grudge against either side.

With him there was his son, a young squire, a lover and a lusty bachelor, with locks curled as if they had been laid in a press.

She decided to be a doctor.

Darrell eats too much junk food.

It is often said that a good way to lose weight is to stop eating sweets.


This is only a symptom of a deeper problem.


Winston wished that he knew Darren's telephone number.


She didn't think so.


"What time is it?" "2:30." "Really? I wanted to go to sleep early today, too."


Hide that book.


I don't think this is going to work out.


Making politics is getting involved in the issues of society.

I'm not in a position to say anything about that.

I saw Gregg stealing something out of your purse.

The floods ruined the crops.

Jonathan was booked because he got into a fight with a player on the other team.


Now let's have a big portion of spaghetti and a cup of tea, my dear lords and ladies.


Another unbearably vacuous title!


Duke doesn't go fishing much now, but he used to a lot.


Cynthia wanted to open the box right away, but I suggested we wait until Triantaphyllos got here.

"Will we call each other by name?" - "I think we will."

He managed to swim across the river.


That means he loves you.

After a dentist killed Zimbabwe's most famous lion, animal-rights activists were angry that he planned to mount the lion's head and sleek, bushy mane on an office wall.

Go and wake them up.


That's something I can't control.

He can't have written this; it's not his handwriting.

Are you taking any other medications?

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It's almost my bedtime.


Can you take this letter and drop it in the mailbox?

I had lunch around eleven because I was hungry.

Piet always orders the cheapest dish on the menu, except when someone else is paying; then he orders the most expensive.

Everything seemed to go wrong with me.

We hope for the best but expect the worst.

Three patients died last night.

This young lady is from Russia.

Our friendship is greater than our quarrels.

You pay me very well.

I can handle it from here.

There's no way anyone other than Nigel could have done this.

I went to the park this morning.

He knows almost nothing about that animal.

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Who would want to kill them?

She walked away without acknowledging me.

Please go with Jimmy.

So they filled them to the brim.

He has a maid to wait on him.

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It was understandable.


Father used to read me books in bed.

Clothes without tabs aren't accepted in the changing room.

You organized your CDs by artist, didn't you?

My boss told me to rewrite the report.

How often do you ride a bicycle?


The accused is innocent until proven guilty.

How do you intend to achieve this?

One does not wear a red mini skirt to a funeral.

The teacher spoke about the courage of the Romans.

Would you like to have it washed?


Kate can't control his children.

I warned you once.

Is it true that Kuldip will swim?

Anne has a good ear for music.

Ricky didn't go to class.

He is a lump of selfishness.

Kristi looked around at the mess.


Success often depends on one's temperament.

I keep repeating the same thing.

They shall not pass.


It was very neatly written, and except that "friend" was written "freind" and one of the S's was the wrong way round, the spelling was correct all the way through.


Education makes machines which act like men and produces men who act like machines.

I hear you bought a new car.

Reality and dreams counteract each other.

Bill was killed with a gun.

The problem still remains to be solved.


How much do you love him?

The United States is abundant in natural resources.

My life is hollow without him.

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Where do you get on the bus every day?