They can offer something else.

I'd like to build a new house.

I cannot let the remark pass by in silence.


I don't have an office.

You don't have a chance.

Jacobson needs to follow my advice.

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It was a thoroughly desolate landscape, without a soul in sight.

How about your family?

What on earth gave you that idea?


Vernon went to a Catholic high school.


If you have a positive attitude, you are looking for ways to solve the problems that you can solve, and you are letting go of the things over which you have no control.


Which college are you aiming for?


Neal wants to come here tomorrow.


The police released him.


I hope that you feel better.

I bet you know who told me that.

Good speech is the outcome of education.

Why haven't you talked to Jinny about this yet?

The guests are drinking Champagne.

Public morals are not respected anymore in this town.

Himawan is getting fat.


Belinda was walking slowly.

Don't hate something that you don't understand.

She wants to attend the party.

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Does Dan think Gregory did it?

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I don't really trust you.

You are fortunate for having such good friends.

Why do you waste most of your time on Tatoeba?

Leave this to me.

A and B alternately roll an N-sided die, A always first. A game is lost by the first roll failing to better the previous. What is the probability that A wins?


I especially like the smell of lilacs.

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Francesco's pen is much better than mine.

I never thought I'd be happy to see you.

Had it not been for your cooperation, I could not have finished the work in time.

He's very honest, so we can depend on him.

They tell us what to do.

I get on well with him.

It's not possible to wait.


I can't do this without them.

He hid his grief behind a smile.

Is there anyone here who disagrees?

There's always been some friction between Izumi and Norbert.

Ravi will never betray us.


I went there recently.

Is there anybody who's not an American?

You don't want that, do you?

Saiid didn't plan on talking to anyone.

The decision was unfavourable to us.


Exactly how does this work?


I think I ate a little too much today.

I can't call the cops on them.

Why are you wearing a pink T-shirt, Betty?

Is tomorrow a holiday?

Carmen is a Spanish name.

She is completely absorbed in a book.

Don't try to pass the buck.

I've always been honest with you.

Men are absolutely not allowed to post or reply to articles.


You can tell a mile away.

The tree had been blown down by the typhoon of the day before.

There are times when a man must fight.


I don't think I'll ever understand.

What time is breakfast?

Somebody came.

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We climbed the stairs.

She is alive!

This plan had little chance of success.


We didn't have TV in those days.

I want to be there the day that happens.

I need a few hours of sleep.

I hope you enjoyed the show.

Just listen to him.

The members of the committee are all men.

I don't watch TV very much.

The president is out now.

Look at the size of that guy.

This movie is boring.

The eye is the window of the soul.


On New Year's Eve, the trains will run all night.


It was an impossible task.

The operator lost control over the robot.

It's Monday.

Most students are doing preparation for the term examination.

Charles has probably gone for a walk.

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A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone's feelings unintentionally.

She slipped something in his coffee.

Ami kept his true identity secret.

With your mother in the hospital, you'll have to work harder.

How much did you bid?

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We have to find out what's going on.

She's ready to go.

I don't know who has the highest authority in Japanese grammar.


I bumped into your dad yesterday.

I'm a real man.

It's one forty-five.

Was anybody else hurt?

Lindsay may have been there. I don't know.

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It'll be exciting.

He succeeded in life.

I only buy toilet paper made from recycled paper.


I've got to go meet them.


Thanks a lot, you just ruined my life!


His aim in life was to become a great doctor.

That's me.

Sandip is still just a kid.

You're mad at me, aren't you?

Can you translate that into French?

With your experience, any company would hire you right away.

I'm glad to hear it.


From your lips to God's ears!

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What is it you're asking me to do?

The lambs were slaughtered for market.

Do you know where these equations come from?

He sat in the chair.

You shouldn't have doubted me.

Brender was a great neighbor.

Dan was waiting for the police.

Shutoku, are you listening?

Oscar is an education major.


This is the most beautiful song I've ever heard in my life.

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Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

This makes me angry.

When I entered the room, I found a dog.


Barbara was killed by Alister.


I hope Walt says no.


Vassos sticks to a strict vegetarian diet.


I've still got work to do.


John seems very honest by nature.

That man is Pedro.

You never know what the future will bring.

Liisa had forgotten to turn off the light.

I don't know whether they've hired some janitors.

That isn't my fault.

Pontus has big, blue eyes.

I want them behind bars.

Earle wanted only to think of her.

Nosy tabloids drove a washed-up star to the brink of suicide.

We can't let Christophe have that diamond.


I have three times as many books as he.


Tell me as much about that as possible.


She lives in that house.

Jerome has a son not much older than Loyd.

Drew was amazingly courageous.


The ruins are worth seeing.

Ye speak.

I gasped with surprise at the horrible picture of the starving people.


I will teach you this skill.


Nothing has been done yet.


She imposed the work on him.

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Wade isn't the manager.

She goes jogging every morning before breakfast.

I couldn't believe it was Frank.